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  1. Briers had a rapport with refs and could get away with certain things, yet Moz had a more formal approach and appeared to have respect. On the current playing staff I think Ratch may do a decent job, although Hughes is vice so may also work. I am not dismissing Hill as a player, still one of the better props. Just the captaincy responsibilities appear lacking discipline.
  2. Dave, as I pointed out earlier in the thread Wire have had a great rapport with Catalan stemming back to support in the CC semi at HJ, magic weekends plus at Wembley last year. You normally wouldnt get that level of bond between 2 super league clubs. Yes Barcelona in 09 about 20k Catalan fans and maybe 1k Wire and no trouble. Warrington do have a minority of fanbase that will look out for trouble or instigate, although not unique to Wire. I wasnt at the game on Saturday but definately out of character from previous event free trips. Although alcohol is a key contributor if anything flares up.
  3. Agree with Oliver and Padge. Comes down to cost and logistics for my family group. We made a few trips staying in Perpignan or coastal resorts, this got too expensive so decided to stay in LDM. Cheaper flights to Gerona, more accomodation options, food etc, you could chill round the pool or beach. Plus less than a couple of hours drive to Perpignan. The last time we did it, the word was getting around and became more of a Brits on the Pi** weekend unfortunately.
  4. I remember that, not long after super league started and they had games on the road. There were probably a few hundred hard core Wire fans who made the long journey on coaches. Before the cheapie airlines became popular.
  5. Caralans media are independant from the Catalan club. I have had comms on twitter regarding their initial reporting of the trouble. Good that they are looking at the good relationship between two sets of supporters.
  6. When the investigation has been completed to this sorry affair I am certain that both Catalan and Warrington will be made examples of. I dont think it will be that hard to identify the main culprits on both sides then up to the clubs to serve any bans etc. For those of us who watch Catalan on tv every other week that corner of the ground is always the away section so why mix it with a home section? As we know many use the trip as a holiday and are drinking throughout the day, typical Brits on the pi**, this is not just Wire fans. Whatever caused the trouble I agree alcohol has fuelled it further. I suspect now Warrington will be given an early season game in Catalan rather than a Summer game to deter many travelling. Alcohol is a good revenue source for clubs but I would fully support a ban within grounds, surrounding areas may be more difficult. My family group have been to Catalan numerous times but after the events yesterday and reports of other fans having problems I will boycott future visits. Warrington and Catalans fans have had a good rapport in the past, magic weekends, Wembley last year and so on, although the actual club and playing style over the last few years has been less than professional.i.m.o. So going off suggested punishment on social media, the Wire should be banned by the RFL and thrown out of super league or relegated, Wembley final taken off Wire given to Hull, Wire and Catalan docked points and an automatic 1 match ban to players and so on. Good job we are not on the panel to investigate, although I hope action is swift so clubs can put into action any recommendations.
  7. From a Wire fan, I feel the same this time and will have my witts about me as I mingle through the Saints and Widnes fans.
  8. I don't think Saints and Widnes fans have the same sort of rivalry as with Warrington. I hope I am totally wrong with my thoughts on Wembley just that a few hours drinking can bring the worst out in some. At least Widnes play later so their fans will be in the ground for maybe 2 hours later. Enough time for many Wire or Saints fans to already have left the area hopefully event free.
  9. Well unfortunately todays game will be remembered for scenes on and off the pitch. Warrington probably lost the game with the poor tackle discipline with Patton and Philbin rightly being penalised at least 5 between them. Yet Childs let Catalan get away with the bullying and late flopping techniques in the tackle which frustrated Warrington We dont know what started the pathetic scenes at fhe end off the pitch. We dont need that anywhere nevermind in the game. I.mo. the French broacast company dont do a great tv production and I dont think the crowd trouble should have been shown live. Use it for any investigation by the RFL or authorities. I know many clubs have an element of trouble although never seen any on my trips to the south of France. I expect both clubs to face some punishment for the trouble. I do have a slight fear for Wembley with Saints, Wire and Widnes fans together especially a day drinking. Warrington should now concentrate on the weeks ahead, I just hope Austins injury isnt that bad and that any of our players dont get cited. Not a good day all around for the publicity of the sport though.
  10. So Denton, where am I whinging about ticket price? I will gladly pay the going rate to watch my team at Wembley or any final and have done so on every occasion since watching the Wire in the 70s. I still stand by my comment, I think the RFL are concerned that if they price the major events too high then it will deter people from going. Since the new Wembley opened the RFL must have had pre sale ticket offers for each final until the 2 finalists are known. We are not in the same league as football or even NFL that they know they will sell out regardless of price.
  11. 1978 Wire v Australia. Beating the tourists was a massive achievement for any club or for even GB in those days. 1987 Wigan v Manly . The manner in which Wigan beat Manly infront of over 30,000 at Central Park. 1995 NZ v Tonga, wow what a game Tonga nearly did it untill the dying minutes. 2009 Wire v Wigan CC semi. Enough said. 2009 Wire v Hudds CC final. Mainly due to the fact it had been 35 years since the last cup victory.
  12. Good research Dave we sat near the back of 111 that year and great seats for £40. Looking at the link it shows different pricing within the same blocks. So I suppose lower down it was cheaper. Still for a final, pricing is reasonable compared to other showcase finals.
  13. I remember paying £40 - £45 for the first of the Wires recent finals at the new Wembley. Same tix now £50. The RFL need to keep the prices reasonable for us northerners to venture down to the capital. You still may see the groupon offers on the run in to the final to give sales another push. I can see Saints fans easily outnumbering Wire for this final being a new experience for many of their fans. Same when Wire first went in 2009
  14. Wow that was a toungh game, I was happy with the way Wire controlled the game in the second half especially Austin coming in to it. The full team deservez credit and Ratch being out for 3 months did a great job. We owed Hull a few for cup defeats but they contributed to make it an exiting and tense game. Re fans at Wembley Saints take the most if they get there as it is a faily new experience for many. Wire support at Wembley has dropped off since the 3 wins but still a great day regardless. Something to look forward to. Come on Fax
  15. A different life over on the Southside CS
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