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  1. How's the TV money going to work out? Can't see those in SL 1 coughing anything up.
  2. Looks like the NZ womens team has been has been kicked out of the Aussie comp. They were costing the NRL money. These women have been left out in the cold with no games. Will most probably go to Union now. Yet the NZRL is still subservient to the NRL.
  3. Having a couple of other countries in the comp would do more for spreading the game, in those countries, than a couple of Indigenous teams. Iv'e watched these games in Aussie and they play some great footy ,but it' not a comp Indigenous Teams. leave them be. The Aussies and NZ won't be televising these games but maybe the the countries added will.
  4. Still reckon they should have picked two other countries. Be a real farce if these two indigenous teams get to the final and they could. They only good thing I see coming out of it is that will hit the NRLs pre season.
  5. How come the the Aussie union team generally get thrashed by the All Blacks and yet they get a full house when they play in Aussie?
  6. It's about time the RLWC Board made a decision. The powers that be in Aussie are not going to change their minds and with that neither will NZ. They have had their chance it's their choice. Also forget about these composite teams, invite the next two countries that would have qualified, being the US and Serbia. All this delay must be affecting the sale of tickets and that's the last thing we need.
  7. The Islands and Papua New Guinea were supposed to have a meeting last Monday in regard to the WC. Would have thought thought they would have made a statement by now.
  8. I haven't watched the NRL for about five weeks now, long before their decision on the WC .I can't say I have missed it. Too much stuff up the middle and guys getting crippled. I certainly won't be going to any more Warrior games. Big decision for a guy who has been involved from a young age.
  9. I know it may seem ridiculous but I think this could be the parting of the ways with the Aussies. It's been building for some years now and this could be the final straw. What with the Denver(no Covid then) game and the last WC in in Aussie, which I believe were both run at a loss. They are just not interested in furthering the game. IT's a good bet their interest in the Islands is solely to strengthen the NRL teams and no more. The reason being the majority of youngsters no longer want to pay League. There numbers have really dropped off. I was surprised by the NZRL decision though.
  10. Unless something drastic happens, forget about composite teams and bring in the next two strongest teams. They would be delighted to take part and would give the game a lot of publicity in their countries No good messing around they have had their chance. Although Aussie and NZ will be missing, it's to be hoped those with tickets still attend the revised games, otherwise you will be playing into the above hands. Also the organizers have done an outstanding job and deserve everyones support.
  11. Any other sporting body who witnessed this guy on tv tonight, would think he was a right b-rk. He should be removed from his post for the damage he has done to the game here.
  12. Just had the NZRL CEO on thIs evenings news, he had a smirk on his face and was almost laughing when he was justifying the reason for not fronting up. He stated that the NZRL would be millions out of pocket if they attended.
  13. Time is the main factor here. The Aussies and Nz have made their decision, now we need to know quickly how the Tonga and the rest of that group are going to react. If they go the same way as the two mentioned then really I think it's all over.
  14. Throwing the towel in early? There could be a few surprises.
  15. Australia will still have the same attitude if the cup is delayed until next year.
  16. Well summed up by Mike Wood, either they come or they don't. It's full steam ahead and I can't wait for the start
  17. It's no wonder you have had this argument before. The argument has been going on for some time, to no avail, about getting some remuneration on the NZ players being sucked out of the system and into the NRL .The only ones to receive money are the the players who make it to Aussie and get a contract. If it wasn't for NZ, N Guinea and the Islands The Aussie comp would be in a very bad way.
  18. The NRL haven't Sank a penny into player development in NZ and the Islands. They have developed a few that go over to Aussie, solely to make their comp more competative but certainly not to represent their countries. In fact it's it's just about wrecked league in NZ. Don't be fooled into thinking they do this to strengthen the International scene.
  19. Let's just face it, the powers that be in Aussie are just not interested in the WC. Covid isn't the problem and if it wasn't around it would be something else. Time for those in charge to make a decision, tell them they are in or out and set a date for that
  20. The Aussie games team are in Japan where Covid is rampant and no dissent there from the authorities.
  21. How is it every other Australian sports would jump at the chance of representing their country, especially in a WC? The Govt is not preventing them taking part. It's just the insularity of the NRL. A s long as it does not upset their comp, that's the main reason for not attending, not Covid. They are that insular they cannot even get expansion of the game in Aussie right.
  22. Cheers Bob! Good to get another win.
  23. Is there a deadline for the Aussies to make up there minds on whether they are attending? The country replacing them would need to know well in advance to be able to prepare for it.
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