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  1. Covid is different issue and definitely has to be addressed, its all the other red tape that is put in place.
  2. 100 % Correct Marauder, I along with others have had enough. The hard work and aggravation now far outweighs the enjoyment. The RFL need to realise that we are volunteers and are not employees. If anything lock down has shown people that life can easily go on without time spent on thankless tasks. We should all be wary of what lies ahead for the community game should we struggle for volunteers.
  3. Looking at recent correspondence from the RFL, it will be extremely difficult to get all the volunteers that will be needed before we even consider a game start date.
  4. Old Wembley, loved the weekends with lads, especially cock tavern in Euston. Before NCL, days out to Cumbria when drawn away in the BARLA Cup. Then obligatory stop off in Ulverstone on way back. Always had a good Craic and made very welcome at Dewsbury Moor. Millom lovely setting and always nice to meet up with Dumpy and friends pre game.
  5. Me neither, but they did do a good job of hosting the Barla national cup finals many years ago. Not as good as holding it in Blackpool but still a great weekend away.
  6. I think this time away from playing , training and the general association with team mates and friends could lead to a massive drop in standards and participation. Hope I am wrong.
  7. When playing against a lower league team in a cup competition many years ago. I had to visit the gents pre-match, on arrival at the communal urinals I joined 2 of our opposing team players. Our rather large prop forward had just left. One of our opposition players then commented to his team mate "Cant see much for us today , that mon who just left had muscles in his bloody face !!!"
  8. Seen him officiate about 5 times, 4 times excellent, once poor. A great comunicator with the players , a lot of the younger new referees should watch this guy and learn that respect is a two way thing.
  9. Number 1 every time, after being in the stadium in 2017 and witnessing the infamous ankle tap on Watkins. I personally can't wait to give the Aussies some stick back.
  10. Just done a bit of investigation, game was on 30th November , 2003. Challenge Cup . Result 28 6 win for bridge.
  11. You to mate, we had a great craic that weekend. I didn't play has I had retired and was a committee member and still am. Was a very heavy Saturday and even heavier Sunday !!!!
  12. Aberavon fighting Irish. Long time ago so memory not what it was.
  13. Did you play against Rose Bridge ? Long time ago though, I remember it was played on Sunday, we travelled down on Saturday and stayed in some chalet type accomodation on the banks of a river. Had a great night on the Saturday followed by a good craic on the Sunday. I know that we won but can't remember score or year.
  14. Was never reallythe same once the old Wembley closed. Wonder if some of the pubs around Easton station are stil around ? Cock tavern and summers coffee house spring to mind. Friday from 10 am was a superb start to the weekend of rugby , boozing and singing real happy days !!!!!
  15. On a bit of a nostalgia trip thinking about the challenge cup final weekend's. That really was magic !!!!. All the way from 1980 till the first time it was played at Cardiff my club ran a weekend trip to the final. Then we decided Cardiff wasn't for us so we ventured abroad for the sun and to watch the final. Unfortunately we have never returned. The craic and meeting up with all the clubs from all the rugby community was fantastic. The same faces the same songs and friendships that still remain today. It is a little ironic that we now see the same clubs enjoying the final in benidorm.
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