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  1. And a big vote of thanks to Stephanie for all her hard work.
  2. I just wonder if there has been a big uproar and that this is just a feeble backtracking excuse? From what I have heard and seen of French officials they have good English and therefore why is a translation necessary? If the status quo was the operating theme as now stated why make a statement at all initially? One was not necessary.
  3. Has the sh/t hit the fan already. I only sent my e.mail half an hour ago.
  4. We will see. I have sent a e.mail the Eddie Heemings today at boots'n'all@skysports.com expressing the views already outlined in this thread. If they get enough e.mails they have to respond. If not then we condemn them in the RL Express/ Yorkshire Post/ etc. Unless we show our disgust outside our forum then nothing will be done. At the very least we will make them very uncomfortable. The need for an ordinary supporters voice is outstanding.
  5. This is depressing news. We are being dismantled from within. Sound a bit like the state of our country. How about all writing to Boots n All that would make then sit up a bit our discontnent being broadcast far and wide.
  6. It was more of a personal remark and not aimed at anybody in particular. But sometimes being a volunteer is like banging your head against a brick wall.
  7. The play the ball is getting slower and slower. The game is being ruined. It seems that refs are now turning a blind eye to small problems, but it is making the game 5 tackles and a kick and hope. The fast play the ball made openings, now in all the games I have seen it is a farce.
  8. Thanks everybody for the extra info. If only we had taken that goal kick under the posts!!!!
  9. Hi everybody. The Featherstone Foundation Charity have been granted the right to make a collection at the Batley match. Due to various circumstances I need 2 extra bodies to help out. I am starting the proceedings at 1pm. You will not miss any of the match as I will be standing to collect your buckets at five to three outside the club house. All you have to do is pour your little bucket into my big one and thats it. Please help me if you can. The Charity does good work in the community and every penny collected is of great assistance. Col Smith.
  10. Can anyone show on the site what the current table is for the NRC. Looked at our programme v Rochdale and also the RL Express, results to be amended to both. Have we still a chance if we beat Hunslet by a big score? I know our F.A is now 16, but what about the rest?
  11. Match is definitely on. I have confirmed that the GG is going ahead so the rest follows.
  12. Chris, Weather permitting will you give me a hand with a charity collection on Sunday v Batley? I have had a word with Mark. I will have to also see Barbara as I am scheduled to do Golden Gamble. Unfortunately Steve Evans is away so I shall need as much help as possible. I will be there around 1pm. See you Col.
  13. That would be better and it could still be the Northern Rail Cup with the attendant better publicity. If the final could be played at Wembley before the big game so much the better. More income, more publicity and the fans woul;d rally to such a competition.
  14. 71 years this year. Seen far worse times than this. But I can understand the sentiments which come from disappointment after high expectations. Things will get better and I will, God willing, be there. I am gurding my loins for the GG and sharpening my pen for the charity letters and cleaning my bucket for the collections. Long may it remain so.
  15. Somewhat confused. The above was posted just after I had some poor news on my diabetes. But I can't be the Colin Smith mentioned as the illness seems very bad. Must be another Colin. I wish him well.
  16. Watched Warrington v Wigan on the telly. It was a superb game. Exciting and skilful. But to go back to the original question. Every body has ideas but the way to market a product is to sell the customers what they want not what you would like to sell. Has anybody evcer asked the youngsters of the area what they would like? If we diversified and included their requests into the day then they would come. The love of the game should follow. But first of all it is bums on seats. Ask then incorporate. Lowering prices to attract people who have other interests is not the way. Find out what those interests are firstly and include them in your programme of events.
  17. Rovers by a margin of 55. The faithful will be there so I reckon on 1000.
  18. I can see the argument from both sides. Yes it is still early doors and we will get better but I think the point the people who are said to be moaning are making is that we are to all extent and purposes out of the NR Cup, after only two games. Only two games gone and we are strugglng to get into the top four of a set of clubs that we should be the leading light of. If you look at the Halifax game we made wrong decision after wrong decision. Was that the captains fault or the coaches? The changes made did not help us against Leigh. Again why did we do it. To say that this competition doesn't matter is rubbish. If you win it, it gives you the main point for an application to SL as the winner or runner up in a competition. We should be up for ANY competition . Yes I have been there many times and seen some awful matches in the 70 years I have been watching and I will continue to watch. Having said that I and a lot of others are not coaches but we can see the stupidity of some of the decisions made. That extra point in the first game could turn out to be very valuable. It is a vicious circle. Play bad and there is a need for changes.That costs money. Lose and there are fewer speccies therefore less money. I only hope that this season that held so much promise for us is not a total disaster. I agree with the comments about the players allowed to leave. Rovers for ever.
  19. After the Halifax game I said that I couldn't see that the replacements were any better than the players who had gone. I still feel that. By the way Hunslet seem to be p[laying well.
  20. Ten minutes in the sin bin for being fowler.
  21. The ref wasn't good, but we should have won. Why with ten minutesa to go did we not take a penalty under the sticks and then two minutes later try a drop kick? Same mistakes as last season. Silly penalties and idiot mistakes. The new guys seem to have caught the omplaint. In fact with the exception of Morrison they are no better than the blokes we got rid of.
  22. Had many a jocular quip with him. Sad to hear of his passing. RIP
  23. Bob Seger who he? Sounds like a bloke who likes a good cheap smoke. Heard of Lita Rosa and Glen Miller. In face she once entertained me.
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