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  1. My first ever rovers match (bradford final 73) which set me on the road to rovers obsession lol not even heard of rugby league before then not missed many since that game i will be tuned in on sunday spot on comments Nashy what a player.
  2. I know we lost but that game away at saints will live with me forever we were being thrashed at half time. Then in second we just started playing some of the best rugby i have seen fev play ever and nearly pulled it back Great stuff oh the memories lol
  3. Yes i liked Murphy as well ged art ta way son i off over hobbsy try great stuff
  4. I would have had chappy higher and no Danny Baker i find odd but hey ho thats just me lol
  5. Agreed considering his past and the fact there would have been no malice intended they were team mates last year and obviously are friends this was just accidental.
  6. I find no stew Dickens laughable also would have Andy Ellis and kainy in there
  7. Golding Day Reynolds Great showing from all of the team
  8. I thought Harrison was outstanding. Harrison Chisholm Holmes
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