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  1. I am letting the voting go on until late Saturday afternoon. Could I remind you that in 2020 onwards we had 4 points awarded for anyone scoring over 50 votes. The totals for the York match at the moment are: Bussey 65, Lockwood 29, Smith 21. These are the three leaders. No one else is near at the moment. Bussey is looking very good. UTR 

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    At the moment Bussey is running away with the voting for this match. At the moment he stands at 46 votes way ahead of the next two who are Lockwood and Smith on 17 each. Keep voting please.

  3. Right I am closing the voting for the Wakefield match. The winner was Hardcastle with 28 votes, second was Bussey with 21 and third very closely was Wildie with 20. The overall position shows Bussey leading with 5 with Hardcastle and Wildie both on 3, Gale and Briscoe have 1 vote each. Now onto the York game.

  4. And go where. I have been among the rich and the poor in my lifetime and know what I am talking about. SEEN it FIRST HAND. I am coming up 88 and have been on active service, been a miner, a railway clerk, a soldier and finished up as a senior manager. I have seen all types of society and helped first hand and advised the poor and helpless during that time. Helped the miners during the miner's strike and helped poor people with their wills and estates. Lived in a back to back house for over 30 years with no electricity, or flush toilets and a midden (IF you know what one of those were), one room downstairs, one bedroom and a boxroom. Biggest room was the cellar for coal. I retired with a detached house and an acre of land by hard work and passing exams and ignoring the rich who tried their best to put me down at work when they saw my background as a working class lad. My mother told me 'You can get there if you try'. So try I did and jumped the hurdles that came up. ON a FENCE, NEVER. I went the way that common sense told me.

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  5. I am not on a fence. I am looking at reality. We have been manoeuvred from time immemorial. So we could be conducted to their wishing. Take religion for instance. Lots of things invented to control the masses. Like: 'Do as you are told or you wont go to Heaven'. If you differed in any way you were burnt at the stake. Up and over even if you are only 12 years old. All the tributes to the hierarchy. Brainwash people from an early age so they will follow every command or they will go to Hell. Humanity has now been shown to go back millions of years. So are all the people that were born before 0 BC in Hell. Every country has effigies of Gods. The more you look at them the more it is possible to believe in UFO's. Religion and Presidents and Monarchy were invented to control us. Power, easy living and riches, for them. Poverty, sacrifice, and early death for us. People are still manipulating us. Looking properly at TV and you will see brainwashing in evidence. People take it on board without realising it and go down various routes of destruction. Sitting on the fence !! I don't think so. I go down to way that is best for me and my own. I have a dustbin in my head and use it very often.

  6. 7 minutes ago, creditwhereitsdews said:

    So Channel 4 will be "great for widening the notoriety of the sport"?

    Never trust a Tory.

    Never trust a politician. In the 1950's I worked with leading Labout councillors and saw them taking back pocket funds for passing requeats from bribing people. Everything from jobs. building permits, legal arguments, appointments for their favour, controversial decisions etc. All for back pocket funds. I remember a very high standing local (Pontefract) Labour politician comiong into the office where I worked and said to my boss: '  How about that then', he rolled up both his trouser legs and showed  full legs of rubber bands full of white fivers. He was on his way abroad. This was at a time when you could only take £5 abroad after paying for everything in the UK. I could go on and on, but believe me I have seen this sort of thing from all party members. THERE  IS  NOBODY that speaks for the man in the street. We are all there for their convenience. I was on the Suez invasion and lost three mates out there to snipers and back stabbers. We never get a mention. The newspapers said that we only lost 128 soldiers out there. Thats 128 families who lost somebody. All politicians care about is what is in  it for them. Same with slavery if you look at history white people were slaves in the past. Women and 8 years kids down the pit, kids clinbving up chimneys, no toilets, just oil lamps, women in service. So ALL ordinary society used to their rich people's convenience. SO NEVER TRUST ANY POLITICIAN.  

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  7. I will give it until Saturday afternoon as before then I will start by opening up the voting for Mondays match against York. Please keep voting as the more participants we get the better chance of a presentation. UTR. I will as we have played SL teams keep the votes made so far in the overall results.

  8. I got nowhere on the telphone so I paid a visit. I explained to Jasmine and she said she would sort it out. I received an e,mail with a new password. Since then can connect up. I did not have to go into great detail by actually being in the office. It seems that if you get the right person face to face it can be sorted. I have chosed Featherstone TV as it covers Featherstone. Premier is a here and there. Hope thing go well. If you can try a visit Haskey or ask for Jasmine on the phone if you can't get. Cheers Colin

  9. Looks like my suggestion that they would reach a compromise after the two Friendlies and cancel the the reat of the suspension was right. I wonder if they read my idea of a compromise. A two match absence then back to normal. All parties receiving something after deliberation.

  10. Joined. Paid £68 and watched Wakefield match. Went back for more stuff and was told it was the wrong password. Tried and tried no way will it  work. tried to get the password they now have but wont work. Any suggestions. Will ring the tomorrow. Hope it is not £68 wasted.

  11. I rang the office today. I was told that Rovers TV wouldn't be in action until they had gathered all the Seaon Ticket numbers. They were hoping to be able to set it up in the next few days. It would ask for you Season Ticket number and then you pay over to the Rovers on your computer set up.    

  12. At 9pm tonight the voting looks as follows: Widie 12, Hardcastle and Bussey 10 each, Smith on 7, Hall on 2 and JSL on 1. More votes please. 7 voters after the game on the same day is a good start. The more we get the better our request for a presentation even if it is a combined one.

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