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  1. Cheers Roger. This forum tends to be my first port of call thanks to Bob, and yourself and others who share very informative stuff on here.
  2. Batley Bob, you do an absolutely sterling job in keeping us all informed....thank you.
  3. Gone are they days when you watched the match, had tea and then rushed out to pick up the pink and the green sports papers.
  4. Hooley Gilmore Manning I was also very impressed with the starting props.
  5. No Ward and no Walshaw? Or will we see changes to the squad before Saturday?
  6. I think that we have lost a couple of "form" players in Morton and Kaye. Good to see Brown, Manu and Gledhill back, mind.
  7. I got as far as Danny Yates still playing for Batley and decided that the rest probably wasn't worth reading.
  8. Bate ly sounds very posh POR, are you sure that you are from Fev? Fev are a class act and ruthlessly revealed our weaknesses but I think that we are a work in progress and I was delighted that we ran you so close. If's and but's but enthusiasm nearly won the day, lack of experience lost it.
  9. I would be interested to know what skill or characteristics Craig values the most in a full back? I ask having seen full backs with very different styles over the years.
  10. The hardest thing for newcomers might be working out why certain players are called hookers. You make some good points, by the way.
  11. With a certain Mr Eddie Waring in charge I believe
  12. Thanks KTF, I've just had a look at said site and the picture has beaten me to it!
  13. I cannot remember the game or the location but assumed that it was the Mount or Crown Flatt. I am thinking that at least seven of the above played for Batley at some time.
  14. I found this team sheet in the loft. I don't remember the game but some famous names on display. I thought that some of the old timers might enjoy seeing it.
  15. As long as there's not a Dewsbury just around the bay.
  16. I seem to remember that he was signed as a prop/loose forward. Nevertheless I have sympathy with the view that prop would be his natural position, especially on a fast summer pitch.
  17. Phil, I read today that we have just recorded the highest daily figure for new infections in the UK and so I guess that the new strain of coronavirus combined with Christmas is indeed sending the figures "shooting through the roof again". I guess it's a question of how quickly vaccinations can be administered and also whether they reduce the spread of the disease or merely alleviate the symptoms.
  18. You can take the man out of Yorkshire but you cannot take the 'Yorkshire' out of the man.
  19. This morning's Welcome to Yorkshire Advent Calendar has a prize of a York City Knight's season ticket and matchday shirt. No point my entering, but a good publicity. Well done YCKs.
  20. Bill H


    If I remember correctly it was the part of Lancashire that you had to leave Lancashire to reach. But yes, lads from Barrow would certainly have considered themselves to be Lancastrians. I would guess that the Cumberland teams that played and sometimes beat Australia would have contained a number of Barrow players but they would have been Cumberland born and learnt the game playing for Cumbrian amateur clubs. You have a better memory for these things than I have BSJ, but I seem to recall that Cumbria also had a spell post war when they were considered the best county side. Cumberland certainly had a reputation in the late 1960s for producing the best forwards; whilst as recently as 2010 Cumbria drew with England in a warm up match. Sorry folks, way off thread!
  21. Bill H


    I should just add that I have no strong feelings on the thread topic; just that the suggestion that Cumbria is not part of the Rugby League heartland seemed somewhat contentious.
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