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  1. Cheers POR. Read it with a magnifying glass. Twitter keeps asking me for a password. I can't connect with it.
  2. Leaving voting for Leeds match until tomorrow afternoon. Gaps for a few more votes folks. Lets show them we exist.
  3. Or even a reight ansa. If tha duzz ought fo nought do it fo theesen. I seem to rememba mi fatha tellin mi that.
  4. EE Lad. That's not a rate ansa If Robin dunt knaw then tell im rate ansa. Thall get noweer with a gormless ansa.
  5. Report in Pontefract and Castleford Express that Station Lane will be closed and include dates up to the 26th of January as they work on the level crossing. The times seem to still give us entry. I hope so as last time they worked on the crossing I had to go miles to get to the ground. Let's hope they have finished at 6.am.
  6. We are probably waiting for AC to become DC and then we will be up to date on CURRENT affairs.
  7. Yes I understand. I just wondered whether there was any Covid problems with their players that meant WE were going to cancel.
  8. At the moment Bussey is leading with 11 votes and Wildie is second with 8. Nice to be back with our MOM after the big gap. Let's continue as we did in the past. Please add comments if you wish. UTR. At least on the Forum our voice is being heard.
  9. Thanks Chris. Are you keeping well. Happy New Year. Colin
  10. Reported that Wakefield are being investigated by the RL for breaking COVID rules. Will our game go ahead?
  11. Hope they will help with our presentation hopes in some form. We are all fervent supporters. Most of us have Season Tickets and have done our best to support the club over the years. I will try to get there. Driving in the dark the biggest problem. I will see if Robert can bring me. If not I will try to get there.Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the contribution. Please let's have some more. Will try a bit later on to obtain a presentation for our winner. Might have a chance under the new regime.
  13. Come on some of you must have been at the match.
  14. Come on some of you must have been at the match. Let's have some votes.
  15. I know we don't usually do a MOM for Friendlies but with there being nearly 3000 there and such a spirited performance against a SL team I thought that it would be OK to do one. We have no trophy presentation so we can express our views for every match. The only thing I will grumble about is the Rovers Speaker. I could not hear a clear word. I thought it might be just me but I asked around and everybody near me on the little stand agreed. So can I have you MOM for the Leeds game. First three choices please. Mine are as follows: 1. Matty Wilde 2. Junior Moors 3. Gareth Gale. UTR. My apologies if you don't want to do it, but I will also start on for the Wakefield game.
  16. Yes three old codgers. I can remember going to the Premier Picture House. Ha Ha.
  17. I am getting a feeling that they will reach a compromise. They will suspend him for the two Friendlies and then say he has served enough suspension.
  18. How do you get Premier Sports?
  19. On the RL schedule for Championship games TV is shown for both opening games against York and Leigh both at 7.45. Some evidence says SL may be showing them or BBC 1. No full info seems available yet. But there is time to go so I am sure we will get it.
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