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  1. Got to be standing for me. Will the club be running coaches? The atmosphere on a convoy of Rovers coaches going for a big away day would be FABULOUS!
  2. I cannot believe that our supporters have decided that we are going to lose and it will all be the fault of the referee. Very, very SAD.
  3. Wouldn't touch him with yours mate! Come to think of it, signing this (un-named so don't start with the excess moderation ) player would represent a HUGE step backwards for us and I for one would be pretty ticked-off to be paying his wages.
  4. I hear from a reliable source that these cuts have lead to the odd mystery matchday illness.
  5. I was wondering that. That said, if any sport wasn't going to give you a medal for topping the league, its the twisted joke that is rugby league.
  6. Check this out: http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/Wak...gers.6423611.jp I still stand by me prediction years ago that the day either of these clubs get a new stadium built will be my first day an a new job. As an astronaut.
  7. And what does this mean: What kind of tool wrote this drivel?
  8. Somewhat strangely, I am hearing a very similar rumour to this from all sorts of sources at the moment. Hmmm...
  9. Chris Bibb for me. Not old enough to have seen Cyril Kellett but from what I hear, the old warhorse was just my kind of player.
  10. If I could just add to your comments:
  11. Still, at least they've got that new stadium to look forward to.
  12. 1 Smeaton (Jessie Joe Who?) 2 Briggs 3 Dickens 4 Paul (I would be ashamed id I was accepting money for a total lack of effort like that)
  13. Struggling to pick three. That was dreadful.
  14. Fev by 22 Could be an interesting one as many supporters are saying that Keighley have degenerated to nastiness in recent weeks. Some VERY unpleasant contributions from Wray and the two big, beardy ones. Predicting hot temperature and hot tempers.
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