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  1. True. I'd have thought it unlikely that we'd name a potential debutant when injured though. I'd agree about this afternoon; a win and no injuries will suffice.
  2. He was looking for flights back to oz a few days ago according to his twitter feed...
  3. If the RFL agreed that, what were they thinking. If the RFL didn't agree that, the stock car promoter should be reinstating.
  4. Who made it smaller? Surely they should be the ones to reinstate it. Whilst the landlord has responsibility, surely that wouldn't cover a third party deliberately digging up part of the pitch.
  5. https://twitter.com/kriswelham/status/1408407023755186187?s=19
  6. Agree its unlikely, but didn't a London player get selected a year or two ago, whilst they were in the championship?
  7. Yes I have, arrived within a couple of minutes of the booking. Have you checked your spam? Might have been blocked by your provider.
  8. I wasn't asked for a season ticket no yesterday. My understanding is sales will be cross referenced with the club's database, presumably using name and address details and any purchases that do not meet the eligibility requirements will be cancelled. All was straightforward for me: logged onto to the rfl website at 9am and ticket bought by 9.05am.
  9. Does seem a bit strange. Whilst we've had players vanish in the past, it's not usually one of the higher profile signings that disappears off the face of the earth.
  10. A further update on eligibility. That's cheered me up, as this is the first year since about 2009 I've not had a season ticket. https://twitter.com/FevRoversRLFC/status/1407023817344655374?s=20 Featherstone Rovers (@FevRoversRLFC) Tweeted: CLUB UPDATE | The initial allocation for tickets will now also include those who donated last year’s season ticket but have not renewed for this year. We are confident that there will be sufficient capacity to meet demand. https://twitter.com/FevRoversRLFC/status/1407023817344655374?s=20
  11. They've given 10k each to the challenge cup finalists and 2.5k each to us and York, which doesn't seem unreasonable to me. The remainder had already been sold, or are carry forwards from people who bought to go last year.
  12. I've provisionally booked myself some accommodation and plan to drive down, and can cancel foc if I don't go. I'd been hopeful that an increased capacity would mean I'd be able to get a ticket, however I'm now feeling rather less optimistic. I'll see at the end of the week I guess.
  13. Potentially not going to be many, if any left by Friday for those who for whatever reason don't have a season ticket, given season ticket holders will be allowed to buy 6 each.
  14. Didnt it go with the big website refresh?
  15. I see they had two Ash Goldings last week, same as we had two Fankie Haltons. Clearly proof reading issues in squad announcements is endemic in RL circles.
  16. This is who we have actually signed. The rest until confirmed is just heresay, well informed or not. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/darcy-lussick-joins-the-rovers-thanks-to-squadbuilder-fund-yf7pn
  17. Fair point. As I mentioned however, unless buying the majority of shares with a view to taking control, share purchases in this instance are little more than a way of putting cash into the club. I used the word invested in my last post, however really they're gifts from benefactors, as the investment will have no real value (who would buy them) be highly unlikely to generate a financial return. As for who funds the club, as has been mentioned earlier, at present (pre covid at least), the club were telling people they were self sufficient, so through central funding, sponsorship, supporters, income for use of the ground & facilities, etc.
  18. Given they're not traded (as far as I'm aware, happy to be corrected on that) it's interesting to see Probiz as largest shareholder given they don't appear to be a trading company anymore. Rightly or wrongly, I'd view a share purchase in Fev (B only, given the structure of shares and control) as simply being a way of making a one off investment without actually gaining any control. I don't think it's any secret that Mark Campbell has put a significant amount into the club, and that he effectively runs it. As a fan, whilst I want the best for the club, I can accept that those who put the most cash in get the biggest say. History suggests those who cross him don't stay long, so watch this space.
  19. Out of interest, what's to stop anyone who wants to go to the game simply buying one from the Fax website, now they're on general sale?
  20. All the best to Rob for a speedy recovery, and thoughts with his family.
  21. I must have missed Fev's promotion a couple of years ago.
  22. Is there anything stopping all the clubs in the championship loaning 5 SL players, just to balance things out? Or is it just that some clubs don't utilise all options for recruitment, just so that their supporters can gripe about those clubs who do?
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