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  1. Jake Carter over the line to.
  2. A strong France will galvanised the game in Europe. People are beginning to see that union is like the Emporers new clothes and are starting to see that it is dross. But you are right it is insular thinking that is our weakness.
  3. Ryan Shaw tied up another 2 years is great news.
  4. Well you were right last week with SB. Sam Brookes. HM= Hakim Miloudi ? ( wasn't he on a 2 year deal?)
  5. Sam Brookes Scottish International front row. He has had a lot of clubs in his time.
  6. A priest is giving a young nun a lift home from church one day... and as he's shifting gears, he rests his hand on the nun's knee... The young nun looks up at the priest and says: "Father, remember Luke 14:10." -The priest withdraws his hand, embarrassed. Next time they stop at a light, he places his hand a little higher up on her thigh. The nun says: "Remember Luke 14:10, Father." The priest apologizes: "The flesh is weak", he says... So he drops her off and when he gets home, he reaches for his Bible and he flips to Luke 14:10. "Friend, come up higher, then shalt thou have glory." D’oh!!
  7. Parata is class . Coates is young but has loads of ability. He will kick on to be a good acquisition.
  8. On the first post above of this thread it mentions " Rumours". Someone on the Workington forum says Sammut is comng to Barrow.
  9. 20,000 people vieing for 19,000 seats creates a premium. It also means that in order to get a seat for a big game season tickets are bought to secure a seats when a lesser game is being staged. For a clubs point a view there is an argument that it's better to have too few seats than a few too many.
  10. 4 mates were coming up to their 40th Birthdays. They decided to celebrate with a drink and a meal. They chose Weatherspoons in Uttoxeter because it had cheap beer, ok food and the bar maids were easy on the eye. Fast forward 10 years to their 50th and they decided to do it again. They chose Weatherspoons in Uttoxeter because it had cheap beer, ok food and there was easy parking. Fast forward to their 60th and they chose Weatherspoons in Uttoxeter because it had cheap beer, ok food, parking and there was no music. Fast forward to their 70th and they chose Weatherspoons in Uttoxeter because it had cheap beer, ok food, easy parking, no music and there was a lift to the toilets. Another 10 years go by and they are coming up to the big 80. They chose the Weatherspoons in Uttoxeter because they had never been there before. ( pendants please note I know Weatherspoons hasn't been going that long)
  11. I had a puncture in a rough area of Coventry. As I was changing the wheel a guy came up and opened the bonnet. I asked him what he was doing and he replied "If your having the wheels I'm nicking the battery".
  12. Jacob Jones who broke into the first team this last season has gone to rivals Leigh. I would not be surprised if Jacob went on to bigger and better things in the very near future.
  13. Barrow have been building up a war chest for a couple of years. They have been proactive in finding ways of getting in money that is sustainable. Steve Neale has made no secret that the club would not spend money it doesn't have. Be assured that any money they have thrown is money they have to spend. One thing is certain is that the players that got a club promoted are not necessarily the players to save off relegation.
  14. Ask the one robot " what would the other robot advise"? The lying robot would tell you the wrong answer i.e. pull the death lever The truthful robot would say " the lying robot would say pull the death lever" Therefore the other lever must be the safe one.
  15. I am hearing that the belief in a "flat earth" is going global.
  16. Is this the answer? Something has to change to feed the rising population. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-58709069
  17. Well Ottawa are still planning to join the British league in the very near future. Stand by for another 100 threads on why it should not be allowed, it's madness, " who is going to feed t'whippet" etc etc etc. See you in Ottowa
  18. Well that didn’t work. I’ll try again 2 tamil brahmin men get onto a bus in New York. They sit down & engage in an animated conversation. The lady sitting next 2 them ignores them at first, but her attention is galvanized when she hears 1 of them say the following: _"Emma cums first._ _Den I cumm _Den two asses cumm together._ _I cumm once-a-more!_ _2 asses, they cumm 2gether again._ _I cumm again and pee twice._ _Then I cumm one lasta time."_ The lady can't take this any more and shouts "You foul- mouthed Indian, in this country we don't speak aloud in public places about our personal lives however extraordinary they are." "Hey, coola down lady,' said the man. "I am a justa tellin' my frienda how to spell Mississippi." (I swear you're gonna read this again) .
  19. It didn’t work but I tried again see below
  20. Pedant warning!!!!! It's now called the " Coventry Building Society Arena"
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