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  1. It ought to give us an advantage dd,  especially with as good a kicker as Gilmore on our books. If we lose at Fax and with the Leigh away match to come then the difference might not look as stark.

    And you are right of course, a home draw does bring benefits.


  2. I cannot knock the team.  There was a huge amount of effort.  I'm inclined to think that JK did a good job with his lads targeting JC and Hooley for some pretty heavy treatment;  and that a Batley team picked to do a job at York during the heatwave was less well equipped for a wet mucky afternoon at the Mount. What do others out there think?


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  3. 2 hours ago, barfieldlad said:

    Might be worth the club taking a look at how Keighley Cougars are doing things. Keighley is not too dissimilar in size and make up of Batley, and also has a diverse population. There seems to be plenty of things going on at the Cougars all for the benefit of their club. They are drawing the crowds in, have an engaging twitter page and a fantastic up to date and informative website too.

    It also appears that we are the only club in the Championship and League 1 apart from West Wales Raiders that doesn't have an official Media Man/Woman. Its certainly showing.

    This had passed me by I must admit.  Just short of 2,000 for the home game against West Wales.  Wow.

  4. Sorry to go off thread but Kevin seemed to be looking for ideas and most no doubt are impractical but someone out there might come up with a really good idea.                                                                                                                                                                         So, when we played Leigh there was an Asian stall outside what used to be the Taverner's selling coffee and street food.  I presume that it was there because of a soccer tournament but they seemed to do pretty good business with visiting fans.  Our beer garden is great but is there scope for an Asian street food vendor in the ground to improve inclusivity (not everyone wants a beer and a pie), or would it just take away custom from other outlets in the Ground?   I'm also aware that Canterbury Bulldogs have been very successful with multi cultural days.  Again just putting the question, but is there scope for something similar for us?  As has been mentioned in the past Canterbury Bulldogs have been very successful at widening their fan base.

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  5. 21 minutes ago, bromleybulldog said:

    Just keep clicking. If you click on buy 4 times you get 4 tickets

      I was expecting the number in the order box to increase.  Just another sign of galloping brain rot I guess. It should have been obvious to me.  Thank you Bromley



  6. 10 hours ago, Keep The Faith said:

    No offence to Toby he’s not good enough for the championship with us… people say give the guy a chance other than us he’s not ever lasted at top championship team 

    It may be an irrelevant discussion as it's possible that the decision not to play Brown or Gledhill came too late in the day, but we were a genuine prop down and it showed, and Everett is a genuine prop with good mobility and IMO would have done a decent job. Again being wise after the event, but Buchanan looked to be struggling with his knee injury and perhaps deserves a rest. 

  7. I think Phildog hit the nail on the head when he said we were out muscled.  If Gledhill and Brown were not available then perhaps Everett should have been back in the squad.  I was also puzzled that Senior was left on the bench for so long.  Anyway, well done Whitehaven and well done to those players who kept us in the game.

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  8. 36 minutes ago, silverback said:

    It seemed busy yesterday,i tried the farmers tractor ale,nice pint but had a hint of a damp bale a hay...lol.🤪

    I noticed the beer tent doing well yesterday but wondered how things had gone on Saturday. You make the beer sound delightful!

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