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  1. I've since looked it up. She basically needs to earn more than 50k in prize money to make it. Making the final would do it easy, if she gets to the semis she stands a good chance with the worlds still to come and a guaranteed 7500. Ashton is as good as Sherrock but she seems to struggle on the big stage. I watched a video recently about why there aren't more women players at the top level, and it made a good point about circumstances being difficult for women especially if they have children etc.
  2. I was thinking that was a good shout, he's been on cracking form this year. Last night suggested he might still be a bit behind the top 2/3.
  3. I really fancy MVG for this tournament, he's starting to look like he's hitting some serious form. I really enjoyed his match vs Anderson last night, it was quick and high scoring. You obviously can't rule out Price despite not playing well. I'm not a big fan of his; not even the fact that he once played RL is enough to make me root for him. However, I find the constant booing has gone way too far and his clear irritation/hurt only fuels it more. His best bet would be to embrace it IMO, and try to set himself up as the bad guy. I like Smith a lot, he's quick and talented and is the name sake of my local darts shop (Bully darts in Runcorn).
  4. It just depends on who turns up. Wright looked unstoppable at the World Matchplay but his form has definitely dipped. He beat Jose de Sousa last night but was really quite erratic. I think his average was 4/5 less than de Sousa's. The quarters are first to 16 which is a long time to have to be better than somebody for. One of the things that annoys me about darts a bit is the way they up the number of legs (a bit like snooker). Surely first is 10 is plenty enough time to see who is best, without needing up to 31 legs.
  5. To be fair, she had no choice. Her opponent was already on a much lower finish and would have stood a good chance of finishing had she missed.
  6. She has actually just recently overtaken Lisa Ashton as the highest ranked female player. I'm also under the impression that were she to win this tournament she would actually be eligible for a tourcard. It's based on prize money and the £125k would put her in the top 64. I watched a video from Matthew Edgar where he explained it. Regardless, her recent success is leading to calls for the top female player to be given a tourcard and there seems to be some momentum towards this. Whilst her scoring is good (her best average is about 101), this isn't enough to put her with the top top players. What impresses me most is her composure under pressure, shes seems to do checkouts or hit doubles when she really needs to, as proved by her 170.
  7. I feel I must apologise to the Jets faithful. I'm something of an NFL hoor and have 3 teams that I follow, one of which (if not the main one) is the Jets. They have just become the first team since 1966 to concede 45 points in 3 games out of 4. This is all my fault. For those that doubt, my first ever Widnes game was when we were World Club and League champions.
  8. My liking of NFL is purely down to an interest from video games at around 12. I played the original megadrive Madden and a random one on PC called Unneccesary Roughness. It wasn't great but allowed you to edit teams. I'm pretty sure it's the only time anywhere where a Widnes team have won the NFL. I likewise played NHLPA 93 and loved it. I used to go as Detroit mainly because they had Bob Probert who was 99 for fighting. Interestingly, it was only the other week I found out why it was called NHLPA and therefore why I don't really know any of the NHL franchises despite playing it to death. I moved away from video games at about 17 and as such was never really exposed to much NHL. It just doesn't have the presence of NFL or even NBA. However, I watched the recent All or Nothing (which was very good) and was amazed that from a game I played as a 10 year old, I could still remember some less obvious rules like not being able to pass over 2 lines and how they do offside etc. Widnes got a team about 5 years back and I've always meant to go, just never got round to it.
  9. They certainly have some odd ways. As an outsider, one thing I find odd about American sports is how rigid they are. As the leader of free market capitalism, their sports are much more regulated and controlled than say European football. Take the NFL. They have a salary cap, a draft to ensure competitiveness and a closed shop. The vast majority of players have to go to college before they can play pro-football, meaning you rarely find a player younger than 21. Compare that to the Premier League: no cap, no draft, promotion and relegation and absolutely no link to academic institutions. Decent 16/17 year olds regularly turn out. Money and influence are king. Dare I say it, the NFL seems unAmerican.
  10. As I was looking up the early rules of rugby and American football, I came across something called the field goal in rugby. Union scrapped it in the early 1900s and we didn't until 1950. It seems to be kicking the ball off the floor over the posts, something like that.
  11. I noticed that there are a lot of NFL tipping threads, but I can't seem to find a general one. I've been getting back into it the last couple of years after being quite big into it as a teenager. I was watching an interview with Larry David today where he was joking about how if he was NFL commissioner he would scrap the field goal. To be honest, he did a good job of pointing out how ludicrous it seems. As a fan of rugby first and foremost, I've never thought of it; it's just like their simplified version of our place kicks. However, in American Football it is a bit more random. They have a sport that is basically just about handling, but now and again they randomly wheel out a guy to kick at the posts. He is the only person in the 53 man squad who does that skill, yet it is crucial to the result. It's like the sport has evolved so far from rugby, that the FG is now just a weird leftover relic that doesn't really make much sense. In both codes of rugby, kicking is much more fundamental still. They both feature attacking and defensive kicks that multiple players can do. It doesn't feel strange that the sport would reward accurate kicking. Not that I think it's likely to happen, but it would be interesting if a sport that was originally based solely on creating opportunities for the place kick, slowly evolved (in one of its offshoots) to the point that it didn't see the point of them anymore.
