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  1. We’ve had the playoffs for more years in our game than not. Do you know any RL history?
  2. Waterfall Stone Roses These jobs are going boys
  3. We’re at The Barge in Brighouse Friday 1st October and then at The Cross Keys, Siddal, Halifax Sunday October 24th @3:30 All welcome Oil City, bringing Rhythm and Blues back to the people
  4. I played for them in the first Rotterdam 9s, happy days
  5. Ah jaysus, I keep saying, every time something like this happens that this is it, RL can go do one, I’ll walk away, but I can’t, I love this game, from the under 6s at Siddal up to Melbourne Storm and all points in between, but bloody hell the game makes itself a hard entity to love.
  6. Gig cancelled apparently some no hopers called the kaiser chiefs are on that day
  7. Do the commentary team realise there’s more than one team involved?
  8. The council want to chop down a nearby tree as it’s roots could undermine an electricity sub station, the local residents are split about 50/50 two old guys came to blows over the garden fence yesterday. Local councillors have appealed for calm
  9. Me and Mrs Phil fancy a long weekend, either in Barcelona or Perpignan but we’re struggling to find reasonably priced direct flights. Any tips folks? Thanks in advance
  10. No, it’s owned by the council Fax and Town are both tenants, it’s not a “technicality” it’s a legal agreement
  11. Fax are a tenant but of the council not the football team, the council owns the ground. Wigan is a reasonable point but CP was in need of major investment
  12. Thrum Hall had history, Central Park had history, Wilderspool had history, all now gone and replaced with better facilities. I’m sick to flaming death of hearing Odsal this, Bulls that. Fine they had a successful phase in early super league but they’re entitled to sweet sod all It would cost tens of millions to do up that ground, tens of millions which don’t exist in our game. Enough of this fetishisation of this hole in south bradford.
  13. What a cracking game, particularly compared to the rubbish we were served up last night
  14. I don’t knock refs, I know how hard the job is, but Isa should have walked tonight
  15. If they’ve had to intubate him they’ll put him in a coma to stop his gag reflex from attempting to reject the tube
  16. This outing no matter how it ends will only do the young French lads good in the long run
  17. Cats have claimed for years with a fair degree of truth that the decisions don’t go for them
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