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  1. Saw Karl Pryce delivering post in a very casual manner on Leeds Road on Friday.
  2. I can’t think of many “proper” loose forwards across the whole game at the minute.
  3. Ian Bates was very good in the early/mid nineties. Wasn’t the biggest bloke but tackled anything that moved.
  4. Shayne Williams (or 2nd row). Gary Rose Glenn Bell
  5. In no particular order Paul Sykes, Francis Maloney and Brett Patterson.
  6. 1. Gary Rose 2. Andy Fisher 3. Andy Dickinson
  7. It was good to watch and great to see it has been put on YouTube for future supporters to enjoy. Some of the set moves from Dewsbury were a joy to watch!!
  8. For a short spell we had a full back called Keith Dixon in the early 00’s. Had a great kicking game. I think we signed him from Keighley.
  9. Johnson didn’t look mobile enough to play in the centre and a couple of weak tries were conceded down that side early on. With Fleming and Ryder out, the only other option was Sykes who did well when he filled in.
  10. Rambo

    4G Pitch

    Just saw a video on Ourleague app of Huddersfield Giants training on our 4G pitch. Anyone know which other teams use it?
  11. I enjoyed the game more than many Dewsbury games I’ve seen. Had it not been for an unlucky slip by the Thornhill fullback they’d of been in the hat for the next round. Very committed performance from Thornhill and the best team lost IMO. Hope to watch them again in the future.
  12. Rambo

    V Leigh

    Thought we played well and looked committed against a v good Leigh side. Like others have said we didn’t look to have a anyone capable of running the ball in the halves which is making our attack a bit predictable. I don’t think I’ve seen Finn run the ball once since he’s returned to the club and Sykes as effective as he is in other departments doesn’t run the ball often. Would of been better to have option of Punchard on the bench rather than a winger IMO. Will be interesting to see if one of halves from Hull KR turn up on DR and at what stage.
  13. I would imagine that this is will be a test to see what the viewing numbers are with a view to selling it to TV companies next season. If TV companies are not interested then I’m guessing that the clubs may charge for the service via the Our League app next season.
  14. 2019 - finally getting San Miguel in the South Stand bar.
  15. Has the club given any reason as to why we are giving up our home game against Bradford in favour of it been played at Headingley? As a season ticket holder I personally have no problem with it, but I’d be interested as the reason why?
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