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  1. SL needs to improve it's image drasticly, but, I'm not sure after the TW fiasco they think that way. Would London be welcomed back to that comp?
  2. Great to see provision has been made on this board to be able to comment on Wolfpacks future. Looking forward to their progress in the N American League Hope some of their fans keep us up to date.
  3. It's Friday 10-45 AM here Roger. Christmas Eve a few hours away.
  4. Merry Christmas to all at the Mount and their families. Looking forward to the coming season.
  5. That source dried up in more ways than one. Firstly League can't afford to buy Union guys and to be honest can you name any that are worth going after. Certainly not in the Lions.
  6. Certainly the right thing to do. The NRL would be well advised to follow the Bulldogs for those not vaccinated.
  7. Our game has changed there isn't marque players around. That's the main reason for the drop off in support. In past years the likes of Wigan etc would never even consider such a signing.
  8. Despite the knockers on here,the game could do with more guys like Perez. This guy has battled along and who knows what he could have achieved if it hadn't have been for Covid. Many would have thrown the towel in by now and if he read these columns he most probably would.
  9. Two poor teams and France no ideas at all. Something drastic needs to happen if the WC is played next year.
  10. Super league is on it's knees and needs new blood. With your outlook and the way things are, SL may cease to be in the not too distant future. Free tickets or not, how many clubs could get a gate like that when offering free tickets.
  11. That game was the best I've seen for a long time, equal if not better than the NRL final and deserved a better audience That's the kind of game that has been lacking for a long time and the type that that could bring the fans back.
  12. Toulouse and Featherstone need to know whether they get their fair share of the Sky money before the game. SL have already shafted Toronto and Leigh so need to be careful.
  13. Looked a good crowd today at Toulouse. Do Batley get a share of the gate receipts?
  14. Excellent first half but game decided in the first 10 minutes of the second half, too many mistakes in that period put Toulouse on top. Been a good season so plenty to look forward to next year.
  15. That blue strip looks great, far better than the cerise.
  16. Thanks Bob for posts. Wonderful achievement for Craig and the club.
  17. Great game of footy, on the edge of seat stuff and well worth staying up for. The Dogs defence was terrific despite Bradford being held up over the line a number of times. Will the Dogs make the trip to France due to Covid? If so hope it's televised.
  18. Excellent game, on the edge of seat stuff. Although the Dogs were 16 up at half time there was a bit too much one man stuff, moving the ball about would have brought better results. Great defence by the Dogs..
  19. Just type in your computer Live Sports Streams and your in buisness.
  20. Its not listed on Sky yet,most probably will be later. Listed on Live Sports Streams so will definitely be watching. Tossing up whether to stay up having a few Whiskeys or set the alarm.
  21. What is the capacity for this game?
  22. This guy was great when he played in the NRL. Judging guys when they are at the back end of their career is not smart.
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