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  1. BNFL are 40 miles from Carlisle, it would be like asking a company in Bradford to invest in Salford or similar
  2. This isn't Albania you know!?! Chelsea fans behaving like sub-humans eh? Who'd have thought it?
  3. This ridiculous system will be humiliatingly dropped like a stone before the 2017 season. That is if it ever gets to the start line given the lack of agreement on finance.
  4. Depends on age of students, many schools have their own guidelines tighter than the legal ones
  5. Whilst this is sad, I don't see the connection
  6. Whereas others just want people to be able to get on with playing rugby league regardless of whether or not their team reimburses them. If a team can afford to do this because they are well run then they deserve the success it might bring.
  7. Amen to that, why do we need artificial distinctions and divisions?
  8. Are other teams not introducing new inexperienced lads too? If so why are your newcomers finding the transition so tough?
  9. That is indeed the issue, the game needs to be run by a unified governing body (although I would like that governing body to be more like the RFL of Richard Lewis than the current model). It needs a playing season followed by the vast majority of the sport so that players and spectators know when the playing season is. None of this will happen due to the actions of people more interested in the politics of the sport and their own club's fortunes than they are about increasing profile, participation or growth. We seem to have a group of blazeaucrats that all 'thought summer rugby was wrong' but 'went into it whole-heartedly and found it didn't work'. Many of our clubs are deeply unwelcoming to people outside their usual playing base, this is why losing players that can't play in summer is not seen as an opportunity to bring new players through. To me the community game must be about participation above all else. If standards dip slightly when new players get blooded is that a real problem?
  10. Mate by the end of season 1 of the 3 ring circus we'll be wishing that we'd got a future deal set up with Eurosport 8 (the Ocho)
  11. It depends on where the best coaches and structures are, if they are not with the elite academies we should be moving heaven and earth to get them into the elite academies in my opinion. It is all about creating an elite that can finally deliver, if we can do that then we will attract thousands more kids into the game, if we aim for fairness and equanimity we will achieve mediocrity
  12. Just to add that the measures to appease the 'community game' (read BARLA blazers) smack of the tail wagging the dog (again).
  13. Okay, so now we know what they've been up to. Does anyone have the following 2 telephone numbers? The Egyptian Army (they are on facebook if no one knows this) Mr R Lewis (last seen in the SW18 area of London) There is a precedent for stepping in to depose an incompetent leader, these people get the job done! There is almost nothing about these proposals that is not a retrograde step - I expect to see Kevin Sinfield in a British Coal era GB shirt and the new three ring circus being sponsored by Stones Bitter
  14. You could sell many places on being 'great little towns' and find someone that will agree with you, but would still really struggle to get the vast majority to see it as an attractive venue for a final (or for that matter a world cup match). If the match has sufficient attraction to overcome this then attendances will not suffer, or if the event is marketed well to people outside of traditional attendees the same could be said (see Rochdale world cup match). A new or recently improved stadium can also drive attendances. The Northern Rail Cup final at Halifax had none of these, it also had 2 relatively (compared with previous finalists) poorly supported sides. This led to the mediocre crowd.
  15. I'm caught in the unwelcome position of agreeing with everything 'just to be clear' said whilst being one of the perpetrators of misery on this thread. Let me clarify, I like the competition but every year it's combatants seem to find new sources of complaint about it. Sadly the one tool that drove attendances up is now rendered meaningless with the proposed reintroduction of promotion and relegation. I thought the crowd was reasonable considered the competing sides but would have preferred the venue to be more prestigious - nothing shouts small time parochial like a final in Halifax or Rochdale.
  16. With a much reduced crowd in Halifax for a competition that most of the eligible sides view as an irrelevance. Congratulations to crusaders and Skolars for getting there but to trumpet this as a sign of health is entirely incorrect
  17. Sorry, thought I was bantering with someone with a sense of humour. For the record Wukkinton does not resemble Basra and the residents usually have 5 fingers on each hand. Siddick is a charming fishing village.
  18. Workington, where you can count half a dozen eggs on the fingers of one hand. I'm from St Helens and live in Stockdalewath (look it up it doesn't resemble siddick)
  19. In the way that Basra is more attractive than Mogadishu
  20. Minutes applause please, it avoids the spectacle of late-comers, kids, drunks or worst of all the intentional a-holes breaking a silence. The guy, a GB international lest we forget, deserves a send-off in the biggest game.
  21. Saints lose money because of the cost of upkeeping a ground that prevents them maximising attendances or corporate income. Just goes to show why the RFL are correct to force clubs to focus on getting 21st century facilities!
  22. Really? You got 6000+ for Wigan in the cup, but there were a couple of thousand Wigan fans there. On a weeknight (most likely time) you'd get next to no travelling fans. 4000 tops IMHO.
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