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  1. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate you giving your views, although not quite the same as mine. Did not realise things were that bad re turnstiles. Last time I went to see Eagles was around 2013 when they played at Owlerton. I did not realise that this price differential was commonplace.I watch a different sport where it is not commonplace (and probably never will be). I only mentioned it on the Eagles forum, as, with Sheffield being my local club, probably the only team I would be going to support. I am not "anti" Sheffield Eagles in any way (apart from pricing policy). I have thought about going to some Eagles matches in the last few years. However, this price differential, was one of a few things putting me off from going, and I am sure that the club would welcome extra supporters/income.
  2. As a former Eagles "committed and regular" supporter, who gradually got out of the habit of going, I must say that the thought of paying extra, unless buying advance ticket, does not encourage me to return to the fold. I can not see how "saves on cash handling on the day" can be a reason. My bank cards do not stop working on Eagles match day. Also, the less committed supporters, who may not wish to buy advance tickets, are also be less likely to buy one at a higher price. While the more committed supporters are of more value to the club, the lesser committed still have some value. Would also like to ask. If a match is called off, are all monies, for pre-paid tickets, returned?
  3. Thanks, my health now OK. I thank you for taking the time to explain the situation, even though I still personally, disagree with the situation.
  4. I can not see how they would know if it lost them sales. They will know how many went, but not how many stayed away. The reason I started this conversation, was: A couple of years ago, I thought I may try to start attending some Eagles matches again. At the time I was recovering from serious health issues, and would not buy an advance ticket, in case I felt too unwell to attend on the day. The thought of having to pay a higher price (especially as I had good reasons for not wishing to commit) was not appealing, and I have not gone to any of their matches.
  5. But, if the extra cost puts off fans from going, is it not harming the club?
  6. I am curious to know why, paying to watch Eagles, on match day is £3.00 more than buying a ticket in advance. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
  7. As far as I am aware Sheffield Wednesday are away and would not have thought there would be any more traffic than usual at Hillsborough on a Saturday afternoon.
  8. 2.30 Kick off according to Peninne League website. Can anyone confirm which is correct?
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