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  1. Us Swinton fans have just heard that Swinton, Halifax and Great Britain forward from '50s and '60s Ken Roberts has died yesterday (8 August). He was with the Lions and nearing his best when he crossed the Pennines to Thrum Hall where he hit his best form in the Halifax pack and went on the 1966 Australasian tour as a Fax player. Our loss was Fax's gain. RIP 'Big Ken'.
  2. Our old 'friends' in the neighbourhood, please spare a bob or two for your old local rivals, Swinton RLFC. Only about 3 years ago when your club was in deep ###### we happily had a whip round for you. Now's the time to repay the favour please and throw what you can into the hat and/or come slumming next Sunday (16 July) afternoon and watch the Lions play Dewsbury (KO 3.00pm) at Heywood Road, Sale (M33 3WB), the home of the REAL Sale rugby union club, i.e. Sale FC. We'll even let you wear your own red tops. Well, see you folks there in Sale next Sunday (I hope). After all, there IS life apart from SL you know. Cheers!
  3. I have just received a text message from your club trying to get me to spend my cash watching you at the Blackpool weekend match. Why on earth I should be targeted heaven only knows as I am not even from Bradford? I'm from the other side of the Pennines and am a lifelong Swinton supporter. And also, you're still 'Northern' to me and always will be. Bulls indeed.
  4. I personally thought Wigan looked fairly ordinary on the day. Gone are the 'footballing' skills once played by the cherry and whites of old. Nowadays it's all about super fitness and working out in the gym until the cows come home. 'Football' has been resigned to the history books.
  5. On Wikipedia, interwar years Castleford kicker Arthur Atkinson's height is given as 5' 0" (Five feet). Surely this can't be right can it? Will some kind knowledgeable Cas fan please clarify this? Thank you (Swinton fan)
  6. Bracek is an 'old fashioned' forward, positive, aggressive (but clean) and fearless. Everything a forward should be. He puts fire into the pack, which is not a bad thing.
  7. Yes agree, but Mike Butt stood out too.
  8. Agecroft would be far better than nothing I think we would all agree, but it is a ‘cold’ and ‘remote’ place right on the very edge of S&P only 100 yards or so from the town's boundary (River Irwell). Station Road was nice and central, just a short walk from public transport facilities such as buses on Bolton Road and Chorley Road plus Swinton railway station of course. The former Ambrose Barlow School field off Stanwell Road would be absolutely ideal being so close to buses on Chorley Road/Partington Lane and the town centre itself. Salford Council have a long history of helping neighbours Salford RLFC at the expense of the Lions. It is long overdue that the Lions and the town of Swinton and Pendlebury itself received some much needed assistance in the form of a community stadium. It would benefit the whole community, not just our historic rugby league club who celebrated its 150 anniversary last year. Losing Station Road didn't just affect the Lions and their fans, it ripped the heart out of the town itself, and that is a fact, have no doubt whatsoever. Salford Council have been more than happy to base THEIR administration in the heart of OUR town, in OUR town hall for over 40 years and in my view, it's now 'payback time'. Members of Salford Council, please do the right thing for once, give our town, Swinton and Pendlebury, what it really needs as we plough even deeper into the 21st century, a town centre home for our beloved and historic rugby league club. Every councillor who supports this will sleep better at night fortified in the knowledge that you have finally done the right thing.
  9. Have just heard a nasty rumour. Salford RLFC have been trespassing on OUR patch at the SWINTON Gateway this Friday. You have no natural right to promote yourselves in Swinton and Pendlebury which has always been (and still is even post 1992 Station Road) the sole preserve of Swinton RLFC despite the 1st of April 1974 date. Your historic patch is the pre-1974 Salford. You should have done the right and decent thing and gone to Pendleton Gateway instead. Talk about bloody cheek!
  10. The list of their many shortcomings in the modern game is too long to even begin to discus in the normal course of things. Ever since they eagerly jumped into bed with their fellow rogues at Sky they have stooped lower than ever in their role as Sky's 'yes men'.
  11. RFL are guilty of a great deal more than some folk think. The list of their many shortcomings in the modern game is too long to even begin to discus in the normal course of things. Ever since they eagerly jumped into bed with their fellow rogues at Sky they have stooped lower than ever in their role as Sky's 'yes men'.
