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  1. Like I said,I'm so so disappointed with the players attitude. This is squarely on them. No excuses I'm afraid.
  2. Well as I feared it looks like we've decided to pack the season up now we've been to Wembley. such a shame to finish on such a poor note....very very disappointed by the players to be honest. predictable one trick pony rugby, hence the Interceptions (how many have we conceded this year?) Can't see any improvement from last week and so it appears that Craig Lingard's appeal to them went on deaf ears. Maybe thinking of future contracts with other teams? who knows
  3. Look on the bright side.. we'll all be dead soon.
  4. proud to be Batley tonight. always will be. thank you boys. irs been a ride I'll never forget.
  5. i believe if Hooley plays then it will have to be a minimum 2 week loan. that rules him out of the next game Leeds play (Warrington I think). Now with Leeds loaning Blake Austin to Castleford,and Hooley having a decent game against Leigh,would they want him unavailable for the next game and potentially,heaven forbid, injured after this weekend?
  6. Halifax have some good backs,fast on the large Wembley pitch. Our forwards need to really stand up and dominate,if not I fear Woodburn-Hall will run riot. he's been a revelation since his move into the half backs. Hope Hooley plays as we look a bit more potent in attack with him. 24-10 to Fax unfortunately.
  7. Fully agree.... bit of a disaster this game,minds quite obviously (and understandably) on Wembley. I really realty hope that whatever happens next Saturday,that this isn't the end of our season right here.
  8. I've said it before and it will always be the same. no pack.no chance. 1.Manning 2.Gledhill 3.Reilly/Brown
  9. Halifax in final for the victors tomorrow
  10. 1998. Roger the Dodger... Gledhill streaking down the wing... Big Joe Naidole breaking his arm and Roy Powell collapsing and waking up next to him in Hospital. we had it won by HT. superb performance by Gary Barnett.... worst strip we'd ever had getting spannered afterward in Commercial....
  11. no no no! goosefat for me.
  12. JOSH MILTHORPE!!!! Phildog will be getting the gasmask and the baby lotion out.....
  13. I'm currently in Halifax at the georgefest and loving every minute of it
  14. I'm currently in Halifax at the georgefest and loving every minute of it
  15. so integral,in fact,that he hasn't played for weeks. what are we going to do,play him at half back? get a grip. He wants game time. Good luck to the lad.
  16. then walked home 43 mile through t'snow in bare feet,huddled inside clothes med out o'old sacks......
  17. Good luck to you boys today. I really hope you get a result. it's about time you all had something to shout about
  18. I hear a lot of that goes on at sea....
  19. I give up..... that just about Says it all really. Are you and the scrim reaper taking turns with the brain cell?
  20. Read what I said. I (as in me) would be happy with a nice couple,or more,wins against top 6 opposition and avoiding the relegation struggle. However the opposition is not my concern. they can think what they want. and indeed the club itself may have higher goals,but I'm just enjoying the ride,with the certain knowledge of watching the club for 40 odd years,that things will not be this good on the pitch for ever. that's just the way things go. don't s##t your pants.
  21. I think the vast majority of sound thinking fans at Mount Pleasant know last year was an extremely enjoyable,but ultimately freakish season that will probably never be repeated. I believe just avoiding being dragged nto the relegation mire and hopefully picking up a few good wins against top 6 hopefuls will constitute a good season. for me anyway. but really hope Milthorpe gets a game or two before the season ends......
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