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  1. Just hope the WP is allowed into SL again.Despite the naysayers on here there is nothing to be lost by doing so.They offer more to the league than any of the stronger clubs in the Championship,maybe apart from Toulouse. The guy who intends taking over the WP will be laying out a few million to get things sorted.In doing so he obviously is intending being there for the long haul. With all his business connections and how SL could benefit from those ,they would be making a big mistake by knocking them back.Sl is on its knees so nothing to lose.
  2. It doesn't matter who is financing who in these uncertain times, they could all run out of the readies like Argyle. Argyle in my opinion did a great job in helping to set up the WP.Hopefully the story is not finished there and that they can go on to great things.
  3. If it hadn't have been for Covic and unable able to play games in Canada (with money coming in)Argyle may have kept going.You guys are too hard on them,but then Leigh have eyes on SL.They have been there twice and could not hack it and the same will happen again should they make it.
  4. Looks like both the RFL and SL are willing to discus things with the WP.Maybe they see that the WP are an asset to their set up.Looking good
  5. Nothing unpleasant about the Mount ,spent some great times there.
  6. Fingers crossed for that!Hope SL have the nouse to give them a fair go if they make it back.
  7. Just hope that the WP make it back to SL.If it hadn't been for the rough deal they were handed things could have worked out fine.
  8. If anyone could stuff things up it's Rugby League.Just when there is an whole new exciting horizon developing they stuff it because the clubs wanted the WPs share of TV money.If they are that desperate they must be on the bones of their a- - ses. It's enough to make one throw the towel in.
  9. If you think the refs have it hard in the UK try being a ref in NZ when your a Pom. Iv'e had all sorts of abuse hurled at me but I just smiled and carried on. Letting the game flow is the most important part of reffing.Don't be too quick on blowing up minor infringements.Be constant in your rulings.
  10. No way should they be excluded next season.They made made the right decision in pulling out. No good piling up debt.The poll should have been are SL fit for purpose? They are one of the reasons why the WP are in this position.
  11. Not very bright you say.I'm not governed by PC and state the facts.
  12. The Uk press and the Govt have been stating over the last few days that certain areas are prone to this virus due to their make up. Even today the MP for Calderdale has made the same statement. We all know what Barber meant, but, if he is speaking the truth what's wrong with that?
  13. Sl i s mainly to blame for the troubles at the Wolfpack.If they had got a share of funding these problems may never have eventuated. Gates have been falling in the game for some years now and will continue to do so.These new clubs coming on the scene offer a chance to halt that process, if the powers that be can grasp that, but, I have my doubts.Too inward looking and that will be their downfall.
  14. Sl doesn't deserve the Wolf Pack. Sl clubs should not get any of the money the Govt provided,they should get by on the share of the WPs money they all received.
  15. Nothing super about SL.With a bit of encouragement and an equal share of tv money things may have worked out different.
  16. These posts you talk about are just drawing you and others out, while others are having a good laugh.
  17. A lot of these negative posters feel very insecure in regard to where their clubs stand and feel threatened by any newcomers. A couple of these clubs are in the championship and that's where they belong.Unlike the Wolf Pack they offer nothing to SL. The arrival of the Wolf Pack on the scene was like a breath of fresh air and I look forward to Ottawa arriving.
  18. Been a bit quiet of late Ray.Hope all is OK.Excellent post!
  19. There are very few Europeans playing league in Auckland and the same in union. A fortnight ago I watched Glenora playing Marists there was one in the Marist's team and a couple in the Glenora side. It's only a matter of time and there won't be any. Different tale in the South Island though, with the lower grades having plenty Europeans.
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