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  1. Have been surprised there has been no announcement after last weeks game and performance. Do chairmen still give votes of confidence to managers/coaches? Maybe the chairman knows what lies ahead in terms of league restructuring in the year(s) ahead and is biding his time to invest in the team next season? Alternatively it maybe that he’s just waiting for our ever dwindling fan base to become so disillusioned/insignificant that the club folds and within a few years Barratt’s have bobbed another couple of hundred houses on our ground?
  2. Totally agree with regards Hall it seems crazy. With the prop forwards we have available I’d say Hall is about the best of them. Might as well release him then send him to North Wales on DR.
  3. Very good. On second thoughts I don’t think I’ll bother. £20 or so saved buys a lot of pork pies.
  4. If you are a Dewsbury season ticket holder do you get a discount at Batley. I thought there was some sort of agreement between the clubs? Does anyone know?
  5. I think this is a fair point. Whilst Mark Sawyer is a good businessman there is no one on the board at Dewsbury that I’m aware of who is an experienced ex player or coach who can liaise between the stewardship of the club and the playing side. Who will Mark Sawyer be consulting on whether LG should continue or what changes on the rugby side are needed at this present time?? Perhaps Jack Addy was consulted in days gone by when he was around and in better health. Not sure who that person would be today??
  6. Doesn’t seem to be one of Greenwood’s favoured players only used in one short spelll. He made a couple of good offloads and then hauled off as punishment .
  7. Is fitness the issue or maybe we are just ######? FWIW I don’t think we have a bad squad and we also have access to some good Hull KR reserves too. I think LG should be getting a better tune out of them! Whether the Hull KR players are fully committed to the cause is another question. Newcastle at home is a big game. If we don’t win that game then it’s maybe time to let someone else have a go.
  8. Rambo


    Thought the support in the South Stand in the 2nd half really helped the team when we flagging and proved it was the correct decision to keep it open. Hopefully this win will help to kick start our season!
  9. Rambo


    He looked to get a neck/head injury in the 2nd half of the York match. Have seen we have signed Robson Stevens on season long loan from Fartown. Hopefully the two aren’t related. I liked the look Arron Hall last year but he hasn’t had an opportunity yet. Hope he does!
  10. Not having a go. Just didn’t know who he was and thought Mark would speak. As you say it’s not easy putting a positive spin on it when you’ve been walloped. Was great to see the old players and coaches present at the game. Well done to all who organised.
  11. He spoke in the royal suite after the game too. Not much he could add to be fair. Does Mark Sawyer not speak after matches anymore? I thought he’d of wanted to and should have paid tribute to the past players for their contribution to the club over the decades and the efforts of Keith Mason and co to arrange the event?? Not sure who the MC was doing the after match stuff. A random MC the club is employing?? or a new Director??
  12. Is anyone aware of any current discount codes for signing up to Premier?
  13. The new Media manager is creating some good social media clips in a bid to engage interest in the coming season. Is this where his remit begins and ends in terms of creating social media output? Has the decision been made by our club to concentrate solely on social media content aimed at getting younger supporters in? I think the new videos are great but how many of the older generation are watching them and how can you measure any tangible returns on the investment that is put into creating them? Maybe it is deemed too old School to phone up and or write to lapsed season ticket holders and potential business sponsors these days. Local advertising, print and newspapers are dying out too so maybe this is how it’s done (if the enquiries form on the club website was working!!)
  14. “Big city” Mac has got it. Just seen him in Aldi with a Fev trackie on.
  15. The signings we have made have been really good so far. We should have a really strong pack for next year. A lot now depends on who we sign to play 6 & 7. I hope Mr Sawyer has kept some money in the kitty for these pivotal positions as this piece of recruitment will either make or break our season! Riley Dean on Season loan would be good plus an experienced but not pensionable aged Scrum Half would fit the bill nicely.
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