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  1. Might never go back. Might not go back 'Might never not go back' is just gibberish
  2. They're being eased back in gradually according to this in the Evening Mail. Link Here
  3. I think there'll always be a cash-only gate, but if you'd rather queue at it than breeze through elsewhere then go for it. Your choice.
  4. Four busy lanes of traffic on the M6 all trying to get into one lane of the A6 going north. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. I'm sure it would be but I'm not sure how I'd go about it
  6. Closed between JCT 32 and 33 for the whole weekend. Traffic will have to go up the A6 between the M55 and Lancaster South, according to this article If I buy an e-ticket in advance and the match gets called off, does anyone know how you get a refund?
  7. I found it a very easy process via the barrowevents website. I used PayPal to buy the ticket and had the PDF emailed to me automatically virtually straight away. The QR code reader at the turnstile had no problem at all scanning directly from my phone's screen. The hardest part was waltzing my way through the crowds of confused technophobes milling around outside, trying to get their heads round what to do in order to get into the ground.
  8. They weren't that bad, surely?
  9. "And that spot on the pitch over there is where Richard Harris got punched in This Sporting Life"
  10. I worked with a 'dedicated' Wigan fan like that. Wigan born and bred, but living in Cumbria, he would go to the trouble of driving 'home' for the big games - then watch from the comfort of a pub! He'd have half of bitter in the first half and half a bitter in the second. You can't claim to be a fan of Wigan or anyone if you're not actually spending any money.
  11. 15000 attendance and $300k losses per game suggests they're all getting in for free and being given $20 each for the unconvenience
  12. Lizzie Jones singing 'Abide with Me' at the 2015 Challenge Cup final was one the bravest things I've witnessed. I'd have awarded her the MBE just for doing that.
  13. A darkly humorous and slightly tasteless anecdote, but I'll share anyway. 30 odd years ago, we went on the away trip to see Barrow play Runcorn Highfield. One of the lads told me he'd asked about Geoff Fletcher at the bar and whether he still wore the wig. The barman said he'd stopped wearing it. Apparently, at his father's funeral, it slipped off his head and into the grave! How true it is, I don't know, but it was a great tale about one of the game's greatest unsung heroes.
  14. I know Tommy Dawes was the coach of the 1983 Lancashire Cup winning Barrow team, but Frank Foster was the man who laid the foundations for it. RIP Frank.
  15. We go down every year, by train, and in each of the last three years it's been hard work getting there or getting back over the Bank Holiday weekend if you're from the North West. It seems to be Railtrack policy to use the Bank Holiday weekend to impose closures for maintenance activities, by and large affecting Euston and the West Coast mainline. If you add to that the pain of travelling on the motorway on Bank Holiday weekends, it's become increasingly difficult to actually get there. It's no wonder people are put off by it.
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