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  1. There have been rumours circulating some time now about the leagues below Super League having to restructure. Looks very much like this could do it for them ?
  2. It's entirely possible that some teams could go to the wall if it goes on too long.
  3. There's cover on three sides!
  4. If anyone's concerned about a bog roll shortage, TWP are being ripped up for a*se paper.
  5. Also built on the footprint of a Victorian jute works. Some of the brickwork of the outer wall dates back to the 1880s at least. There used to be a railway branch line running behind what's now the main stand. The old ruined redbrick building by the main entrance was one part of those works and you can still see the bricked-up opening where they'd load the sacks onto the railway wagons!
  6. I think the problem goes back to when refs stopped being truly neutral. Top referees from Wigan and St Helens moaning about not being allowed to referee cup finals got the rules changed. https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/ganson-blows-whistle-on-postcode-lottery-1-2467361 I'm not going to accuse referees of being partial, but the lack of neutrality certainly plays into the hands of noisy conspiracy theorists.
  7. Someone just had their comment read out on TV: "Dewsbury Rams ground looking fabulous on TV. Must be one of the best grounds outside Super League" ? Apart from literally every other Championship club's ground bar Sheffield and Whitehaven he's not wrong Presumably, it was Dewsbury's chairman who posted the comment?
  8. Might never go back. Might not go back 'Might never not go back' is just gibberish
  9. They're being eased back in gradually according to this in the Evening Mail. Link Here
  10. I think there'll always be a cash-only gate, but if you'd rather queue at it than breeze through elsewhere then go for it. Your choice.
  11. Four busy lanes of traffic on the M6 all trying to get into one lane of the A6 going north. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. I'm sure it would be but I'm not sure how I'd go about it
  13. Closed between JCT 32 and 33 for the whole weekend. Traffic will have to go up the A6 between the M55 and Lancaster South, according to this article If I buy an e-ticket in advance and the match gets called off, does anyone know how you get a refund?
  14. I found it a very easy process via the barrowevents website. I used PayPal to buy the ticket and had the PDF emailed to me automatically virtually straight away. The QR code reader at the turnstile had no problem at all scanning directly from my phone's screen. The hardest part was waltzing my way through the crowds of confused technophobes milling around outside, trying to get their heads round what to do in order to get into the ground.
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