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  1. The news is on the club website Here Excellent work BOD
  2. Dave W

    1895 Cup

    I bumped into a couple of bosses from work at the match who don't normally come to games. They'd brought along a group of 10-15 Americans who are over here for a meeting and I'm told they bloody loved it! They couldn't believe how hard they go in at each other, compared to the Gridiron stuff they're used to. They certainly got an 80 minute glimpse into what it's like being a Raiders fan: The best and worst all crammed into one game - Clown car in the first half, Rolls Royce in the second half.
  3. Dave W

    1895 Cup

    And yet teams below Super League play on Good Friday and Easter Monday with only two days rest. Did Kear field a load of youngsters and fringe players in your Easter Monday fixture?
  4. Of course you're entitled to your opinion. What you're not entitled to is everyone agreeing with it or immunity from ridicule.
  5. I'm thinking of a different four letter word than 'joke'.
  6. BAE in Barrow have made a deliberate choice to not sponsor professional sport in Barrow, for whatever reason. Happy to throw money at flowerbeds and bike racing though. Submarines can't blame head office, either: The BAE site at Warton have pumped thousands into Fylde AFC.
  7. Dave W

    1895 Cup

    3000 at the Summer Bash? Two years ago, there were probably more Bulls fans in Sports Bars up and down Lytham Road watching it on TV than there were in the ground!
  8. I read a positive post about Rugby League on one of the threads. There must still be a glitch in the system.
  9. I don't think he has. This whole thread is just one person's hobby horse.
  10. These 'Fantasy Island' wish lists are all very well but you're wasting your time if the players concerned aren't actually available to borrow!
  11. Dave W

    Hock gone?

    Susino is a decent player, but, if the Supporters Club are looking to crowdfund a player, I'd rather they looked to bring in an experienced pivot personally, otherwise we'll be absolutely awash with forwards by mid-May. Or get Sammut or someone in on loan from Wigan for a month?
  12. Dave W

    19 fit men

    Do they still do the warm pork pie with mushy peas and mint sauce? Food of the gods!
  13. ... Or Jake Carter's mother?
  14. Is this your obsession? Does he owe you money or something?
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