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  1. Absolutely no comment
  2. Agreed robin he might only start on bench i reckon on monday having missed friendlys with the bloody stupid ban
  3. Some bad news for you chizzy is now free to play
  4. wow my belly is churning lets get the season started and MC you are a marvel
  5. If he gains us promotion not bothered his skills as a coach can not be overlooked seems to get his teams going at the businuess end of the season if Mark sees him as the man to do it then i am in.
  6. With what will be happening next year Leigh Newcastle etc i really think we need to win on sunday getting out of this division really does not get any easier so cummon Fev i will need plenty of cider and some chill out music to get me through the match lol
  7. We are all at risk not just Rugby players i work at a large manufacturing facility and not had a covid related day off yet maybe by pure luck than judgement lets just go to wembley and enjoy the match this illness cant keep distroying our way of life indeffinately maybe we will have to live with this just like all the other viruses that could strike at any moment.
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