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  1. Brilliant Chris. Thought I was on one of them until I realised it was an old guy with thinning grey hair. How could I make such a mistake?
  2. Me. Car to Glasshoughton Bus to Leeds Train to Keighley Shanks pony from station to ground (about 2 miles or seemed it) Shanks pony to railway station from ground Train to Leeds from Keighley No bus available for over a hour Took public transport to Cas Public transport to Pontefract Shanks pony from outside Xscape to car park Car to home. A salutory experience. The saving factor? Transport cost me a quid all told.Oh and we won.
  3. He also jumped with both feet on Guest of Castleford after Guest had fouled him all the match at POR. The referee took one look at the prone Guest and waved play on. It was obvious that he thought that Guest had got his just desserts.
  4. Nice to see you at the match Bob. Hope the information received doesn't mean that we will be Calder Rovers in the near future. That could be an Aire raising experience.
  5. The new wrestling/tackling techniques are to be taken by Billy Two Rivers. Top secret let out.
  6. Already have my name down. Sponsor me now. Cheques made payable to FRISA to 22 Beech View, Fryston Lane, Ferrybridge, WF11 8AF. Any amount acceptable. Hands in pockets folks. Don't forget FRISA needs your support to enable us to help with contracts of players. Just a reminder Ricardo any standing order applicant need to bring their bank details. Account number and sort code, on cheque book or credit card.
  7. Agreed. After the speculation that Demitirou of Wakefield had bad legs he seemed sound on the last Wakey game on tele. Are we totally certain he w ouldn't be a good signing for us?
  8. Agreed. After the speculation that Demitirou of Wakefield had bad legs he seemed sound on the last Wakey game on tele. Are we totally certain he w ouldn't be a good signing for us?
  9. Some specualtion about signing him from some supporters. Leeds obviously rate him.
  10. In my ignorance as a youth I stood on the threpenny stan d at Hull (Ihad gone under my own steam by train) and nearly got marmalized for shouting for Fev. No horns , just big load mouthed dockers.
  11. 20K suspended. So that is 40K 20K and Ben K.
  12. Just announced Senior signed a new contract with Leeds. That's that then.
  13. You deserb all you get. My reports say when asked to come over by his mate he said 'You go I slave here'.
  14. Don't forget there is also the nine lakes to consider. I reckon we will have road widening as well to accommodate all the new house access to the 9 lakes and a new football ground plus all the shopping and commercial outlers that are mooted.
  15. Rattles were banned because you could use them as a weapon. I went to the Saint Helens match of 17K plus carrying two bricks through the turnstiles so I could see the game. (I stood on them, not knocked people out). Couldn't see it happening now. Some of us like to discuss the game and incessant noise stops you doing that. Intermittent noise of any sort is Ok but unecessary racket is another thing. Incidentally when rattles were banned I saw a speccie use a Stanley knife on an oppposing spectator. Long time ago but it happened and at POR. If the people who use horns just blow them all the time without regard what is happening on the field I don't think they are watching what is going on. It is more of a 'look at me' syndrom. Everthing in moderation at the right time is acceptable. Apart from Stanley knives of course.
  16. Bob seems to be an expert. Perhaps he could write a SA for us.
  17. Horrible dreary noise. Sounds like a thousand flies dying. I turned the sound off watching the soccer. The games are about as bad as the silly horns. Thank God I am a RL supporter.
  18. As I understand it the clock counts down and then we flash back for stoppage time. That was the principal of the thing. I thought that had happened. They got an extra five minutes with the ball at half time anyway. No mention I notice of a sin binning after one offence while a number of offences by the same player on their side just brought penalties and no sin binning plus the fact that they scored 10 points whie we had 12 men to their 13.
  19. Briggs without a doubt. Great goal kicking and a wonderful clinching try. Lets hope we can keep him.
  20. Nothing contraversial in that to my mind. It was the way he saw it. Don't agree with coaching staff being on the field whilst play is progressing. Ludicrous. Listen to Paul Cullen on analysis of games on 'Boots n All. Think he is infromative and a cut above a lot of people who comment on our game.
  21. New nickname then for Demitirou - KK. If he's old to boot Robin then he is either old knackered knees i.e OKK which means he is alright or knackered knees old KKO indicationg he is ready to be kicked out or knocked out. Just the way my poor old mind works. Bring on the straight jacket.
  22. Another thought Ray Cording came to us as a winger. Batten made him a stand off.
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