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  1. Just been listening to the interview on the above that is planed for Canada next year. I was quite impressed by it, just wondered if it was successful could it be applied to clubs in the Championship and League one? could be a saviour for some clubs. If it was a success may be those leagues could cast SL aside and let them go their own way.
  2. There won't be a 2nd NZ team in the NRL. The Aussies have no intention of commiting themselves to that. They are only interested in what they can take out of NZ not putting anything in. There is talk about getting rid of the women's team due to the fact it is costing them.
  3. Disappointing result! If the Dogs are going to stay in the top six they should not be losing to the likes of Halifax at home.
  4. Thanks Roger! I seem to recall something about that. I might try and get the commentary on Radio Leeds.
  5. Is the Bulldogs v Halifax game on Our League on Sunday? Been on Our League but no luck.
  6. Hopefully in some form Ray but not in SL. Maybe that's the best outcome.
  7. Thanks Bob! A tight game but another win .
  8. So why would you accept entry to SL on those terms? Should have learned from the Toronto fiasco. Leigh wanted SL and they got it choose what the cost.
  9. I can well understand your opinion if you base it on some of comments on this board. I'm sure that those posters would love to see real expansion after so many failures namely in America. The result is as soon as anything new comes up in the States they are in with those negative comments.
  10. Can't say I'm sorry for the position Leigh are in. There was no compassion from the Leigh posters when Toronto was in the same position and they didn't get any cash from SL.
  11. It should read no one is going to play unless things change. Who the h-ll wants a broken nose etc.
  12. That was a disaster. No one to lead them round the field, which resulted in one man rugby and the Bronco's made the most of it. Goal line defence was weak especialy on the right flank, leading to some soft tries. Lets hope that's a one off because they have been playing some great footy.
  13. So you like watching head high tackles. Bet you would soon change your mind if you were on the end of one.
  14. Sorry ! Sat your time.
  15. Should be another tight game on Sunday and really looking forward to it. Be interesting to see how they go against full timers. I think it will be close with us taking the points.
  16. It's a wonder this board has never collapsed with the amount of negativity on it.
  17. That blue strip looked great on the Dogs far better than the cerise. Apart from trying to clear the ball in the in goal area I thought Hooley had a terrific game. This guy going to score lot of tries.
  18. Yes I did Roger but a bit of a heart stopper. I thought we were gone at times but a great finish and and some great tries.
  19. Talking about mental strength I don't think the Aussies have much of that either. The game in Aussie is gradualy being taken over by Pacific Islanders who have a more rugged approach to the game, Maybe that's why so many Aussies don't make the grade. I used to watch every game in the NRL but I'm more choosey now. I prefer to watch SL.
  20. Half of these guys posting about being homesick have never lived far away from home . It does matter what places like Canberra have to offer, it's missing family, friends and where you were brought up that counts. It affected me for years.
  21. Another good win. That's what builds confidence.
  22. I didn't make a mistake in the address when I sent it. It wasn't returned so they obviously got it.
  23. Well that's it in regard to Our League. Pity really! I sent two emails to the following with no replies. Email@RugbyLeagueontv.co.uk ourleague@streamingamg.com
  24. Hi Roger, I've sent them an email. Let's see what their reply is tomorrow, if no joy I will do what you suggest. Thanks for your help.
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