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  1. More money down the drain signing Inglis . Great player in his day but really. No wonder SL is a second rate competition.
  2. There is a Dewsbury in South Africa Colin.
  3. The reason Toronto dropped out was because SL deprived them of their share of Sky money and for no other reason. Leigh will add no interest what so ever to SL ,even they are not getting there full share of the money so only one ending there. Lucky 7 is bang on in regard to ambition ,if it wasn't for introducing second rate Aussies and those over the hill the game would be in a worse state than it is now.
  4. Looks like the NRL and SL are sticking to their own backyards as far as expansion concerned. They are both doing League a great dis service. Scared of any commitment to expand the game on the chance it doesn't work and they might lose a few bob.. A golden opportunity missed in Canada because SL didn't want to share the Sky money.
  5. Hi RPH, Yes I've visited Batley NZ a couple of times. It's a farming community set in rolling countryside on the Kaipara Harbour with a lovely beach. It's well worth a visit.
  6. This offer will effect Leigh more than the others.They wanted to get into SL so will have to deal with it.
  7. I think the way SL handled the WP ended any real hope for the game in Canada be it amateur or other.I can't see Ottawa or NY coming in.They are not going to lay out big money now only to be rejected down the line. Maybe if the womens team in next years WC have a decent run, that may whip up some interest.
  8. Talking about chips on shoulders you Leigh posters certainly had one of those in regard to the WP. What would the average person go for, Leigh or the WP in SL?
  9. So maddening when you think of what could have been achieved in a couple of years.Three NA teams playing in the English Leagues with a possibility of others being interested, resulting in them forming a comp in NA.Meanwhile we will still be able to watch the big three slug it out for the silverware. Is it any wonder SL can't attract a bigger fan base.
  10. Would like to see the WP return, even if they were playing in the CRL. One can only dream of what they offered SL and it could have been plenty if it had not been for Covid etc. They certainly brought a lot of publicity to the game, which was sadly lacking .I for one will miss them and just know whoever replaces them won't bring the interest they created.
  11. Load of rubbish.More interest shown in the WP than any of the Championship clubs.
  12. Watched a few games of the Roosters with Hall playing. The guy hardly handled the ball and the few times he did the passes he received left a lot to be desired.Not really giving the guy a fair go by criticizing him.Would still rate him.
  13. They are all going to struggle without their equal share of Sky money.
  14. Let's have another push on this and get the numbers up. SL could do with a shake up and this is your chance.
  15. I'm surprised The Canadians were interested in joining a two bit outfit like SL.To be honest that's what it is.Now they want to penalize any team entering that comp with less money.The team that gains entry will be out at the end the coming season because financialy they could not compete, the rest will all be secure because that was the end result they wanted.
  16. This article needs to be kept on the current page, to enable casual visitors to the forum the chance to vote on it should they wish to.
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