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  1. But that’s exactly the point - you won’t - the money for the stadium is a loan. The banks won’t loan you money to plant flowers and clean up dog ! Sad sad day for Workington - in fighting, zero progress, and a national embarrassment when we’re incapable of hosting the World Cup games we signed up to, that’s what these result mean to the town.
  2. I think your facts need a little examining, and I don’t know this but i’m throwing it out there as a guesstimate (you’ll know all about them Mark). Lets say for instance Allerdale has historic debt/loan of £10m - if it was secured / negotiated in say 2007 and it was to be paid back at Bank of England base rate (5% back then) - we would currently be paying £500k per year - interest only. This month we go back and say we want to renegotiate our loans Add £10m (a guesstimate) for the Sport Centre Build. Add £15m (a guesstimate) for the Stadium. The new debt is now £35m - again using Bank of England base rate (0.75%) - our interest is now £262.5k per year. So we’re actually paying out less, dorsn’t Sound like there’d be a need to cut services or increase council tax to me. PS Mark - how’s that sports centre that you vehemently protested against performing? Are visitor numbers up? Presumably there’s health benefits? Your keen on facts so i’m sure you’ll be keen to tell the public - or is it just negativity and propulism you deal in?
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