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  1. I am sure your right 09, but seriously you can be fined if found out doing so. Made up for warriors, hope youth can bring success,
  2. Remember if your a player or volunteer at a club you are not allowed a punt on Rugby League matches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You could not meet a nicer lad, deserves his success.
  4. Totally sick minded people who do things like this to a club at the heart of their community. No doubt Thatto will come through this. Keep your heads up from all at Ince Rose Bridge.
  5. Can only say that boxing day WIgan v Saints was probably one off the best days out all year. All pubs packed ground full and the Craic was superb. That at both towns.!!!!!
  6. A very large group from Rose Bridge attending Sunday the 8th at the Monaco Hindley. Monday looking dubious for work !!!
  7. Go to the official website for tickets and it showing more or less sold out. I can't see that being correct but it may just turn away a few neutrals who wish to see the game.
  8. Good luck lads do the NCL proud, from all at Ince Rose Bridge.
  9. Said it many times, we are all volunteers who are involved for our enjoyment and worrying about costs is not enjoyable.. I can assure you that finance is a major issue for all clubs.and the major concern for committees. Travel costs are without doubt the major costs to all of us. Granted the sponsorship secured by the NCL has been a great help to most clubs but surely the RFL can afford to support the next level to professional rugby league. The RFU are superb in looking after all clubs at all levels we need to take a look at them for inspiration.
  10. In last Saturdays fixture against Ince Rose Bridge, one the Ince Players ( Connor Meaden )suffered a double fracture of the Tibia and Fibulal. It was in the 67th minute of the game with Hull Dockers deservedly leading 32 -14. The referee rightly abandoned the game as agreed by both sets of player and coaches. We at IRB would like to put on record our thanks to all at Hull Dockers for the excellent care and help given to Connor. The players at Hull Dockers have also donated their fine money to Connor to help him in the coming months of recovery. A superb gesture and absolute credit to all concerned. Many thanks from all the Players , Officials and Supporters of Ince Rose Bridge.
  11. The work load put on to administrator at the clubs increases annually, therefore it no longer is enjoyable. As you say the age the volunteers at clubs is usually fifty years or older. Throw in New technology that they are required to use and you find that pool of volunteers decreases every season. The main thing that people forget we are all involved for enjoyment ans NOT a second place of employment.
  12. Excellent game at Ince Rose Bridge today, with the home side coming out on top against their fiercest rivals Wigan St Pats. A superb advert for the game in WIgan. Nice to see George Williams and Paul Sculthorpe at the game supporting their old community clubs.
  13. That is my point amateurs are expected to do this but full time club's don't.
  14. Correct but you need a person to take responsibility for this that is my point.
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