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  1. Not sure either of the players we brought in on loan (windrow and Beckett) are better than the ones you mentioned above. Players like Scott, Reilly and Nelmes would certainly have been better options but they have all now left the club.
  2. Does anyone know why Jason Walton hasn’t been in the recent squads announced?
  3. I think that would be a good idea. I wouldn’t be adverse to paying a couple of quid to watch other games (Batley excluded of course). Also rather than playing all games at the same time will they spread the games throughout the week to gain larger viewing numbers?
  4. I’m not in favour of the plans either but hopefully the club can gain additional support from the new residents. What about the club opening up somewhere at the ground selling decent coffee,food & drinks near to the Beaumont terrace or South Stand so that it’s visible from the road side? I know the truck stop the club opened some years ago failed but an outlet done correctly with some improved access to the stadium and visibility from the road would do really well. Considering the huge amount of new footfall from the existing and new proposed housing estates it could be a great e
  5. I hope so. I must admit the way that the criteria was listed for the team to replace Toronto I thought it was a done deal for Bradford. Hopefully the game will allows the sport to be determined on the field rather than constant off field politics and tinkering.
  6. You look to have put together a very good squad for this year. I would say it will be a close run thing between you and Toulouse should we actually get the season off the ground. It will be interesting to see what the SL do if Fev do get to the Champ grand final and win it. Do you think the SL will let you in or would they move to licensing again?
  7. The squad look’s to be coming along nicely. We don’t look to have much cover in the halves though. Sykes and Finn aren’t in the first flush of youth and they will be over a year older since we last saw them. So a young 6&7 that we can bring through would be the priority IMO.
  8. Just interested in whether you thought it was a fair system without bias. If you are not prepared to answer directly then fair enough.
  9. Is that a yes or a no to the question posed? or are you not prepared to offer an opinion either way?
  10. BSJ - Do you think the process of selecting the 12th SL team is a fair and honest one, without any particular bias to one club??
  11. Big Nige ex RFL head honcho steps out of the shadows and takes over at the Bulls ready to coincide with their immediate return to Odsal and acceptance into the SL (in a fair and open process of course ). Nothing fishy about this at all. Sounds like MS is finally nailing his colours solely to the Dewsbury mast which I’m very glad to hear. Hopefully he will then have no ties or remaining shareholding in the Bulls as quite frankly the whole Bradford thing stinks.
  12. The game is on its arris.... https://www.totalrl.com/bringing-back-the-bulls-dont-be-surprised-if-bradford-return-to-super-league/
  13. It would be interesting after all the effort to arrange the groundshare what we actually got off the bulls? If as reported it was a per match deal then with the season barely getting off the ground it would have been next to nothing. With the Toronto debacle and the bun fight to get into SL from within the ambitious champ clubs it will be interesting to see what happens.
  14. What about the fact that the Bulls pay us rent to play at our ground. If Mark is angling for the Bulls to return to Odsal this then cuts off an income stream to our club. If he is working purely with Dewbury’s best interests at heart would he want to cut off this income stream? I can think of several other potential conflicts of interest in running 2 teams within the same competition from the same ground. The fact that the RFL don’t see it as a conflict of interests doesn’t mean it isn’t.
  15. It’s a definite conflict of interest no doubt about it. As a dews fan I’ve heard very little from Mark Sawyer with regards to his future plans for the dewsbury club but he’s making regular soundbites to the media about the bulls ambitions for returning to Odsal and SL. It will be interesting see how the next few months play out. If the dulls hit SL will he continue to be big Nigel’s mouthpiece and take even more interest in the bulls? Possibly ditching the rams or will big Nigel step out from the shadows to take control of the dulls and Mark continues with Dews??? Any Rams fans
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