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  1. Just back from the match, Barrra have a very useful looking side and will no doubt be challenging the top but after seeing both of Towns games I am very optimistic and excited about what we could achieve, we went into this game with only 3 subs and got two injuries in the first ten minutes to two of the forwards, but the lads never gave in, town throw some nice shapes and I like the way Chris is getting them to move the ball about the park, when we get all the injuries cleared up and a couple of new faces in I think we do well, the three young lads Zake, Billy and Ethan never took a backwards step. Special mention to Dawson, Blain, Stevie and Doran you all deserve a medal, but my MOM was Russ Bolton he must be 5ft in his studs but the lad played in the forwards for about 60 minutes and never gave in or missed a tackle, you can't ask for much more than that, UTT
  2. Any news on away top release please.
  3. Hearing Caine has not broken anything just bad bruising.
  4. Forgot to mention Fitzy, he had a great game against far bigger opponents, well done lad.
  5. Hearing Caine could be out with ligament damage, Ell had a bit of a pull before the match far play to him for having a shot, was really looking forward to seeing Marcus O'Brien playing but he also has a niggling injury, Calvin missing with a niggling injury also, Gabriel looked the part at full back and I really like young Hanley he is going to be some player, Alex did well and looks very promising, and the two young lads that came on late will have gained good experience from this, on to the game silly penalties cost us, every time we had them pinned in there 25 Hewer marched them up the field and into ours!! Congratulations Haven on the win, I am not to disappointed, we have a lot to be excited about some additions in the forwards the return of FFMM very soon and I think we can be very excited about the future, UTT.
  6. Them grounds are impressive, I would be happy with any of them, but the stand out one is AFC Fylde, we can only dream.
  7. Just an observation but I havent seen much of Danny Tickle on Towns Twitter clips , is he injured at present ??
  8. Sounds good Tommo, tell your marra to get them on that plane ASAP!
  9. Haven beat 40-16 at hunder, no K Olstrum
  10. Any news on signings, CT said he was hoping to announce 4 possible recruits in the next few days, I wonder if these are still on? Sorry for the inpatients but I need my rugby fix.
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