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  1. It’s a well trodden path from Wakefield Trinity reserves to Dewsbury. Can’t think of too many “duds” coming from them. Going back a few years here but did we sign Gary Cocks from Wakey?
  2. I know Ken Crabtree was the club historian but not sure if anyone took over when he passed.
  3. Anyone know who is the oldest player to ever play for Dewsbury and conversely the youngest? Before anyone asks I don’t know the answer to either but just interested. I’d imagine Paul Sykes won’t be far away if he “goes around again”
  4. I was a bit sceptical when we signed both Reilly and Nelmes but they both proved to be more than capable championship forwards.. Having watched the highlights of the game against Widnes, Nelmes in particular was superb against the more illustrious and Championship hardened Widnes forwards. Watching the video he made the big yards down the middle which lead to our points. Reilly was just coming into his own when the Covid took hold. His hardwork doing the Rampage club whilst coming back from a long injury was excellent. I hope this continues when the Covid thing get’s wrapped up. I’m disappointed both players are leaving but hope they both go on to have successful careers once the game starts again. I’m sure they will really toughen up the Oldham pack and make them a more difficult opponent In the division once it resumes.
  5. Would be interesting to know as to whether we are better off financially writing the season off and starting again in 2021 or attempting to continue playing? With the club affectively in hibernation since the lockdown and all the staff on furlough. A restarted but shortened season re-starting from October (when furlough ends) through to Dec would presumably be preferable?? With the majority of contract payments and wages paid by the government and a shortened season would this result in a positive financial outcome for the club this year?
  6. Saw Karl Pryce delivering post in a very casual manner on Leeds Road on Friday.
  7. I can’t think of many “proper” loose forwards across the whole game at the minute.
  8. Ian Bates was very good in the early/mid nineties. Wasn’t the biggest bloke but tackled anything that moved.
  9. Shayne Williams (or 2nd row). Gary Rose Glenn Bell
  10. In no particular order Paul Sykes, Francis Maloney and Brett Patterson.
  11. 1. Gary Rose 2. Andy Fisher 3. Andy Dickinson
  12. It was good to watch and great to see it has been put on YouTube for future supporters to enjoy. Some of the set moves from Dewsbury were a joy to watch!!
  13. For a short spell we had a full back called Keith Dixon in the early 00’s. Had a great kicking game. I think we signed him from Keighley.
  14. Johnson didn’t look mobile enough to play in the centre and a couple of weak tries were conceded down that side early on. With Fleming and Ryder out, the only other option was Sykes who did well when he filled in.
  15. Rambo

    4G Pitch

    Just saw a video on Ourleague app of Huddersfield Giants training on our 4G pitch. Anyone know which other teams use it?
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