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  1. The movement of junior players fr om Auckland to Aussie,has left a lot of the Auckland teams unable to field second teams.These players have been developed by the NZ system and yet the Aussies don't pay the NZRL a cent for them.
  2. Size has a lot to do with it in regard to the difference between the two.The Kiwis are made up mainly of PI and there are some big guy amongst them.Take the Tongan team for instance they knocked the stuffing out of GB and Aussie.
  3. The Pack are playing the wrong type of footy and need to change their game plan..No good trying to play an open game when you have no feeling in your hands due to the cold etc.They need to be playing a tighter game. Leave the open game until conditions improve.Get Williams into the centres,he is wasted in the scrum.
  4. Thanks Ray.I really enjoyed that,good to hear other peoples opinions of the game.
  5. If they were to come they could be sure of a full house.Most probably Lamporte would be too small in regard to the crowd.
  6. What the Aussies say and what they do are two very different things.
  7. What's happening in regard to Stanley?
  8. If SL could be as successful in halting this decline as they are in putting obstacles in the way of the Wolfpack and other like teams trying to enter comp, we would not have this problem of declining gates.
  9. If this had been played in Australia both teams would have been faster and benefited from the conditions. The final pass for Keary's try look about half a metre forward.
  10. The Wigan gate will be really down on the so called rainbow weekend due to their own stupidity.
  11. Could not have summed up SL and and some people on this forum better. Although some SL bosses have cash behind them, they have not got the kind of cash that Argyle has and they intend to have some of it.The tv money that the Pack should have got, most probably has been spent on some has been Aussies. If the pack stay in SL forget your tv money for next season.
  12. Good to see we came up with a win..
  13. Your right there.SL don't give a stuff for the leagues below them so I don't see things changing. Enjoyed the game today, you were in it up untill you had a man binned.You will win games when you return home.
  14. These SL chairmen have their heads in the sand ,they need to cut some slack for the Pack, make it a level field instead of placing obstructions in the way..If the WP fails in their attempt to remain in SL then it's only a matter of time before SL can't sustain themselves financialy They need more new clubs in the comp to give it a lift Looking at the crowd today the stadium looked three parts empty. Personally if the Pack fail I hope the whole rotten show collapses
  15. I've been involved with league for a h-ll of a long time but would not pick a best player because I never new the ones who preceded me.
  16. After last weeks showing I think the Pack will lift their game and come up with a comfortable win.This is the game that will determine their season.They need to win this one,it's the only game they are likely to win before they return to Canada.
  17. Wolfpack needs to have their main strike player(William's) in the centre where he has room to work,not in the scrum.Lets hope he is in that position against Salford.
  18. Too many mistakes in ball handling, the tackling on the line was terrrrible, needs to be man and ball not round the ankles.The game was all but over at halftime.Big improvement in second half.At least now they know where they stand and should be a big improvement in the next game.
  19. Big step up from League1 and Championship so that score not unexpected. Mistakes and poor tackling in the first half didn't help Toronto.Big improvement in the second half.When one expects big things there is quite often a let down.
  20. Not wanting to bring this subject up again.I haven't posted on this site for a couple of days due to being called a leftie.This after I stated that Folau should be allowed to play again.The person who made that remark doesn't know me, so why get personal?Just show some respect when addressing others, because although we hold different views we all love this game of ours.For the record I am not a leftie
  21. My last comment on the subject.I believe in free speech, but would not( only under certain conditions) insult anyone.Here's the hub.Falou did not insult anyone personally.
  22. My earlier post in regard to do gooders was in support of Folau.He should be allowed to play again.Folau has not attacked anyone he just made a quote from the bible.
  23. Really looking forward to the coming season.With Falau and Williams playing it has to add some excitement to the game .Both had a very good grounding in League and learnt their basic skills there.Not sure about Burrell, just another RU hack who will have to prove himself in a more skillful game.
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