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  1. ffI know it is early but I want you to know I am back and running again. Please let me have you MOM for the Sheefield match first three choices pleas. To bring you up to date and hanks to Alan I will give full details after the voting is finish for the Catalan match. Thanks to Steve for standing in.
  2. Big operation out of way and computer up and running. I will now continue with MOM details. Please continue with votes for the Catalan match with Steve and I will asart again with the Sheffield match.
  3. Right I am closing the voting for the London game down. The winner was Hall with 44 votes, seconds was Pickersgill with 37 and third was Gale with 10. Overall Bussey is of course still leading with 16 and we have Wildie, Pickersgill, and Hall all on 4 in second place. Still a long way to go in the season so the competition might hot up. Doing the heading for the Halifax game now.
  4. No votes today so I am going to close down in the afternoon tomorrow
  5. At 8pm tonight the leader is Hall with 38, next is Pickersgill with 28 and third is Gale with 9. Bussey has 7.
  6. More votes please. Decent crowd so there are hopefully more votes.
  7. Thanks fofr that Adam B. Just trying to get what I thought we needed. It was interesting that our MOM for last season was the one the Official Selection voters also picked. I will continue, pleasae vote and add comments as desired.
  8. Just trying to make supporters happy. I keep the MOM details up to date and I regard it as good records instead of just a bit of fun. However I am quite happy to go along with our supporters feelings on this issue. With regard to the TV I am and have been investigating my TV. Some slight improvement. But not very good reception. I mjust wondered if other TV viewers had had similiar problems. Cheers UTR.
  9. You are reiterating what I said earlier. You cannot hear there at all. I have asked other people just in case it was my hearing and they have said they cannot hear. I suggested the board carrying but was told that it couldn't be done due to pandemic circumstances. The only way is to contact the office for the winning number. Further my Featherstone Rovers TV has gone down again. It keeps telling me I would get better service at Microsoft. Further still I have asked on more than one occasion if we could have a presentation of our MOM, no reply so far. Although under Longo we were barred. So a few items need attention.
  10. At 1pm today the scoring shows that Hall and Pickersgill are fighting it out. Hall 26, Pickersgill 22 and Gale 7 are the top three at the moment.
  11. We have obviously been training for fast open rugby. I think in the conditions we adapted well. Our tries were first class in the conditions and London were a very spirited side. UTR lets move on..
  12. Please may I have your votes for the MOM for this game. First three choices please.
  13. Ok Closing the voting for this match. The winner is Bussey with 36, Pickersgill with 12 is second, and we have two thirds with Davies and Jones with 6 votes each. Totals show overall that Bussey is way ahead with 16 votes, then we have Wildie with 4, and Hardcastle with 3. Pickersgill, Lockwood and Moors have 2 each and then we have Gale, Briscoe, Davies, Jones and Smith with one vote each. Now onto the London game.
  14. Got Official website now working. Cheers Mo.
  15. Haven't had a vote since Tuesday. Unless somebody has other thoughts I will close this voting down tomorrow afternoon and get ready for the London match. Cheers.
  16. Sorry to bring this up again. I can get connected but then I get a picture of two players and it wont move forward. After a while a short picture of play then it stops and a white circle appears. This goes on and on. No continuity. Is it Fev's TV or have I got sometrhing wrong computer wise? If anybody has a solution please let me know. I have a new password and have to log in every time I try to get the programme.
  17. Busset walking it again. Latest scoring: Bussey 27, Pickersgill 10, Gales and Davies 5 each, Jones 4 and Moors 3. Seeing we play London on Saturday at 5.30 I will be closing the voting for this match on Saturday morning.
  18. It is MY computer. Spelt tried ok but computer added an e. Or it might be my numb hands.
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