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  1. If memory serves correct, there were two types, a chocolate one with chocy cigs and a chocy cigar, and a liquorice one with icing sugar cigs and a liquorice pipe. Shredded coconut "baccy" also rings a bell somewhere. Yes I did smoke in my early teens for a few months - until my dad found out and gave me a good hiding.
  2. Don't get me started on Christmas. Every year as a child, hoping for a scalextrix and ending up with a compendium of games and a smokers set. That pattern of expectation, followed ultimately by disappointment, has ironically been a hallmark of my allegiance to the Rams. Take your point about TG, but out of the fish we netted in our trawl of the lower reaches last year, how many did we throw back ? I would be impressed by an established SL player though as long as it's not another prop, back rower or hooker.
  3. I'm gathering we have signed a couple more backs as cover then. Will I have heard of them, or will they be as obscure as all but two of our new signings ? Honestly BSJ, the suspense is killing me, and I bet they are on tenterhooks down in Coventry as well.
  4. is Jamahl Hunte still with them - reckon he'd be worth a punt - strong and fast.
  5. Fair point BSJ, but I would also be the last to suggest we should sign players for positions in which we are already adequately covered, simply because we can't yet find the players needed to cover our deficiencies. If we keep on doing that, there might well be nothing left in the pot to sign on players who do become available.
  6. Haven't read any comments questioning the ability of the signings (I don't do facebook). Point is though, they could be the best collection of forwards in the division, you can still only put nine of them in the match day squad.
  7. I may be seen as one of that group. I neither know nor care what other clubs are doing with their recruitment, but it seems to me that we are (for the second year running), signing players in positions already well catered for. Out of the nineteen players signed, only seven are backs. I’d also consider that two of those are every bit as much out and out centres as Kevin Sinfield was an out and out Stand off, but I’ll let that pass. I worry that as things stand we have no backs cover whatsoever. I wouldn't want us to depend on the lottery that is DR to solve that problem. It seems that PM’s prediction that we will be “prop ing “ up the division is already a reality.
  8. They'll need to be bloody versatile if they have six positions to cover.
  9. I must be confused, I thought Magrin, Thornton and Reilly were props who could play elsewhere at a pinch. Could there be more to come ?
  10. 8 Tom Garratt 9. Dom Speakman 10 Martyn Reilly 11 Chris Annakin 12 Michael Knowles 13 Sonny Esslemont 14 Sam Day 15 Jon Magrin 16 Luke Nelmes 17 Fraser Morris 18 Sam Moorhouse 19 James Thornton 20 Connor Scott I make that 9 props (If LG intends using Anakin there, as he has already stated). Extrapolation re loanees - well yes, but based on last years events, where half our contracted players disappeared before a meaningful match had been played, and in came the loans. Thing is, we don't need more than five or six props, because they tend not to get injured (some do but not often). The front row are interchanged more often than any other group so get to rest more (specially when the wingers are doing their job of carrying the ball up). Don't think I mentioned anything about where we were short, or how to address the problem, but I do know that if you throw all your brass at speculative punts who "look promising" you won't have anything left to sign the tried and trusted. I am absolutely unimpressed by the likely direction our game plan for next year is taking, which presumably is one man, up the middle rugby. Maybe that's why MS has taken in the Bulls, at least he'll get the chance to see expansive football every other fortnight.
  11. LG wants to add some size to the front row apparently. So why sign small ones in the first place? We are having a small squad and half of them are props - great. He did the same last year with back rowers, and still ended up playing loanees in those positions, and I can foresee the same happening with the props. How is this helping the creation of a close knit, happy dressing room. Waste of valuable resources IMO.
  12. Should the Bulls have a really good season, and even gain promotion, they may attract back a fair number of their potential 12k fan base in 2021, and that might just be a problem. The CRUFC groundshare idea is a good one, but let's face it, if the fans have difficulty finding Owl Lane, they'll really struggle finding Moorend.
  13. Sorry BSJ - Great minds think alike eh ? Seems I was a few minutes too late.
  14. Think he has to attempt to get the Bulls back to Bradford somehow, and soon as possible. As it is, the bulls will lose fans, as we did when we spent a few seasons in the dog kennel (some of my happiest times from a rugby point of view BTW). The longer the club is away from it's roots, the more fans they'll lose to the point where their future becomes bleak. In that respect, the fans must be given a light at the end of a short tunnel to keep them on board. Under those constraints, it should be a win win for both clubs. Who knows, when they reach their rightful place at the head of the table alongside Wigan et al, they will fight the championships corner to show their gratitude.
  15. Sorry PM, but I don't even do season tickets, even for the Rams - I prefer to drip feed my contributions to add to the excitement.
  16. Isn’t it seven if Annakin is starting at prop ? Is Sheriffe leaving ? Wasn’t it that great Aussie coach Wayne Bennett who said “you can never have too many props” ? Or was it Wozza ? Can’t remember.
  17. We're being drip fed (as in water torture), so he'll probably be our last announcement - probably sometime round Boxing Day.
  18. Another theme year - 6 props and counting if Annakin is going to be used there.
  19. Fair point. Who do you think JH might tempt over ?
  20. Damned if I know - but then I'm not the head coach.
  21. Guess all we can do is keep an open mind. By and large, our track record over the last two decades regarding coaching staff has hardly left the present incumbents with huge boots to fill has it ? Hopefully they'll be able to do a similar job to the coaching staff at York. I'd hoped we might have got somebody with a few good contacts on board though.
  22. Most of it's gone on my waist.
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