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  1. Just collected from framing shop, Ready to take pride of place on wall.
  2. Just picked up my framed print from Andy this aft, Looks fab great job Andy fantastic reminder of an amazeing season. Carnt wait till next year bring it on Kneets
  3. Matty marsh not signed up for next year ?
  4. Toulouse away first game, Nothing todo tomorrow apart from enjoying the day. Celebrations all round , Hears to the play offs .
  5. 20 year old batley player found dead in hotel this morning after defeat to toulouse. He was on his debut for club. Thoughts go out to his family at this sad time, .
  6. It has been a long tough season, So big results for ue that we never though we would get . 3 massive games ahead of us 6 points up for grabs . Can we pull a massive win out of the bag against fev and keep our play off homes alive . COME ON KNEETS FANS YORK AND LOUD
  7. That's bulls down a spot, Wonder what excuse kear will find for that
  8. trig

    Klaxon alert

    When is klaxon going off ?
  9. Am sure I saw him at the game sunday , Not sure if injured ?
  10. We have been in top half of season all season , Am well happy with where we are and who we have beaten this season, And still time for us to upset a few more teams. UP THE FANTASTIC KNEETS
  11. And don't forget Flannigan up to his usual tricks tripping up players as they left the tackle, Dirty s##t
  12. trig


    What happened to junior today , Thought he was suppose to be in team .
  13. On train to Manchester, Next stop huddersfield, No kneets on train that I can see ,
  14. Sunday !!!! You not going to watch game on Saturday then ?
  15. trig

    New stadium

    Why do we have different coloured seats randomly positioned around stadium could we not get the same coloured ones ?
  16. We do struggle on the right wing, Mazive was out of line a few times today and left us wide open . 3 scores up with 20 mins to go, We should have been home and dry but sloppy defence let them back in. Need to tighten defence a bit and protect the wing . Widnes away in a few weeks and fev in 2 weeks we need to be taking points in these games to keep pressure on other teams around us .
  17. It's gone 4pm , come on gav chop chop
  18. New ruling on BBC Sport site , They have banned playing ball at opposition when in ruck . Thats Flanagan and Bradford f#@ked lol to free penalties for them anymore .
  19. Maybe so buy we have two games in hand on them .
  20. 40 points unanswered in second half did Toronto loose it and have players sent off ?
  21. trig

    New stadium

    Everyone will end up parking in Sainsburys and vanguard centre as before. It's free over there .
  22. Barba New sacked from NRL , Have we got any money left in kitty .
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