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  1. It seems every advert in the afternoon is for a funeral plan. Judging by the numbers of plans out there someone must be buying them. Some years ago after looking at the cost of them I looked at other options. I took a gamble that neither my wife or myself would pop our clogs and I made a direct debit of £50 month for Premium Bonds. Along the way a dribble of £25 bonus' have added to the pot. Not only is the money sitting ready I COULD call on it if it was a rainy day. Worked for me.
  2. If the cup draws are unkind then we have only one home fixture between the start of the season in early Feb to the home game in April on Good Friday. I have to be realistic that that first home game might not be the biggest draw of the season. Perhaps the fact that it will be the first home of the season might draw a few Barrovians to the Matt Johnson Prestige Craven Park to see in the new season? I know I am reopening the can of worms but how can the town support two old stadiums?. I know there are a few people that support both codes but surely even the most rabid die hard must see that their club of choice is being damaged by the crippling cost of the (white) elephant in the room?
  3. Bearman


    Last game of the season at Newcastle might be tasty. On a personal note a trip to CP on 8 March and home on 23 Aug will be highlights. There are a few dates that might allow me to see in the Raiders in action too.
  4. Jack O'Sullivan has resigned too!
  5. Will Budd ftom Broncos http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/ft0z1wf7k9y64vby2qpe4362u0l6j8
  6. A big signing http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/mceusqhcinhevgo2csp30wfxg7tyey
  7. I found my Bialetti moka coffee maker at the back of the cupboard where redundant kitchen gadgets live. I have been spending a fortune on capsules. What on earth was I think about? Mind you, I have had just two large espresso's so I can't see me going to bed early tonight.
  8. Well done RoverBear. I was thinking it would be nice if someone could get round to updating the squad and you have done it.
  9. Reece Williams. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/b0h6hfh7i0r0xfi0vnvx9u3z6zq08h
  10. Here is my link https://dictionary.cambridge.org/pronunciation/english/scone If you click on the link and listen to the US pronunciation I refer you to the title of this thread title " Butchering the ENGLISH language"
  11. No. It's pronounced as wonn and written as one. Rhymes with Wonn and sconn. I have never seen the number one with the spelling as wun. Perhaps you could point out a link to a dictionary that shows the spelling of wun instead of one.
  12. There is an 'e' in the number 'one' . It is pronounced "wonn' or do you say ""woan"?
  13. Upward inflection on a statement rather than a question.
  14. Pre working Paper round was £0.12.6d (62.5p) 3 nights working in a chip shop made £1 a week +plus a bag of chips per night. Potato picking £0.10s (50p) per day and a shopping bag of taters. £2.16.4d. Then I got an apprenticeship @ £4. pw. 68d stamp left me with £3.12.4d net. Mam gave me 2d which it took to £3.12.6 £1 for clothes, £1 for savings for holidays, £1 pocket money, 5s for a record player on hp ( when that was paid for I bought a tape recorder) and 7s.6d for bus fare. I have often paid two NI stamps. I worked overtime when it was available at RR. If it was'nt I found another part time occupation. I worked part time at Warwick Uni in the bar in the Students Union for 4 years. Other work inc working on the M6 when it was being built, potato picking and digging a trench for a wall at a local Sikh Gurdwara. In my mid 40's I decided to cut out the manual labour and took a course in Chiropody. I qualified and started my own business at 48. I worked part time as well as my day job for 5 years until I was made redundant when the whole division was shipped off to Canada. I was offered a job there. I am 72 in January and have cut down to 2/3 days a week. The only time I ever claimed benefits was when a week before my redundancy I fell and ripped my ACL completely off my knee. I couldn't drive and so could not work in my "new" job. I was paid the princely sum of £19 per week. After 3 weeks of this I arranged for my patients to come to me. I informed the DSS that I was restarting work and had signed myself off. They told me it would affect my benefits. I laughed and told them if I was only being paid £19 despite having paid 2 N.I stamps most of my life they could stuff it where the Sun doesn't shine. I have paid my share of N.I dues and continue to pay tax.
  15. Another 4 here http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/skhrjf2ekrvlx4mqvoergxjxn9jleb
  16. http://www.wiganstjudesarlfc.com
  17. I have been given the card that identifies me as having a pacemaker. Someone in the NHS has a sense of humour as the model I have is a "St Jude". Some of you with a religious bent might know St Jude as the patron of lost causes!
  18. I had this in Inverness once. I had a go home and it was lovely. https://thescottishbutcher.com/recipes/chicken-balmoral-and-peppercorn-sauce/
  19. GRRRRRRRR. Cheshire Setter be very wary -Bears can and will eat mangy Setters. As for you Kman, I am disappointed in you. I thought we were mates.
  20. I know of an injury lawyer that will sue the British Legion for you both.
  21. http://www.coventrybears.com/blog/0m5akj3a7v1omr36c1tu4mc3lfos56
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