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  1. I heard a little rumour last week he's left the club.
  2. I've heard that Kenny has been released after an email was sent to Hornets by his ex.
  3. If you are a regular supporter of Oldham, you'll know who this is, and he wasn't high on drink. He's a long standing fan who volunteers unpaid, and loves the club. You owe him an apology for the disrespectful comments you have made here.
  4. An all round great performance from the boys. Some superb direction from Hewitt and Crooks, the former not getting the recognition he rightly deserves. I wasn't over impressed by NT in the 1st half, tho QLT did his job when the gaps opened . I felt that at half time, only 8 pts down, and playing downhill, we could win it. Great performance from Bridge, Langers , Law, Joy and the half backs ensured we had NT on the back foot and struggling to get an impact on the game. Sad to see that Scott still wants to go after this, bit he's done a great job considering the restraints he's had at his disposal. I'm confident we'll win next Sunday, Rangi or no Rangi. Up The Yeds
  5. awful 2nd half. can see us getting banged next week.
  6. who counted the crowd, Dianne Abbott ?
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-11421055 'Stripper' rugby player admits Boxing Day attack Andrew Ballard was granted unconditional bail until he is sentenced A professional rugby player has admitted breaking another man's jaw while he was dressed as a stripper. Andrew Ballard pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to Liam Grundy and assaulting his girlfriend Kathryn Gleeson on Boxing Day. The 24-year-old, who has played for top rugby league side Wigan Warriors, was on a night out in Wigan at the time. The Barrow Raiders player appeared before Liverpool Crown Court. He will be sentenced on 25 October. The facts of the case were not opened by the prosecution. Ballard was granted unconditional bail until the sentencing hearing.
  8. not bothered as to who wins, I just hope they knock ten bells out of each other so when the winner plays is next week, they'll b eouit on their feet.
  9. I'll be there with a few others from Oldham Rugby club. They have orgnised a two night trip, starting Friday night with us playin the Skolars, our last league game of the season. Its my first time for a CC Final, and hope it's Leeds or Saints aginst the Wolves.
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