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  1. How many times did he get sent off though?
  2. Best: Adam O'Brien Worst: Mason Caton-Brown
  3. Thanks for uploading this video. Brought back some great memories
  4. Fullback; Ryan Fieldhouse, Louis Sheriffe, Jordan Tansey Wing; Lee Close, Guy Coombe, Richard Darkes, Sylvain Houles, Paul Lord, Chris North, Chris Parker, Stewart Sanderson Centre; Hamish Barnes, Phil Cornforth, Macauley Hallett, Half-back; Simon Brown, Brett Patterson, Chris Redfearn, Kobus Van DeVenter, Forwards; Paul Bonson, Tere Glassie, Jon Gledhill, Allister McMaster, Ian McRae, Steve Newton, Aaron Trinder, Darren Winmill
  5. (To the tune of Yellow Submarine) "Number 1 is Tommy G, number 2 is Tommy G. Number 3 is Tommy G, number 4 is Tommy G. Number 5 is Tommy G, number 6 is Tommy G. Number 7 is Tommy G, number 8 is Tommy G. Number 9 is Tommy G, number 10 is Tommy G. Number 11 is Tommy G, number 12 is Tommy G. Number 13 is Tommy G and all the subs are Tommy G....................................... We....all....dream of a team of Tommy G's, a team of Tommy G's, a team of Tommy G's!"
  6. Is this the same professor who has resigned today for breaking lockdown rules to apparently go see his married lover? ?
  7. 1. Les Holliday 2. Damien Ball 3. Glen Coughlan Others; Paul Delaney, Daniel Frame, Tim Fourie, Tommy Gallagher, Trent Jordan, Billy Kershaw, Rob Roberts, Richard Slater, Josh Weeden, Matt Walker.
  8. 1. Rob Spicer 2. Martin Robinson 3. Daniel Frame Others; Toby Adamson, Glenn Bell, Andy Dickinson, Joel Farrell, Andy Fisher, Darren Fleary, Tim Fourie, Mickael Goudemand, Trent Jordan, Michael Knowles, Stephen Newton, Sean Richardson, Paul Smith, Andy Spink, Shayne Williams
  9. Sid Domic only played a few games for us then got injured, yet he was absolute class. The same goes for Wayne Collins but hey that's only my opinion!
  10. Yes he did but played mainly at stand-off and sometimes at loose-forward
  11. 1. Richard Chapman 2. Jimmy Elston 3. Wayne Collins Others; Glen Coughlan, Wayne Godwin, Kane Bentley, Richard Pachniuk, Kurt Rudder, Andrew Lippiatt, David O'Donnell Adam O'Brien (on loan from Bradford)
  12. Dominic Maloney was a bit of a penalty machine though. Toby Adamson played at prop for us when we were struggling with injuries. He's more accustomed to playing in the second row. Paul Medley was a good prop even though he was more of an impact player!
  13. We loaned David Fifita from Wakefield a few seasons ago. Was Wakeman from Huddersfield Giants?
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