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  1. Last week I am pleased to announce, I got all games predicted correct,* Dewsbury (I know I should back the Lions, but without a coach we are as bad as Olympic Mens GB Rowing), Featherstone, Halifax, Whitehaven, Oldham, York, Widnes *It must be my week, until today, as I had 6 winners out of 8 at Goodwood.
  2. If Djokovic loses the Bronze medal match he will have lost 3 matches in a row, Mens Semi, Mixed doubles semi, mens Bronze, 3 in a row probably for the 1st time in his career. He lost, next is the Bronze medal match in Mixed Doubles.
  3. Every single Northern Irish competitor has been described as Irish, rather the GB&NI, is this IOC declaration, or a statement by NI Sports? For instance, Rory McIlroy in the Golf.
  4. Ah, yes. That takes me back to playing Langworthy at Rabbit Hills where both teams would walk the pitch searching for broken sharps, glass & crockery, before each match.
  5. Looking back on the thread, I think Adams Family, Gilligan's Island, & Mr Ed, really influenced my stupid sense of humour.
  6. The only good thing to come out of Yorkshire is the M62.
  7. And maybe this conversation should be transferred to the Politics sub-thread.
  8. I think this sort of Terrorist organisation should be reported. If the white rose county (all lower case), should have a recognised "County Day", so should all the other Counties in the United Kingdom.
  9. Wind change might be good for the bathers in Hastings, as we had a triple sewage spill.
  10. Rule 64, b, sub section xxi, head tackles above shoulder height are to be penalised, unless the protagonist wears a Leeds Jersey. Rule 123, a, Forward passes by Wigan, within 4 Yards are to be ignored. Source, 1920 Rule book.
  11. Swinton Lions have departed company with Head Coach Stuart Littler after 6 years with the Lions. I am sure, despite this season, he won't be unemployed for long.
  12. I remember most of those & enjoyed them. I don't recall McHale, or F Troop, or My 3 sons. Gilligan's Island was hilarious for a 10yo.
  13. Ah, yes. That takes me back to playing Langworthy at Rabbit Hills where both teams would walk the pitch searching for broken sharps, glass & crockery, before each match.
  14. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tug_of_war_at_the_Summer_Olympics
  15. During the 1900's, Chess was an Olympic sport, why not introduce Competitive Sudoku? Give 4 players, identical boards, and graded over 6 rounds. Start like diving with 2 easy ones, then 2 difficult, then 2 Olympian.
  16. One of the complaints about e-scooters, is they are fast, and quiet, therefore undetectable to blind people. But so are bikes, e-bikes, and electric motorbikes & cars, but the politicians are saying they are the future. I nearly got hit by an e-taxi last weekend because I looked the wrong way, at the wrong time. She just drove on. If I had been hit, The Sun & Mail would've be requiring a ban on 60 year old walking alone.
  17. Darts, the only sport where drinking alcohol while participating is actively encouraged. About as much chance as Live Pigeon Shooting, or Tug-of-war being reintroduced.
  18. Escort RS, Reflecting previous occupation?
  19. Just had 3 x winners at Goodwood Races, 1x loss, and in the Sussex Stakes I had Alcohol Free to win, 2nd e/w and 3rd to win, not a bad job. My Ladbrokes account at new year 2021 was down to £1.25, now it is just short of £100, although I only bet occaisonally, I bet for fun, not habit.
  20. I now overlook the start of the Hasting Park Run, and the Start/Finish of the Half Marathon (+/- 100m), so from my nice warm comfortable sofa I can observe all the suffering.
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