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  1. Goodness this brings back memories. First the last gasp drop goal at Headingly to take us to a reply : then onto Swinton and the unassailable lead in extra time, only to be scrubbed out because of bad light : and then the gut wrenching conclusion at Huddersfield. Sport can be very cruel to an Oldham fan.
  2. To set the scene - l was at Watersheddings to see the Bernard Ganley record breaking conversion. What has happened over the years to our once great club hurts, it really does. But lets try and be honest, those at the top have absolutely no interest whatsoever in what happens below SL. I now live a couple of hundred miles away from the RL heartland counties, and the exposure the non SL rugby gets nationally is non existent, apart from the end of season play offs.. Enter the BBC RL web page, and you see nothing other than SL, it's as if we don't exist. If the powers at be had any real interest in C1 and C2, there would be a meaningful and achievable path of promotion to SL - but there isn't. If there was it would mean upsetting one of the great and good already there with their noses well and truly embedded in the trough, and we can't possible do that. Whether we like it or not C1 and C2 are like patients on life-support machines, and the doctor in charge is looking in the other direction, and declaring there are no life signs. It's just a matter of time before they turn the life support machines off, and we are gone.
  3. Oldham has never been in Manc and never will be. How can it be, when the South starts at Failsworth !
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