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  1. Fantastic having two live games at prime viewing times on Sunday afternoon as well.
  2. I live in Glasgow, love Rugby League and travelled to Old Trafford a fortnight ago... I didn’t even know Scotland were playing!!
  3. It shows that the rise of Salford is probably the most important and pivotal moment in British RL this century. A successful Salford gives us Manchester which is huge for the profile of the game nationally as the city is probably the UKs 2nd city in terms of influence.
  4. I got the tram without any problems from Trafford Bar.
  5. I should add that I live in Glasgow and Saturday was my first Grand Final and my wife, 2 boys and I absolutely loved it. Old Trafford seemed like exactly the right venue and the ground gave the Final a real sense of gravitas.
  6. Bear in mind that teams only have 1 or 2 weeks notice of the fixture. Do we really think that Salford would have sold 13k tickets if the match had been played in Cardiff. Old Trafford is now synonymous with the Grand Final and tradition is something to be respected. However, RL desperately needs events and the Grand Final at Old Trafford is just that, in my opinion the next big task is too really hype the World Club Challenge, in a perfect world St Helens would be looking to host the fixture at Anfield or Goodison and look to attract the neutrals.
  7. Are there any early indications of improved season ticket sales for Salford as a result of making the Grand Final. I was at Old Trafford on Saturday and was struck by how many families were in the Salford support, it would be great if even a small percentage of these could commit to watching Salford on a weekly basis next year.
  8. And the most significant attendance figure next year will be the first home game at the AJ Bell.
  9. The MEN website does appear to be pretty awful at covering anything other than Man Utd and Man City.
  10. And most importantly not killing the relegated club in the process!!
  11. Hopefully being Salford rather than a generic Manchester actually acts a point of difference in the city i.e. if Salford could start growing as a club and making regular Finals, the name Salford in a sporting context would be synonymous with the Rugby League club and representative of Manchester as a whole.
  12. Salford's fairytale run to the Grand Final seems to have garnered lots of positive publicity, but I guess that I may have this view because I am actively seeking out stories. What I am interested to know , is for those of you based in Manchester is this game actually catching the attention and interest of those who wouldn't normally know who Salford Red Devils are, let alone discuss at work, or consider going to a game.
  13. The irony is that if the expansion dream of Super League is successful the subsequent growth of the game and growth of television deals will ultimately leave the game of RL at Championship, L1 and community level in a far stronger place as a result.
  14. The key this time is not trying to chuck clubs under the bus. My preference certainly wouldn’t have been Fev in Super League, but neither should they have been denied promotion. I am also in favour of new clubs working their way up the divisions as this is a good way of testing the mettle of their directors. Ultimately the game would be in a much better place had PSG been a success, but they really were a club built on sand, I wonder what position the game would now be in, if the Catalans Merger had been good to go from the start and also Toulouse had been in SL since 1995. And just because we have failed before, doesn’t mean we should stop trying, we just need to learn lessons and do better the next time, Toronto are a great example of expansion done well.
  15. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with what Brian McDermott, the game clearly has to grow or die. Whilst I am absolutely delighted that Toronto have been promoted , I would have been against any shenanigans being deployed to stop Featherstone being promoted to Super League. That said I don’t think the presence of Rovers would have been beneficial to the commercial viability of the League - but sporting integrity should be paramount. That said the game does need to grow to the level where competing at Super League level becomes an impossibility for Featherstone, because the clubs in Super League have simply grown too big for a small village side to compete with. By this I mean we need all SL sides to grow into clubs where everyone is drawing a minimum of 10k, then we need to be raising the bar to 15k... obviously to do this we need thriving clubs in strong areas of population. We need a strong core of Leeds, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Catalans and the Hull sides, we need Salford to become a giant representing all of Manchester, in a perfect world Swinton as well. We need Bradford back drawing the crowds they had in the late 90s, but we also need new blood, we need Toulouse, we need to make London work, we need Toronto nailing it in Super League with Ottawa to follow, we need Toulouse and we also need Newcastle to thrive and work their way organically up the divisions. We also need Sheffield to breakthrough into the consciousness of their sporting public. RL needs ambitious plans for growth and whilst no one can guarantee their success, it surely has to be better than the game dying a slow death by a thousand cuts.
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