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  1. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/dolphins-boss-defends-controversial-call-as-bennett-presser-hijacked-over-name-debate/news-story/6527696cdf581627ca1af810fd752a20
  2. Just 'Dolphins' if you please bsj. Redcliffe Dolphins will still play in the Queensland cup as a feeder club i presume. The new expansion team will recieve huge financial backing from Moreton Bay council who i believe are most peeved that the new team reneged on taking their name. A decision taken by the aforementioned CEO Mr. Murphy....... The only Australian team to only have one name. Just to be pedantic on this fine Sunday morn.
  3. Bradford have not revealed their signing of him anywhere on their official media outlets as far as I can see....just a piece in the 'Yorkshire live' website which has no connections with the bulls.The same place where apparently we are signing a York city Knights winger but no official confirmation by both teams either. He signed a 1 year deal with us so hasn't broken any contractual obligations, and he works with the Bulls media and marketing team so it's a no brainer for him. what exactly has the guy done wrong? players move on.get over it and do the same.
  4. Half a bee, philosophically, Must, ipso facto, half not be. But half the bee has got to be Vis a vis, its entity. Do you see? But can a bee be said to be, Or not to be, an entire bee, When half the bee is not a bee Due to some ancient injury?
  5. I was being slightly sarcastic,and the remark you heard was more than likely from me and my cohorts....but with one game left,I'd have snatched your arm off to actually be in this position when the season started so I can't be too disappointed with the result on Sunday. it's not the losing (I'm more than used to that watching Batley) it's always the hope that kills you isn't it?
  6. all a bit academic the way we're playing. think our season is more or less over now.
  7. Think full of mistakes and sloppiness. Think some of them may have an eye on mad monday and i hope Linners reads a bit of the riot act this week.
  8. For once i cant really argue with this. We desperately desperately need a decent centre, something we missed when Jack Logan left and got back when Levi Edwards signed on loan. I dont think its coincidence our form picked up when we had Logan then Edwards and has dropped off again. Cant really understand this constant tinkering of Walshaw/Morton thing in centre.... But all said we looked flat and a bit uninterested at times again for 2nd week in a row. Bit worrying. Thought we'd have been up for this.
  9. Earlier this week i was going to say ive seen far far far too many derbies to say either side are undoubted favorites, but expected to be shot down in flames, but Dewsbury were better than us and really wanted this more.best team won no complaints. Funny that since we began announcing re-signings that our form has dipped alarmingly....am i too cynical?
  10. They played well and I'd say just about deserved the win today.our boys just seemed a bit flat but I think that was the good Whitehaven defence. knew at half-time that the 10-8 lead and playing uphill in 2nd half it wasn't enough...make no mistake Whitehaven are a good solid side.well coached and well done to them. McNally is still a toilet though.repulsive little creature.
  11. I remember saying that about Macaulay Hallett when he played for Swinton a couple of years back...
  12. Genuine question. What happened? Did you just stop playing or what?
  13. And to think we did it without Joe Sanderson. Whatever happened to him?
  14. They certainly do. i lived down the Ormeau road in Belfast and I went to Ravenhill a few times.thoroughly enjoyed all the games to be honest and the craic afterwards but I'm a Batley lad at heart and was brought up on league. prefer the proper game.
  15. I'm a Batley fan,but spent a couple of years in Ulster with the kick and clap brigade.... i wore my 'gallant youths' jerseys with pride over there and the bogtrotters loved it!!!! keep the faith brother
  16. I'd broadly agree with that. It seems we have got into a habit of givi g cheap penalties away recently.Think its a matter CL has to address. We were not far off Bradford even with a patched up team and the 2nd half showed that, even though they tired. We are missing Gledhill and Logan badly.
  17. Walshaw is playing centre. Morton on wing. why not Morton at centre and Greg Johnson on wing? but with both hookers out I fear a bit of a beating this afternoon.... we won't win this one in afraid.
  18. Take it from this signing that Wayne Rettie wont be recalled from Hunslet and be back in Batley colours again?
  19. Indeed. Superb performance. Think Kevin will be getting worried now with all this winning pay he's having to shell out
  20. Ineson,Morton,Gledhill and Senior miss out.
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