  12. It is to some folks. To us older fans it is a bitter pill to swallow with our strong sense of history and identity much of which forms part of our younger years. You are obviously at the younger end of the fan base and therefore less offended by the tackiness of it all. Also younger fans don't feel the same connection to their club's past as to what took place during much of the 20th century.
  13. Yes of course Workington Town. But that's mainly due to them having 'Town' already. St Helens are the big example of standing firm against the tide of silly change. Sadly 'Northern' wasn't enough to stop it being changed to 'Bulls***'.
  14. A belated thanks for that Lone Wolf.
  15. Not a Batley fan. It made me very, very happy when I learned that some clubs had ditched their cheesey, phoney names. I have always hated them for their obvious falseness and sheer tackiness. Some are worse than others. My team Swinton's name 'Lions' is at least totally authentic historically and has been the club's nickname since the late 19th century when they made a local pub, the White Lion, as their HQ (still there today). If it was up to me I'd change back, but the chances of that are slim. Hull sensibly threw out 'Sharks' but continue to use the club's name Hull F.C. as the team's name instead of simply 'Hull' as it used to be. Then again some nerds would say the F.C. is there to prevent confusion with that city's other side Hull Kingston Rovers. My answer to that is rubbish! It never was a problem before SL arrived. Eg In Scottish football Dundee's two clubs, Dundee and Dundee United get along just fine. Some people, gawd help them, can't seem to get their heads round teams just having the one simple name (in whatever sport). They seem to believe you actually NEED an appendage like teams in the US and Australasia. We all know it was imposed upon us all by that lot at Sky who care nothing for our heritage and sporting identities. They made do with lumbering us with their US/Aussie style names when their lunatic plans for us to us to adopt their mad ideas about clubs merging. They do the same to UK football if they could but they know it has too much muscle to make it come off. Wakefield Trinity, Hunslet, Halifax, Whitehaven, Doncaster, I salute you! Question now is, what the next 'domino' to fall?
  16. Can someone advise on the what are the options for gaining entry at Odsal this Sunday? Pay at the turnstile on the day? Pay online? Pay over the phone? Or, as I have heard, there's a pub near the ground where they go for a discount price?
  17. There was a break in the 2nd half by Rob Lever which, had he been backed up, would have been a try for certain. Golden rule, if a man makes a break with the ball, for heaven's sake, back him up!
  18. Sadly it's not about how a name sounds, it's all about money, money, money. I'm basically with you on this. Comfort can be taken from the usual way a ground's name is given such as, "Rochdale Hornets play at Spotland Stadium which for sponsorship purposes is known as the 'ABC Stadium'." Point though, is where does it all end? Some sporting clubs will almost literally sell their very souls (if they had one) as nothing appears to be sacred these days. Playing strips: I've seen matches (SL) on telly where the players have a sponsor's name on the back of their shorts, i.e. their a*s*s. Back in the 'good old days' we were all more than happy to see adverts (for that is what they are when all is said and done) on the stadiums' stands, pitch side walls etc. Money does play a big part in sport, but sometimes it certainly appears to be going just too far for some of us.
  19. Thanks 007. If I can find my way to the sites you suggest when I get time.
  20. Blue Monkey


    Have just picked up on a rumour going round about your club apparently canvassing its fans on whether or not to keep 'Hawks' as part of the club's name. Any truth in this? Any comments? Just wondering. (Swinton fan)
  21. As of today, '290 views' and no ###### can be bothered to make any comment. Could it be because we riff-raff are not members of the SL 'members only' club.
  22. As a Swinton fan who was at the match in question, I totally agree with you about your big pack bossing our little 'uns. All the same I am still looking for to this Sunday's trip to Crown Flatt again. It's one of my all time favourite grounds, nothing flashy, just a comfortable medium sized ground with a nice old fashioned atmosphere. Just a little question though, whilst watching the highlights on TV from the last game I couldn't help but notice there appears to building work going on outside the ground on the south side. On your website it says something about a development outside your own land. Hoping for a closer game this time.
  23. Question for older Wigan fans. Your prop forward Joe Bretherton, is he related to St Helens, Wigan and Swinton prop Bill Bretherton who played in the 1950s and early '60s? Grandson etc? (Swinton supporter - from wayback)
  24. Last Sunday's match at Heywood Road, Sale (Swinton) was 1,147. Many thanks for your great attendance at last Sunday's match. Please come again.
  25. Match report on club website confirms attendance as 1,147. Pretty good. Many thanks to the visiting fans from Batley. Please come again.
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