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  1. It is MY computer. Spelt tried ok but computer added an e. Or it might be my numb hands.
  2. Treied it again and it worked perfectly. UTR
  3. Watched the game. Excellent coverage, excellent commentary and overall a very high standard. Give us more.
  4. Watched Leeds v Warrington today and was impressed by the cover, commentary and presentation. Well done Channel 4. I also tried to watch Featherstone TV having paid £68 for the privilege. It was poor. There were constant picture stops and white circles every minute. I hope it improves for the following covered games. I will of course as a season ticket holder go to the Home games.
  5. No votes since Thursday so I am closing the Leigh MOM down. The voting for the first three ended as follows: Bussey 70, Moors 46, and Wiidie 17. That means 4 total points for Bussey, 2 for Moors and 1 for Widie. The overall scoring now looks like this:Bussey has a massive lead with 13 points, followed by Wildie with 4 points, Hardcastle has 3 points, Lockwood and Moors have 2 ponts and Gale, Briscoe and Smith have 1 each. Please let me have your votes for the Workington game the heading of which I have already listed. UTR.
  6. No votes today. I am still leaving it open until Saturday afternoon.You will see I have put the Heading in for the Workington match. Pleasae vote there after the game.
  7. Please may I have your MOM for the Workington Game. First three choices please. I am having trouble with my computer. So whilst it is working I have put the heading up for the games so you know the voting willi be seen. Please continue voting for the Leigh game until Saturday afternoon
  8. Sorry Andrew no obvious answer comes to mind. I can only thin ofc the Tennents
  9. Superb performance from all. Magnificent defence. People out of position and still playing as if they always played there. Great. UTR
  10. Thank you for your scoring. At this moment Bussey is doing it again. The scores at the moment are: Buyssey 64, Moores 38, Wildie 16, Davis 12, Pickersgill 11, Briscoe 7, Helliwell 4, and Hall and Lockwood 2 each. I will keep the scoring until late Saturday as usual.
  11. Please may I have your votes for the MOM for the Leigh game. First three choices pleasae.
  13. OK 7.30 Saturday. Closing the voting for MOM for the York game. Bussey was an outstanding figure gaining 72 votes. Ther second was Lockwood with 34 and the thrid was Smith with 27. As Bussey got over 50 votes he gets four points. 2 to Lockwood and 1 to Smith
  14. Not all well but slowly getting there. See you Colin. Where do you situate yourself on the ground. I am going to the Leigh match so will look out for you if you are going. UTR Cheers
  15. What worries me is the so called loud speaker. On the far side of the ground where they are building outside the ground on the old allotments, in the smaller stands, you cannot hear a word distinctly. GG number and team names are not clear. Please don't tell me to go on main stand you cannot see the left corner try line from there. OK on terracing but at my age I need to sit down. I remember helping to put our terracing down on the Post Office Road end and taking up all the old wooden ones. Also helped with work on all the stands. Also remember running on at half time as a youngster to have a quick game on the pitch. Mind you 1938 onwards is a long time ago.
  16. Watch ALL the people in power. Including Labour in the past. We have been exploited. Back handers by the bucketful. Seen it first hand. Past and present.
  17. Hi Bryan, Hope you are keeping well. Colin.
  18. Late matches are difficult for people who have difficulty driving in the dark.
  19. I take it that RL stands for Romantic Love. When questioned about it we get TV as a reply. Total vindication.
  20. That sort of method has been used for countless years. Brainwashing has been used many times. In doctrinating kids at an early age and trying to influence people is still going on. Just watch TV adverts they are an example. Keep a clear mind and act to the best of your ability. Keep Bullxxxx at long arms length.
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