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  1. attached still from the video, which should be in the shop on monday.
  2. Yeah I thought he did ok. One thing that really riled me was the costly descion that Jamie Field knocked on, from the sky replays it was so clear he ripped the ball, with a fresh set of six and on half way you would have thought we would get close enough for a one pointer? Saying that I think he missed a knockon from Welo in build up to one of our tries. so swings and roundabouts I guess.
  3. Absolutley!!! makes you laugh does that video. I think the people of Yorkshire will see how much of a Yorkshire community club we are and how much is put back in. I hope Nash has bought another dummy for grand final day cos he certainly spat it out alot at our place in GF semi.
  4. Hi All, We've been trying to make improvements to the match day DVD over the last couple of games and Sunday is the big one. The DVD brings in quite a bit of money for the clubshop so were hoping to make Sundays a cracker, one thats bought as a momento by lots of the fans. What would you like to see on there to capture the magic of the day? Depending on what the RFL/Sky say means if we can do the dual camera angle and if were allowed on the pitch afterwards. Lets hear ur ideas
  5. The edited Halifax DVD should be on sale in the clubshop, for only a fiver you get a DVD with edited footage from 2 camera angles, action replays and top class commentary from Martin Overton. Definatly a game to relive and one for the archive...... HD highlights online those not on high speed broadband may need to lower the quality to be able to buffer the video.
  6. Luckily nothing was damaged just watched the briggs interview, one minute u see Ovo u next hes swamped in fans, I guess they must ahve though they were on sky. No wonder the sky guys didnt come any where near the pitch.
  7. + an interview with Kyle Briggs, but due to Sky not doing any post match interviews all the crowd on the field thought we were sky and jumped all over us.
  8. They've given me a while to do edit it then, Got a lot done last night, I was hoping to get it in finished tonight so it was available to buy at the reserves game on Saturday. I'll let you know how I get on
  9. Dont know about the sky version but the clubs version is a corker.. Looks like the only repeat on sky was 2 am this morning, they used to do it the day after too but looks like that isnt happening.
  10. Just dropped the final edit of the full game in at the club so should be able to purchase shortly. Full commentary, slow mo's, 2 camera angles, presentation of shield, interviews with Jamie Field, Tony Tonks and Stuart Dickens.
  11. After a long night of editing the match highlights are now on youtube Some excellent footage from Steve Evans and as always some excellent commentary from Martin Overton. Fav quote of the clip "Know one wants to see his tackle swinging about up station lane" The full DVD will be in the clubshop hopefully tonight, with 2 camera angles, full match commentary plus extras of pre match interview with Daryl Power and Iain Morrison and on field interviews with Tony Tonks, Jame Field and Stuart Dickens plus the presentation of the shield.
  12. Stu Dickens urges supporters to get to the Barrow game and get behind them
  13. All the tries from the Batley away game can be seen here The full DVD with commentary, action replays and post match interview with Stuart Dickens is in the clubshop and Id highly recommend it, the tries only make up part of this game with the near missed and atmosphere generated by the Rovers crowd all adding to a great game.
  14. I know Sig Kasatkin was there, his company RLphotos.com provide a lot for both papers.
  15. Dunno i'm just covering while Steve is away, think Im doing the Batley game this weekend. Not sure what the club think about putting full highlights on the net, but no ones told me not to do it. Looking around other clubs, some have started they're on TV sites. ie http://www.dewsburyramstv.co.uk/ Anyone else think this would be a good edition to Rovers web presence or do you think it would detract from sales of the dvds? Would assume sales would only be good for away games that we won? Does anyone think its giving away faults/strengths to our opponents? I suppose if they were that bothered they could just buy the full dvd from the clubshop website? Could get the site sponsored or could be an extra part of the match day sponsorship package that the match ball/motm sponsor will be included in the highlights reel.
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