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  1. Being honest I think most teams are in the same boat. Our club has not had the same team out for two week running all season. Speaking to all the other clubs we have played they all seem to be in similar positions. We have had to forfeit some second team fixtures to get a team out in the NCL. I know of other clubs who have folded their second teams this season due to player availability.
  2. Just a general rl fan and not having a go at referees, it is the rules that are so difficult to apply. That is what I mean by inconsistent and a lottery.
  3. Having watched a lot of RL this weekend, I can honestly say that decisions on rules and how to apply them is nothing more than a lottery. Seen so much inconsistencies it is a joke.
  4. Not forgetting that some players have kids playing as well.
  5. Bribery pay or don't play, can't be put any clearer. Players are not interested is what happens behind the scenes with all the things that marauder mentions or cheap RFL offers. It is down to am I interested enough to pay more to play. Only time will tell.
  6. Deepest sympathy to all of Jim's family , friends and all at Oldham St Annes. Our thoughts and condolences are with you from all at Ince Rose Bridge A.R.L.F.C.
  7. Home to the BARLA National Cup finals many years ago. I had the pleasure of playing in the youth final over 40 years ago at Borough Park. Was a great day out for all concerned even if not the most luxurious surroundings . ( And I was on the losing side )
  8. Please be aware, if you are a volunteer, player, coach, committee member or basically associated with any community club, you cannot take a punt on anything associated with the NCL or other RFl competitions. Some very strange rules set by the RFl that should be clearly explained to all concerned with the community game.
  9. Last night went to Ince Rose Bridge v Army rl. Cracking game , superb first half performance saw Bridge take a very healthy half time lead. The fitness of the Army lads shone in the second half and they staged a superb fightback only to finally lose out 32-28. Was great to see a good few under 18s making their progression to the open age teams. Good crowd and great camaraderie between both teams played in excellent spirit well refereed by the young official.
  10. Spider is correct and a lot more money if a player has children playing as well. At our club I know of 2 players who play open age and have 2 children playing at junior level.
  11. Another nail in the coffin for some struggling clubs. As quoted earlier, what about the ex player that gets dragged back in to help out when teams are short . They will have to pay to help out. Will this see a return to the bad old days of playing under a false identity, risking all sorts of insurance problems. I have known clubs that have had 3 or players come out of retirement to get a fixture played, if they have to pay this fee to play the honest answer is they won't. Outcome ,no fixture, club fined ,other players don't have a game and eventually they walk away. Finally what about the unemployed player who is to proud to say they can't afford this ? Will they just stay away rather than say this . I know that all these point have been made by the community clubs. The decision had been made by the RFL and no matter what was put forward it was happening!!!!!!!!
  12. Got to agree with you, was a good old fashioned derby that is needed more regularly. I think the current format is working well. Something for the clubs to think about. Shame about the situation with the bar, never got a chance to enjoy a pint with our old foes. Believe it or not many of whom are now good mates. We are now to old to be anything else !!!
  13. Ncl funding for matchday officials has been withdrawn, the travel grant that was in place has been withdrawn also. The kit sponsorship via Rhino that was sorted via the league also looks on shakey ground. The various courses that coaches, first aid staff plus child protection must attend all pusn costs up. Trying to get players to play memberships on top of weekly subs will be virtually impossible. Very testing times ahead for all clubs especially NCL with the travel involved.
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