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  1. That was another match but I must give my great praise to Stuart Dickens for his contribution to the 2012 match against Castleford. Good Captaincy there
  2. Also saw how good Malcom Dixon was both as a player and Captain
  3. Just watched Featherstone v Castleford 2012 RL Cup tie. Ian MOM and a great match for the Rovers.
  4. Should read 'accepting' . Get well lad!!!
  5. We remember our great performance last season. With all the changes how do you reckon we will line up for 2022 acceptoing of course there might be more signing. But who will play in what position do you reckon?
  6. Tha's sed summat that sound abart rieght t' mee.
  7. Lets hope we can get a combined MOM now. Only been watching since 1938. Welcome Ian , remember you playing. One of the best. Cheers mate. Kind Regards to your lady wife who also does great work.
  8. Read whar it says!!!. Boosting things , a wide range of help needed to progress in the venture,
  9. What wonderful news. Good marketing and loyal support. Is it in the clubs interest for us to go with Premier sports? Do the club get anything from the deal? If not then surely if we buy a their TV membership we will lose support on the terraces. Or have I as usual got it all wrong.
  10. Thanks POR. Seems well beyond our means.
  11. I just wondered whether they were for one year as stated or for a longer period. £400K for one year is ridiculous
  12. Any confirmationj of the figures quoted?
  13. Hi Robin, yes it is my 84th season of watching and participating. You are right been through a lot in the past. Just been having memories of three of the mates I lost in Egypt and Cyprus. I will just sit back and enjoy. Nobody wants my help anyway. Nice to hear from you. UTR. Just thought if I have a Rolo I could give them a mint.
  14. Sorry misread the figures. That is a lot of money. Not going to find that down the back of the settee. Roughly £200 a head per supporter. Not going to work for full amount. So where is the money coming from if we sign him?
  15. Biggest problem is driving in the dark. For away games is there going to be a coach for supporters. Bring back British Rail at Featherstone for matches. Tanshelf station used to run a good service for away games running via Leeds in some cases.
  16. How long was his contract for the $80,000? If only for one year with us how much is needed? Nothing down back of settee and have paid £30 extra for my season ticket. Would like to help but need to see the overall financial picture.
  17. Any new news on signings? How many supporters have signed up?
  18. I am nearly 88 and have paid for mine. UTR. Concession of course although it has gone up £30.
  19. Our name is famous. Think of what we have accomplished. People from surrounding areas come to us . In the old days I used to monitor trains running from railways stations to Featherstone full of suuporters. The size of the town is not important it is the way it is used with its assets to attract people into the greound and surrounmding areas. KEEP the name and do some successful marketing and use the land and resources to the best of our ability. If I was using Featherstone assets I would diversify and go down other paths of income raising. Use your products to the best of their ability. What do people spend their money on? Find the output and go for it. Name change? Forget it. We are a pround club with great traditions. UTR.
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