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  1. Why not invite a couple of NRL reserve teams over to participate? OH, no, that wouldn't work because they are afraid of travelling more than 6 hours
  2. I'm too far away, and too old & poor, to have a fighting interest in this, but when they demolished Station Road, about a month after I came for a visit, I sat on the step behind the "Squash Club" and cried, and cried, and cried. My wife at the time who had been there a few times just left me alone for an hour, and I knew that was the semi death of a once great club & game.
  3. I know, but don't want to list them. Rochdale, Hunslet & Donny are too close to my heart.
  4. The Betfred Championship table is being determined on Win Points Percentage in 2021, to allow for the possibility of matches not being played. Great, that'll help the Lions.
  5. Selfish & Parochial, Superleague? Nah, wouldn't stand up in court, too drunk. Apart from relocating Catalans to Liverpool, it's not an M62 sport, at all. NRL Players probably do more miles per season than SL Clubs do
  6. Has Japan gone into Lockdown again, or are they operating as normal for Olympics, with some events blocked out?
  7. Australia says it is too risky to travel to the UK, but isn't 50% of Australia currently under another Lockdown?
  8. OMG that is close, if the ball goes over the stand it coil end up next door.
  9. I used work in lovely air-conditioned operating theatres, however, you noticed the heat at the end of the shift when you left
  10. Shame, I liked Tom, he made me laugh. Seen some video's on You Tube, so I'm not sure why.
  11. I was holidaying in Sharm-el-Sheikh in 2006, and the hotel had the grace to put the days highest temperature on a blackboard outside the entrance, one day it got to 42c, admittedly sitting on a beach, snorkelling is not the same as working, but you notice it when after swimming your tee-shirt is dry as a bone 15 mins later, but that 3c bottle of Orange Tango, when you get back to the hotel is sooooooooo good.
  12. At the weekend, while rearranging my bookcase, I realised I had never got around to reading The Last Hero, by Sir Terry Pratchett. So I started it yesterday, probably the only book of his I haven't read.
  13. Including coming on here? Outside is a carpenter hand sawing plaster boards.
  14. I was watching Fargo yesterday with my 12yo daughter, after 30 mins I turned round to notice she was asleep. Film off, Tour de F on, woke wik 15km to to & explained TdF, humanely, to her.
  15. What a stupid place to live. On a day like today, when the atmospherics are at their worst, I can't pick up Hastings local Radio Station, but I can pick up 10 French talk Radios.
  16. Video relay check on every try, can't the referee keep up with play? Doesn't he have the confidence to award the try?
  17. These games used to last 1hour 40mins, now due to head injury assesment &try replay rt's expanding as long as an Ice Hockey match. They will be stopping play for every tackle soon.
  18. What a garbage weekend Challenge Cup Final v Time Trial @TdF v British GP qualifying v British Open Golf. The RFL could not have chosen a worst weekend to stage the finals. IMO. Apart from last Sunday. But Wembley was booked, for a wedding or something. Should have left it at end of August. BH weekend, end of School holiDasy
  19. My 10,000th really freaked people, because no-one had thought about it before. One of my Jamaican mates invited me to his 10,000th birthday, which fell on a Friday. I didn't get home until 0345 on the Monday.
  20. I had parties for my 10,000th & 15,000th, currently 21581.
  21. Maybe, but the other side of Littleton Road is where Swinton want to build a stadium, and have been constantly refused, is in M27
  22. They had Trolley buses when you went to school, I thought you walked to the pit?
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