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  1. Take it you mean KP silverback ? He was a marmite player, and very few people had no opinion of him at all. I stood in the "liked him" corner, because for all his apparent nonchalance, he WAS dependable as a full back. He didn't drop many high kicks, and he always seemed to just about get across to make cover tackles. He also scored some good tries. Fitness might have been an issue, but I understand he played most of his time with us carrying a back injury. If that's true, he played creditably, in a struggling team, in pain, and while taking ill judged and unnecessary stick from some sectors of the support. He could have been a better player than his brother (and he was good) given different health circumstances IMO.
  2. That program must have been dated just before my transfer (as a spectator) from Wakey to Dewsbury, so would it be 1965 ish ? I'm fairly sure Marsh and Tank W were already at Batley when I got roped in by a friend in 1966.
  3. And Terry Biscombe (you might be thinking of Ben Fowler) All rubish, and Brunyee the pick of a bad bunch.
  4. Jordan Tansey, Michael Platt, Matt Haggerty.
  5. Excellent initiative - I suspect one or two of the Rams faithful will need a larger size shirt this time. Do they make 5XL by the way ?
  6. For me, Jack was Mr Dewsbury - not really a lot you can add. Will be badly missed.
  7. Yep, I used to see him on his round in Leeds Rd. Like his playing style, seemed a bit casual, but seldom failed to deliver. (my opinion of course, I'm sure there's plenty will argue).
  8. Heart warming footage on Look North of Mose Masoe taking his first steps aided by his little girl . Got to say it brought a lump to the throat of even this old cynic. Bless you Mose, you are inspirational.
  9. Say what you like about shayne, but he was a crowd pleaser and one of my all time favourites. I often wonder where he might have ended up had he taken his shot at SL with Salford. Probably still in the tap room at the Black lab, but it might have been an interesting journey.
  10. I believe that the vast majority of Batleyites born after the early seventies, unless they were home deliveries, were born in Dewsbury, and are therefore the product of god’s own town - winds them up something rotten.
  11. Didn't realise that - swap him, Haigh, Halmshaw with cummins and the two spare Burgess' and it's still not a bad side.
  12. Think he was a Moldgreen lad who played for Dewsbury Rev.
  13. Sorry BSJ, but I couldn't resist hijacking your suggestion about Dewsbury players who didn't play for their home town. After some thought, I came up with a team that would more than hold it's own in SL. Had some trouble thinking of a stand off, but Redfearn was an international. Not sure if Bob Haigh didn't play a couple of games for us. Ran out of room for two of the Burgess brothers, and Arnie Long. Can anybody improve on this squad ? 1. Arthur Keegan - Hull 2. Dave Smith - Leeds 3. John Maloney - Hull 4. John Bentley - Leeds 5. Dave Redfearn - Bradford 6. Alan Redfearn - Bradford 7 Derryk Fox - Featherstone 8. George Burgess - Wigan 9. David Ward - Leeds 10. Alex Walmsley - Saints 11. Sam Burgess - Rabitohs 12. Bob Haigh - Leeds 13. Tony Halmshaw - Halifax Subs 14. Matt Diskin - Leeds 15. Luke Burgess - Rabitohs 16. Lee Gilmour - Wigan 19. Keith Mason - Huddersfield 20. Danny Ward 21. Johnny Campbell Reckon that lot would give a good account of themselves. power and real pace.
  14. Think Paul Geary was a dogs recruit, unless there was a different Geary.
  15. Or Jeff Grayson. Both good players in good team - the others were Stand out players in an average team, so they stuck in my memory.
  16. Alastair Brannon Graham Mook Dean Hall Wish I could shoehorn Deeeeeeko-o in as well.
  17. Oh for the days when good hookers had dislocatable shoulders to facilitate the use of the loose arm - or maybe not.
  18. It was, and the money was wisely used - Steve Brunyee, Ben Fowler and Terry Biscombe. Legends in their own lunch break.
  19. 1 Frank Watene 2 Mikaeli Aizue 3 Tank Walker Three wrecking balls. Great news, we've finally managed to get a delivery slot with Sainsbury's. We've ordered a turkey, mince pies and a box of christmas crackers.
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