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  1. No doubt it's passed me by; but who is Connor Carr?
  2. And the same to you Roger
  3. I've seen Batley hammered on Boxing Day...........well, most of them were.
  4. Concession at over 65 according to the website
  5. Phil, as far as I remember Edwards first choice position is second row even though he turned out at centre for us. Anyway, it's academic I guess from what you say. It was a pleasure to see him in a Batley shirt though.
  6. I did BSJ. Less open that CF or Mount Pleasant after the loss of the long stand, but a very cold location next to the Pennines. I also feel an involuntary shiver when I recall games at Thrum Hall.
  7. I've since found equally old references to Crown Flatt, so it seems as if the use of both names goes back a long way. To be fair to BSJ the official address certainly was or became Crown Flatt. I liked the complaints about the cold conditions, something that I could sympathise with from my visits to CF. Anyway, back to KTFs question, any more answers?
  8. With apologies to fellow Bulldogs for going off thread; BSJ may find this link of interest. Results for 'crown flatts' | Between 1st Jan 1850 and 31st Dec 1899 | British Newspaper Archive
  9. I'm pretty sure that we have had this discussion before BSJ. It was originally called Crown Flatts. Somewhere along the way Crown Flatt seems to have become the norm (lazy pronunciation perhaps). It might be a suitable subject for the Rams forum as to when this now defunct ground became more commonly known by the version that you prefer. I seem to remember the version with the s on the end was not uncommon. In the meantime I must remember to avoid using the F word. As a traditionalist, and if the ground still stood, I could imagine you leading the call for a return to the original name. Am I wrong? Subsequent to this now edited post I've messaged you, BSJ, with a bit more info as to when the "official" name change may have happened.
  10. Sonny Whakarua played for us that season. I remember his "a" team debut at Crown Flatts/Flatt. So just a stab in the dark I'll guess he was top try scorer?
  11. For a ground that's set up nicely for summer rugby it's certainly a shame to have three games at home before February is out.
  12. I guessed that the Lingard clue got you into roughly the right era. By the next season he was playing for Dewsbury. For obvious reasons 72/73 would have been a memorable season for you.
  13. It was nice to see the ground full for games against the top teams and surprise results did occur if the weather was foul and the hooker on form. However, many of the games were embarrassingly one sided and I think that the current format makes more sense.
  14. Bill Hudson was the hooker that I was looking for Roger. His father had been a record transfer to Wigan before my time. Stan Whittaker was indeed the sponsor. And the colours were as you've described. The details are from the John Player yearbook 1973-74 and not my unreliable recollection. You will probably remember better than me Roger, but I seem to think that Bill Hudson junior was in the Mark Scott mould.
  15. It was an interesting season. We were in decline after the loss of Gittins, Gorman, Doyle and Martyn but still a useful side. To put the double over Bradford Northern into perspective for younger forum readers, although their league form was patchy they beat a very good Dewsbury side to reach the Challenge Cup final that season. Three of our squad, I think, came from Dewsbury with big Jim Naylor winning his Yorkshire Cap; whilst at least two of the squad went on to play across the valley . And I believe that I am right in saying that a generous sponsor of ours in recent years played for us that season. Our hooker was the son of one of our greatest ever back row forwards whilst the scrum half had played Rugby League for Wales. As to Dewsbury..........nah, forget it, wrong forum!
  16. That didn't last long BSJ. A memorable year for your lot of course and I had a suspicion that you might come up with the answer.
  17. As DD is trying to gag the old giffers on another thread (and who can blame him); here, to hopefully keep them engaged is a question for the oldies. Name the season from the following clues. Bramley beat us home and away. Hull beat us in the Challenge Cup, but we did the double over them in the league. We beat Bradford Northern home and away in the league and Huddersfield at home. The top try scorers on 13 apiece were both centres. Next, on 11 tries apiece were a winger and someone with a connection to the present club. More clues are available but I suspect that someone will crack it from the above.
  18. I'm impressed. I never realised that posh folk from Sale were loyal followers of Roger. Wow
  19. Winger and centre according to the Castleford website Phil and so perhaps a bit more useful cover for our "experienced" wingers.
  20. Kind words BSJ, but Linners was right to suggest that we were poor in the second half. Well intentioned positional changes, partly forced on him by injury, just didn't work out. We would no doubt have cracked eventually as fatigue took it's toll, it's just a shame that we weren't able to keep the score tight for longer. Ten out of ten for effort though. Now I'm looking forward to seeing if a very good Featherstone team can rein them in.
  21. On the subject of Rettie, I've missed seeing him in a Batley shirt. It seems likely that we have seen the last of him as a player but I hope that he visits MP from time to time; he has been great for the Bulldogs.
  22. Bradford head coach Kear credits battling Batley after loss | Bradford Telegraph and Argus (thetelegraphandargus.co.uk)
  23. I have just seen it confirmed that it is all ticket due to covid/ ground capacity concerns.
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