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  1. The opposite can apply as well. Danny Langtree arrived here with a 'Mr Reliable/ever present' reputation and then spent half his time with us out injured for weeks at a time.
  2. Dave W

    ben evans

    I might be getting cynical in my old age, but I suspect that this 'once in a lifetime' job opportunity he's been released to pursue, just happens to coincide with an offer to play for a club nearer home.
  3. Dave W

    ben evans

    I wonder if anything was said about recruitment at last night's AGM?
  4. Out of the frying pan and into the fire...
  5. Comic book convention is a good comparison. I've always looked at Magic Weekend and the Summer Bash as being something where RL fans of all clubs can all get together and have a good time in and around the host ground. If these events aren't held somewhere conducive to such a purpose, they're a waste of time tbh.
  6. Culture shock, really. I can imagine how a non-swearing, God-fearing, teetotal young lad from Australia might find it difficult fitting in in the rough and tumble of rugby league in Northern England. Square pegs and round holes. My own speculation really. Maybe he just likes switching clubs every year? Anyway, he's very much found his feet in London and good luck to him.
  7. Parata never got a fair shot with us, in my opinion. From what I recall at the time, he is/was a devout Christian - maybe didn't quite fit in?
  8. Some sort of hydro-electric system for when Pow Beck floods the pitch might be more useful.
  9. He's been a very good player in his time but, tbh, he's been out injured a lot for the two seasons he was with us so perhaps it's for the best.
  10. My own take on this is that clubs should retain the registration of a released player for the remainder of the contract. If a club wants to sign them thereafter, there'd have to be some sort of compensation paid, even if it's peanuts.
  11. "Work commitments" is one of several methods players can deploy to get released from a contract. Might be true, but wouldn't stop someone signing for a club nearer home. Once again, that two hour travel time to and from Barrow up and down the M6 comes back to bite us. Cuts both ways though. Didn't we sign Bulman after he got released by Haven after "falling out of love with the game" ? Just a thought but maybe it's time for the RFL to look at player registrations done via these back door methods?
  12. We might not be able to get promoted but we could still get relegated.
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