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  1. First class again, well done everyone.
  2. Great as always guys, well done UTT
  3. Another great live chat from the club, thanks again Gary and Chris and great guest's in Dave. Simon and our Olly, devastating news that the club has been broken into again, please if anyone knows the #### that are trying to destroy our great club please do the right thing and tell the appropriate people, the club are doing tremendous work in these difficult times and don't need these low life cretins spoiling it. UTT
  4. Another excellent chat this week, thanks to Scully, Chris, FFMM, Les and Gary, nothing better than lying on my Town beach towel in glorious sunshine supping a cold one except that is for being in the Scratching shed, sun in eyes, a cold one in one hand shouting Town on ? UTT
  5. Great crack today again guys, well done all, brilliant cooking lesson and tour of Alex's house ?, keep them coming, UTT
  6. Another great chat this week, could listen to JJB for hours he's a great talker of the game, great to see Phil again and listen to his journey in RL and the work he does with State of Mind, Dec is just Dec and great DIY haircut, Chris mentioned the sad news regarding Kevin's passing, thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends, RIP marra.
  7. Another great show guys, well done today's guest's, great to hear from some of Town's best local talent talking about town's great times in the 90s, keep them coming fellas.
  8. Fantastic show again today, really look forward to them and great to see all the players in good spirits and thoughts from other people within RL, keep them coming Gary Congratulations to Chris and family on there great news, take care everyone. UTT.
  9. Would like to think so marra.
  10. Great idea, could see Newcastle getting it before us tho if it was to happen.
  11. So sad to hear of George passing, a lovely man who did a lot for our club, condolences to his family , RIP.
  12. Sad sad news, RIP marra.
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