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  1. I was looking at an old Bears programme for 2007 (V Somerset Vikings) I wrote the editorial piece and I noted that there were 146 teams in the Rugby League Conference alone. I bet there that are not many more across all the whole of the amatuer game in the UK now. I hope I am wrong.
  2. I was fixing a dodgy electric extension. It's alright. now, fortunately I remembered Red is live, black is neutral and earth is green.
  3. Am I missing something here? You get £ 1290? National minimum wage is £1395. So you could do a bit of nationally important fruit picking and have an extra £100 a month My OAP pension after 42 years of contribution is £580 ( Add on my wife's pension and our COMBINED pension is £170 less than yours I WORKED for 57 years and counting (covid permitting) often had 2 jobs which meant I paid 2 stamps. I must have signed the wrong form when I got my national insurance number.
  4. That's nothing. I hear one every half hour and again on the hour.
  5. Been there and have got the T shirt. In my time from founding an expansionist amatuer club to a semi pro outfit. I have done EVERYTHING from clearing up dog muck to being the chairman ( both vital). I have experienced every adjective except boring. Would I do it again?........... not in a firkin million years. The best bit was some of the people. The worst bit was some of the other people. Edit. On reflection That's not fair. I can only count on my fingers the number people that have given me grief. As against the literally thousands ( including some to be found lurking on this forum) that have been a real pleasure to meet.
  6. Despite the attempts to emulate the best of of RL, a cursory glance at the dire fare served up in the 6N is proof that they haven't got a clue. We'd still "moider 'em"
  7. Can I be a bit controversial? I know This Sporting Life is a bit sacrosant because ours. It was many ways a product of its time. I watched it the other week and like most British films it does not stand the test of time. The acting was wooden and the script was hackneyed. For some reason American movies seem to hold up far better than British films.
  8. Serious question. Why would you? The scenery is no better than here. The weather in Northern France is similar to here, yes the weather is nicer in S. France but it can be nice here too without it being overwhelming. What I like about France is the food and general ambience which is all about mingling with the French in restaurants, bars and markets. For me, if I could not do that I would rather stay at home, Am I missing something here?
  9. 21 Aug 2004 Coventry Bears 32 St Albans 20 ( HT 18-10) ref Mike Reid Halifax Tries for St Albans included Wing Matt Thomas (2) Sub Hendry Centre Dene Miller ( who was St Albans mom) Con Harries Pen Harries ST Albans team (16?) Warner, Thomas, D Miller, Azam , Zonta, Wortley, Drewe, Harries, Kwong, Bell, A Miller, Cox, Hendry, Castle, Dube, Lamb. I also have a match reports for S Abans v Coventry Bears 5 June 2004 For St Albans 44 Coventry 22 ST Albans "A" 36 Coventry Bears "A" 34.
  10. I have found two programmes from St Abans S. ALBANS V Coventry 10 Sept 2005 And ditto for 21 June 2003. I may have some match reports. 2004 and 2005. I will have a look tomorrow but they might only have the score and Coventry players stats. One of our supporters has a copy of every programme that Coventry has played and it may be that a match report/ score from a later date in the season may have more details. Will let you know.
  11. Over a foot of snow white haddock, delivered by my local chippie ( one that the Germans missed on 14 Nov 1940)
  12. I either need to change my username or my hearing aid battery. I keep thinking my name is being called.
  13. Those of us with a clear conscience..........
  14. Wouldn't this be great! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-52057543
  15. Face piercing. I don't get it at all. It certainly doesn't turn someone ugly to someone good looking. Ditto tattoos.
  16. My local chippie has started doing home delivery. So we had it on Saturday. I have posted here a picture of their haddock. It's white as snow and measures 17"" by 4". We only have a cone of chips which is more than enough for the two of us. With a small mushy peas its a real treat. We ordered it for 6pm and it arrived on the dot. We will be having it regularly on Saturday.
  17. My cousin has died in Cumbria. I wanted to go to her funeral but it turns out that it will be next Tuesday. Prior to last year I often drove up to Barrow and back on the same day. Unfortunately it is now to far for me to manage. As an hotel is out of the question I won't be able to go. Booldy Covid
  18. I am 72 and my wife is 70. When I last looked, despite having a pacemaker I was not eligible to go on the shielded list. UPDATE. I got a Tesco slot at 7.10 am. The website had been saying fully booked until 18 of May and all of a sudden I was offered a choice of times for tomorrow!.
  19. I have been trying for weeks to get a supermarket delivery slot. I have registered with all of the big players to no avail. Sunday night I started to see when the next tranch of slots will be available. I tried from midnight to 3.30 am. Today I got up at 2.30 and have been trying 4 hours ( its 6.40 now) again with no luck. Tesco are fully booked until the 18 May, Asda full until 12 May and Morrisons only show the 1st May. Sainsbury's site has been down all night. My Daughters are doing my shopping and they say they dont mind but I would like to ease their burden. Does anyone have any idea when slots are released and are there any wrinkles I can try to get a slot.?
  20. Have you got the address of that sauna? ( just in the interest of journalism. Of course I would make my excuses when the tea bags were proferred)
  21. Its Friday. How did that happen? I have morphed into the dowager Duchess " Weekend? What on earth does that mean"?
  22. BBC peddling YESTERDAY's news from little Jimmy Crankie. They tell us in depth as a headline, they then tell us in depth in the main report, then find 3 different correspondents to tell us in depth what they told us yesterday. Todays news about the problem with the new online website will be rehashed again tomorrow along with the problems of sourcing PEP. This will then be followed by whether we should all be wearing masks. IF the scientist do decide its a good idea to wear a mask the BBC will change tack and be pressing for us to stop wearing masks. One of the biggest events, in our lifetimes and the BBC manage to make it boring. And another thing. Every day at 5pm big brother tells us that now over 100,000 people have been tested. Surely any historic testing is now negated as those tested could have been now been infected in any of the days and weeks since their test?
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