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  1. Rambo

    Bradford Sunday

    Bring back the biff I say. The game is far too “sanitised” these days.
  2. Rambo

    Bradford Sunday

    Lilley has one of those faces that wants shoulder charging. He looks a right annoying little tw@.
  3. I had heard similar figures rumoured when the club were speaking with Wakey last year. Presuming that the low figure is in the hope that money is made from beer sales. The facilities are currently under utilised with about 20 fixtures a year. It’s no secret that the club has looked to get Ossett Town into shares which would have been good. Just hope it’s a fair deal for all parties
  4. Will the Bulls train on our facilities? Will the Bulls reserves play at the ground too? Will they take offices at the ground?
  5. I wonder what the deal is regards Beer and Food sales?
  6. What are other people’s thoughts with regards to the proposed lease to Bradford? If it does happen then IMO it’s sad for the game in general, in that we have yet another team without a home ground. Thankfully our stay at Batley in the early 90’s was only temporary. I can see it being much longer than 2-4 years mentioned by the Bulls, should they want to build a new ground. Just consider how long Swinton/Wakey and Cas have been pushing for new grounds! From a club point of view it creates another form of income for us. Especially with the guaranteed funds from Sky TV likely to be withdrawn next year. It would be nice if we use the funds for team strengthening and also to finally finish the ground by putting a terrace or stand at the “other” end of the ground. I do however hope this doesn’t turn into a Bradford “takeover” of the ground on the sly. It would turn my stomach to see the “Bulls” logo emblazoned all over our ground.
  7. I can understand the clock been a few seconds out but 4/5mins is a lot. I thought we should have gone for a drop directly from the scrum. Maybe if you say the players were going for winning pay then this needs to be looked at. A point would seen us 99.9% safe with our superior points difference over Barrow.
  8. Has come on a lot this season. Between him and Garratt for our best forward. Hope he does well at a Hull KR
  9. For the last 3 home games I’ve been unable to buy a draw ticket and told that they’ve sold out at approx 2.40pm. Why is it not possible for the club to give the sellers an extra few books to sell?
  10. Not sure how we didn’t get anything out of the game. i thought we’d go for a DG from the scrum. A point would have been as good as a win with our superior points difference to Barrow. Very disappointing again but we played well. Let’s turn Batley over next week and all will be well in the world again!
  11. Even though Shayne was a “tad” rotund we haven’t had many better forwards than him in the 20 or so years since he packed up playing. Darren Fleary went on to play for GB and wasn’t half as good as Shayne was.
  12. Has left to sign for Hunslet. I know he’s been through a few clubs previously anyone know why he didn’t get more of a chance at Dewsbury? When he played in the friendlies at the beginning of the season he looked a good player.
  13. Rambo


    It’s good to see reserves rugby league is returning next year. I hope we relaunch a side. However I wonder if it will depend upon what league we are in?
  14. Paul Sykes try was superb. Not the most spectacular but summed up his desire to get us the win. Sheer determination.
  15. Alex Brown was like Worrincy minus the length of the field tries!
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