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  1. How could Toronto in a new  area  and attracting gates of around 10,000 and building be allowed to fold?  Yet we have teams like Leigh (in a League area) who on a good day can  attract 3,000 be allowed into SL. Then there is the French teams being asked to fork out to enter the Challenge Cup.

    RL needs to be run by an independent  body, who would administer the game for the good of it. The self serving clubs should have very little input in how the game is run. Until this happens  SL will continue to struggle.

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  2. 34 minutes ago, 2blackrooks said:

    Live YouTube feed this weekend of the World Cup warm up match (womens) between Canada Ravens vs USA Red tails on Canada Ravens YT site 2030hrs UK

    That's on April  17th at  7-30 NZ time. UK 8-30 but check on YouTube. I'll be watching this.

  3. I would like to think your right D F,but, after watching the  Halifax and York games I have my doubts. They only got on top of Halifax late in the game when they had two in the bin and the less said about York the better.

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  4. 9 hours ago, Dunbar said:

    I have a ground breaking idea for Rugby League. 

    Let's take all players eligible to play for Australia, not just the indigenous players, group them together into a team and call that team 'Australia'.  They could play other nations who select players eligible to play for their nations.

    We could even give them a nickname to make it catchy and help the marketing people.  My vote is for 'Kangaroos'.

    Your idea has been shot to pieces. Aussie have shown they are not interested in touring the UK, so settle for the Indigenous from both Aussie and NZ. A game between those  could be  a crowd pleaser but on the other hand could show how dull the game has become in the UK.

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  5. 15 hours ago, ernieone said:

    There is the full match on youtube, put on by Halifax Panthers tv, watched it last night.

    Cheers Ernie. I stopped up and watched it too.  Nice to spend a couple of hours at the Mount, always brings back a lot of good memories.

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