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  1. I watched the game this morning, it wasn't the skill factor that beat the Dogs, but the weight disadvantage and playing against the slope in the first half. By halftime they were stuffed and out of the game. If Featherstone come up with a big set of forwards they won't have any problems.
  2. Looking forward to this game and should be able to watch it on my computer. Leigh have signed a couple of new player and they should be in the team.
  3. The Aussie ref's will blow the northern teams off the paddock in regard to the play the ball. I wouldn't worry too much in regard to the wall.
  4. Interesting that. Please explain Eddie.
  5. How could Toronto in a new area and attracting gates of around 10,000 and building be allowed to fold? Yet we have teams like Leigh (in a League area) who on a good day can attract 3,000 be allowed into SL. Then there is the French teams being asked to fork out to enter the Challenge Cup. RL needs to be run by an independent body, who would administer the game for the good of it. The self serving clubs should have very little input in how the game is run. Until this happens SL will continue to struggle.
  6. frank


    Hope the WP are fielding a team this coming season, to play in whatever comp. Any news of what's taking place?
  7. The Aussies are full of talk. No chance of this game taking place.
  8. That's on April 17th at 7-30 NZ time. UK 8-30 but check on YouTube. I'll be watching this.
  9. I would like to think your right D F,but, after watching the Halifax and York games I have my doubts. They only got on top of Halifax late in the game when they had two in the bin and the less said about York the better.
  10. They need to sort out that play the ball or there will be big problems come the WC. Terrible to watch.
  11. Some turn round after last week. Great result and a good confidence builder after the last three weeks.
  12. Some great shots of the Mount. Lots of changes over the years and it looks in great shape. Hard to imagine there have been crowds of well over 20,000 in there.
  13. Your idea has been shot to pieces. Aussie have shown they are not interested in touring the UK, so settle for the Indigenous from both Aussie and NZ. A game between those could be a crowd pleaser but on the other hand could show how dull the game has become in the UK.
  14. Great news that. Apart from the French, have any kids from other countries toured the UK?
  15. If we are going to challenge for for a top six spot, we need to be beating teams like York at home.
  16. How about League 13. Cuts out the word rugby.
  17. Although it's raining the temp is about 28c hence the 4 quaters.
  18. There is a great game of footy on at the moment(Live sports stream) Maoris v IND.
  19. Poor game in bad conditions and half light. Correct play the balls non existent. Comfortable win for Featherstone.
  20. Another good win and great start to the season. Should be a cracker with York next week after putting the Rams away.
  21. The guy is alright a couple of meters from the try line but his defence is poor..
  22. Cheers Ernie. I stopped up and watched it too. Nice to spend a couple of hours at the Mount, always brings back a lot of good memories.
  23. Thanks Bob for the highlights, good start to the season. A couple of soft tries to Halifax in the first half but excellent result
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