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  1. At least some people still watch teletext. No one watching. RL world cup this year.
  2. Anyway. Who would trust the BBC with rugby league? Just looked at their teletext service. According to them, the world cup fixtures are being played. Hope they are not spending our license fee sending camera crews etc there.
  3. Monday night for the players with a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job? Ok for say, Batley v Dewsbury, but what about Whitehaven v London?
  4. Freesports and Premier sports are part of same group, but only 1 channel is free to watch.
  5. Don't you just love these "I know something you don't know" posts. Rather childish in my opinion.
  6. Do we know who the broadcaster will be?
  7. Will it be on TV? If so, which channel?
  8. Anyone know if this will be broadcast, and if so, by who? Thanks
  9. First game after winning CC was home to Wigan. Thought at the time, a win and a good crowd would help Eagles "kick on". Sadly, they got neither. As to why things did not get better, I have no idea. Do seem to remember that Sheffield got over 8000, for the match, when they thrashed the newly crowned World club champions Widnes (around 1989). This match was at Sheffield United's football ground. The Eagles were unable to stage a lot of their home matches in Sheffield for a lot of the time. Don't suppose this helped.
  10. If I remember correctly (apologies if I'm wrong) I think the answer would be no, as Huddersfield had finished the previous season in a relegation position.
  11. If memory serves me correct, at one time, there was both the Huddersfield/Sheffield Giants, and the newly formed ( or re-formed) Sheffield Eagles. So technically there was one and a half professional teams in the city. It seemed to be perceived (in Sheffield) that the merged club had a much greater Huddersfield bias, and most Sheffield fans supported the new "Mark Aston's" Eagles, and Huddersfield were the team they loved to hate. Eventually the new club dropped all references to Sheffield. Not so much of a merger, more an asset stripping exercise.
  12. This may be slightly off topic, but have Sky stopped showing NRL. Thought I would record the play offs, but can not find them in my EPG. Thanks
  13. Just going on the original thread title of Sad to see in RL, a lot has been said, about racist abuse comments, but what about the referee abuse comments I heard while watching, the St Helens Castleford match on Sky yesterday. Is it okay to abuse a referee for doing his job, but not someone for their race? It was also clear that the comments were not just from one person, but quite a large number. And as far as I know, nothing will be done about it.
  14. If you see it to the final whistle you are doing well. Used to record it on Sky+, and nearly always cut off before final whistle. I did complain. I got a polite reply, but they made it obvious they were not going to change anything.
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