  12. He's an incredible boxer no doubt and probably the best in the world atm, but he suffers from a lack of competition. I wasn't too aware of Plant, and I couldn't tell you who he should fight next. He's pretty easily disposed of a number of potential challengers like Smith and Saunders. The GGG matches felt like genuine blockbusters, but despite having possibly lost both of them, GGG is getting a bit old and would be unlikely to win a 3rd.
  13. What time's it on? At the same time as the matches? My mate has the NFL Gamepass and I went his to watch the London game and wasn't impressed. They had a lot of ad breaks and actually missed parts of the game for them, including the first field goal!
  14. I first got into American Football as a 12 year old playing Madden on the old Megadrive. This is still why one of my two favourite teams are the Chargers, because I liked their helmet as a young lad (don't ask about the other one). I was big into it as a teenager. I got back into it after watching a series of All of Nothing a few years back. I have a friend who likes NCAA but I've never been able to get remotely interested in it. I think it's a mixture of unfamiliarity with the teams (I couldn't even name one) and not being able to get my head around getting interested in University level sport. It just seems like an American version of U21 internationals: a precursor to the main show.
  15. I suppose I'm somebody who would be their target market: I do watch a fair bit of NFL, have a fair bit of branded stuff, nearly went to the game last week and have followed it on and off for years. However, I can't envisage ever wanting to watch a British version. A huge part of the appeal is the glamour and sheer size/scale of the NFL. There is a team that play out of the Widnes team, and other than as a curiosity I can't imagine going. For those who don't like it, I can understand that but don't agree. There is a lot going on, and the variety in different plays is very appealing. I actually only tend to watch it though in the background on a Sunday evening where you can dip in and out. For a British sports fan, the length of stoppages is very hard to get used to on a regular basis.
  16. Usyk is favourite, but I wouldn't say an AJ victory is unlikely. If you listen to anybody who knows about boxing, they all say the same thing - he tried to outbox him rather than bully him. I'm not convinced that Wilder is a league above Whyte at all. What is it based on? Prior to Fury, he had a padded record and all the 3 fights demonstrated was that he isn't the best boxer but that he has great power and heart. However, Fury isn't a big hitter and never has been. Whyte definitely has more knockout power than Fury and would be capable of catching Wilder. Of course, Wilder would be more than capable of catching him too. In theory, Fury would be too much for Usyk. I suspect he would go back to his less aggressive style and make the most of his signficant size advantage. However, some of Fury's tougher fights (Cunningham, Wallin, McDermott) have been against men you wouldn't expect.
  17. The lord giveth and the lord taketh away. It's amazing to think of what Wilder might have become if he started out sooner, or if he had spent the last 17 years working on his boxing skills. Wilder was blessed with incredible power, which obviously is of a great benefit to him as a boxer. However, maybe he wasn't blessed with the other things necessary such as the discipline and the humility to become a legendary champion. It's also become clear that Wilder's hands can't take the force long term. You'd have to think that he'll retire from here, other than for financial gain. He's 36 in a week and he'll never undo the Fury trilogy, even if he beats AJ or Usyk. He can only ever prove himself to be second best and he risks slipping even further with defeat. From a boxing perspective, he's been getting a lot of credit for his performance but in reality the trilogy has only confirmed what every critic used to say - that he was a puncher with poor boxing skills. This is how he will be remembered. AJ risks a very similar legacy if he loses easily to Usyk again.
  18. One of the great shocks is how good the scorecards were looking. All had Fury up by 3 or so which is about right considering the 10-7.
  19. I've managed to watch it all now and agree, it wasn't peak Fury but it was peak Wilder. I was very against the third fight but I think it'll be great for Fury's legacy as it puts to bed the stupid controversy of the second fight. Wilder has a great right hand but he's never been in with punchers and always thought he'd come up against a big puncher who caught him before he caught them. Fury isn't a huge puncher and managed to fully KO him.
  20. I'm telling you there is literally no chance it happens again. He wouldn't have given him a 3rd fight if he had the choice. Fury's already made 10s of millions, and he's earned the right to pick and choose who he wants to fight before he retires. He's not going to pick somebody he's beaten 3 times and stopped twice because he might get a few more million than say if he fights Whyte or Usyk. The AJ fight is still the biggest fight financially for Fury, but this relies on his beating Usyk.
  21. The only way a 4th happens (and even then I'm doubtful) is if Fury becomes undisputed and Wilder gets a couple of wins against the likes of AJ. Then you factor in that Wilder is 35 and that Fury could retire tomorrow or in 10 years, you just don't know with him. A below-par Fury just beat the best Wilder. He won't want to go there again for any amount.
  22. I watched a George Foreman documentary about 2 months ago where he was talking about his loss to Ali and how he refused to accept it blaming everybody and anybody. He said it wasn't until his second loss when he thought, 'who've you got to blame now George?' Here's hoping Wilder's at that point now.
  23. There won't be a 4th fight, absolutely no chance. There was only a 3rd because it was mandated. Fury isn't going to choose to fight somebody that in his eyes he's beat 3 times. Also, no matter how limited he is, he has still put him on the canvas 4 times. High risk vs low reward. I'm so glad Fury won, just because he can put paid to rest the ridiculous stuff about the 2nd fight. Props to Wilder for his effort, but the guy has no class and refused to give Fury any credit after the fight.
  24. Yeh it was the getting up that clinched it for me. I've managed to watch rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 and 11 courtesy of the YouTube.
  25. Yeh I chose not to get the fight. That was a great decision...
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