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  1. During my clearance from my flat that I was being evicted from, my charity helper & I realised that my chip pan needed destroying, there was about half an inch of grease on the OUTSIDE, when I was asked the age, I suggested 30 years old. So we binned it, suggesting I buy a deep fryer. But they are £60-90. Fortunately I was walking past a charity shop, and saw an almost new Lidl Fryer for £20. It had been PAT tested, but I think that was the only time it had been out box. Result?
  2. Hastings still has Pizza Express, & HMV, although Top Shop/Man did close, it reopened as a discount/charity furniture shop, it has McD's, Kentucky, and a Yates's & Wetherspoons, plus some excellent independent restaurants, Indian/Nepalese, Italian, and Fish (of course), and kebabs. I think we will survive. No Nando's, No Burger King.
  3. It does show a race course just north of the Salford docks, which I presume to be New Barnes, where the original Salford Rugby Club were based?
  4. Good, I have one of those annoying doorbells with 40 tunes, including some Christmas tunes.
  5. Played 10, Lost 10, 4 points adrift, we're doomed Mr Mainwaring (Or Mr Fletcher).
  6. In over 125 years of Rugby League/Northern Union, I think that is the first time anyone has said Salford benefitted from officials incompetence. It is usually the other way round.
  7. So how come, neither this game or the Wigan one is being shown live on Sky? Have they thrown the toys out of the box because of England v Scotland at Wendyball?
  8. I think Hastings TC has always been declared as "In Decline", but apart from Debenhams, there hasn't been too many shops being closed, I think we have ridden the storm quite well in the last 12 months overall. Oh, and Argos being moved out of the TC to Sainsbury's, like a lot of places.
  9. Kenneth Kaunda, 97, 1st President of Zambia in 1991.
  10. Anybody else noticed the Geographics in Gp B? Denmark is Belguims northern neighbour, Finland is as good as Denmarks neighbour, Finland is so close to Russia it used to be part of it.
  11. I am sure the BBC will devote the same screen time, & analysis when it's the Rugby League World Cup later this year.
  12. There is always Royal Ascot & Queens tennis this week?
  13. I would've loved it if when Russia hosted the World Cup, if they scheduled the non-Russian Group games in Vladivostock.
  14. Especially as its my 59th birthday, and I am counting the days until next year.
  15. Yes, agree, but why is their change colours the first choice of Australia? Most of the other countries have the flags of both teams below their badge, Wales didn't
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