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  1. Particularly as Warrington actually has a semi pro football team* both in the same league as Workington and one in the division above too. *Sorry Eddie, it is semi pro at that level, whether we like it or not. In fact I dare say there are some (lots…) of Northern Premier League players on as much money as League One RL players, if not the odd Championship.
  2. I still find that to be a massive selling point of RL tbh (For what it’s worth, I know a lot of fellow season ticket holders at Bolton who support Leigh along with a few Warrington, Saints and Wigan and even the odd Swinton fan. It’s certainly been known for Leigh to have a lower crowd if there’s a fixture clash with Bolton as being a match going fan (for both clubs) is more of a done thing from that point of view rather than armchair fans of Utd/Liverpool/City)
  3. The irony being that it isn’t even a Bank Holiday weekend this year. Blame the Department for Transport as they’ve effectively been running the show on all fronts ever since Covid first broke out.
  4. I am a Leigh resident. I’m getting the train, albeit the issues have meant our planned two nights have instead become a (long) all dayer. It’s almost as if it’s possible to do these things without actually living next door to a main line station. Who knew?!
  5. But, by an large, those 23+ home fixtures are set in stone from up to 7 months beforehand so you have time to work around those rather than specifically the cup games being discussed that can be 10 days notice or less. There’s also less of a pressure, conceived or other, to commit every week and do every game when compared to RL.
  6. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the buying process, but more a rugby/life balance if such a thing exists. Fans will get their calendar for a year and set aside a minimum of 13 weekends (more if they go to away games too), setting aside the full weekend to allow for the full weekend to cover for TV switches. There are only so many shift swaps, family favours and the like that people can get away with, and so only knowing a fortnight before (or less in most cases this season) when or where a game is going to take place is a big ask for so many people. Yes, I think there is a financial aspect too - £50+ generally for two adults and two kids just for tickets before you even get to fuel/food - but the unreliable scheduling certainly can’t be overlooked either.
  7. Completely agree with both points. *puts tin hat on* I'd apply the same logic to the forced drama of a Grand Final artificially taking a title race to the final day rather than letting it happen organically, but that's another topic for another time!
  8. Scoreline looks a little lopsided in the end but a really enjoyable game. In fact, alongside their win at Widnes, my two favourite games of the season have been Barrow games!
  9. The previous round set up is beyond bizarre. Complete non event.
  10. I think it’s something that has to happen organically to a certain extent rather than necessarily guaranteeing home ties, but bringing the SL clubs in earlier would increase the chances of those lesser seen match ups rather than SL teams facing each other umpteen times a season.
  11. So refreshing to see the buzz at Whitehaven and Barrow to be hosting SL teams. Just shows how mental it is to have the virtual Championship only round in the previous round. Also has the knock on effect of SL teams having to win so few games to get to the last two stages which in itself means there’s no chance to build any sort of ‘cup run’ momentum
  12. If you look a little deeper, there’s a little more to it. Away tickets have previously always been sold by the (stadium) ticket office and associated infrastructure with queued telephone lines, extra staff and online service. For whatever reason, Wigan RL have decided that away games will now only be sold via their club shop at Robin Park (with no queued telephone lines, fewer staff and no online service) rather than the stadium ticket office. Probably not an issue for most games in a season, but it’s a brave decision to make game one Saints away when it was already clear tickets would be in short supply!
  13. LMTB’s were slightly different as they didn’t offer priority on cup games, away tickets and the like. A precursor to the modern equivalent of different membership levels. I think.
  14. Only done it that way on the occasions I've needed to get straight back to the city centre. Would ordinarily fight for a pint at Exchange Quay. Although admittedly pre-Covid I did have a habit of being abroad for the Grand Final.
  15. Sad news, a true ambassador for the game Leigh played Widnes midweek in 2006ish having been postponed at the weekend and was a comparatively early kick off compared to these days as I think it was 7.15/7.30. We got the train from Warrington and were a little bit panicky as I think it was only due to arrive after 7pm. We hurriedly got off the train and were walking double pace to make sure we didn't miss kick off. As we hurriedly walked towards the ground, we thought for a moment we actually thought the game had been called off again as Mr Hadfield was walking towards us away from the ground with probably only 10-15 minutes to kick off. He then crossed the road, calm as you like, and wandered straight in to the Horse & Jockey for what we always imagined was the swiftest pint ever supped! Always raised a smile when thinking of that story.
  16. The rain falls off you while you're walking from the Etihad rather than standing getting soaked waiting to get on to the platform by the cricket ground
  17. Premier Sports have already confirmed their two games as being on the Friday (Wigan v Salford) and the Sunday (Warrington v Wakefield). Even before the draw was made, the programme scheduling had indicated that their two picks would be on the Friday and Sunday. I would recommend adding rugbyleagueontv.com to your favourites or following them on Twitter. Always WAY ahead of the game on such matters.
  18. Yes, all of the clubs have to mutually agree the dates (with input from the broadcasters and RFL where necessary), but I was just pointing out that Monday was never on the table once Super League clubs entered the equation.
  19. I think you've been going to the wrong Etihad, Davo. You can walk back to Piccadilly inside half an hour - it take that long to get a sniff of the platform at Old Trafford tram stop. Admittedly never used the tram at the Etihad as I've always walked it back, but I can't imagine it being any worse than Old Trafford. In terms of pubs etc, City Square has been absolute triumph for them and would provide an infinitely better build up than trying to fight for a pint at The Trafford or Sam Platt's. Even Mary D's is superior to the pubs near OT. Needless to say, just keep the Rugby AM lot away from City Square. Plenty of corporate capacity, and potentially higher end stuff with the tunnel option etc. Wasn't the Regional Stadium used for the Women's Grand Final pre-Covid? Would link in very nicely with that, albeit Academy Stadium would be better suited as a rectangular stadium. In terms of a permanent home, though, it would be a huge loss if it permanently moved from Old Trafford - as with Wembley and the Challenge Cup - as somebody else touched upon earlier.
  20. Monday night was never a TV slot for this round (or presumably any further rounds) because of SL clubs having to play the following Thursday/Friday
  21. Bet the stand holds 6,000+ on its own tbf. I was planning on being there but have had Covid since last Wednesday (typically the day after I bought my ticket )
  22. Out of interest, are they providing any sort of facility for season ticket holders to return their ticket for that game if they are unable to attend and then the club can re-sell it?
  23. So you’re finally acknowledging the Western Terrace as being the away end at Headingley?
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