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  1. You know fully why 'Rochdale' was removed from the club's name in 2009. You're being wilfully disingenuous here. And I believe that Wigan hurriedly adopted the suffix 'Warriors' on the advent of Super League- and Manchester United redesigned/rebranded in 1998 when they removed the words 'football club' from their club crest. Which, incidentally, isn't the Manchester Council crest - it's designed specifically for the football club. It also has a 'cartoon' Red Devil on it. Do pay attention.
  2. We're called Hornets - it makes sense to have a Hornet on the shirt. Until 1984, the club had nothing at all on the shirt. Then we had a circular badge with a Hornet on it for about a season, then we had the town crest for a while, then we had the Borough crest. This is the 10th season with the Hornet - a decade of tradition right there for you. The kids who receive coaching from the Foundation love the Hornet. We need to look forward - not back. Clubs are now measured on their marketing and branding activities. It's hard to market the crest that appears on Rochdale's bins when we have such a wonderfully marketable suffix. You only have to look around the game to see how the branding of clubs has evolved - that's progress.
  3. And another year in the Championship for perennial chokers Toulouse. See You on the 16th of Feb.
  4. Here you go - Hornets home kit. Stonking.
  5. But we don't need another city's bees we've had our own Hornets since 1871.
  6. "I'm hearing..." From who? Don't see why a Manchester club would affect us. So produce your evidence, or I'm calling bullsh1t on this one.
  7. Standing behind the posts is a very Yorkshire thing. They love it.
  8. Kells, Cumbria - it's a long way down on that far touchline...
  9. Terrigal Oval, Central Coast, NSW isn't bad (couldn't find my pic, but this grab from Google Earth is from the same spot)
  10. - Hornets fans singing the house down at Toronto - and Toronto fans getting getting involved in some great conversations after the game about RL in the UK: hungry to learn and very passionate. - Hornets fans singing the house down at Sheffield as we produced a last day houdini act to secure Championship status for another year. - Completing the Hornets World Tour of Toronto, Toulouse, London and Blackpool. - Ticking off new grounds/clubs in the Sydney Shield and the Ron Massey Cup (and foregoing an NRL game to do so in one case).
  11. I hope so - we NEED an A627M El Clasico in our lives
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