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  1. This has to be the game to give Blaine some game time if not I'm sure the lad will start to wonder where he goes from here.
  2. Well done good signing,UTT
  3. Never a forward pass unless you're from East Yorkshire Well done Wigan !
  4. We are a very inexperienced side but where are these players everyone says we need ???? and more to the point where is the money to pay for them the likes of McNally, Ridyard, Knowles, Sykes, Ferguson, Ferres, Smeaton, AhVan to name but a few won't come cheap , I can bet if they became available you could add on a few ££ for us to tempt them up here. We have what we have and we just need to nurture and support these young player's, I'm sure given time they will do us proud.UTT
  5. Begging bowl will be out again, hope there's no repeat at York !
  6. That right Nero, my point being anything Town do they seem to have to jump through hoops to do it.
  7. Ye town put a shed in the popular side to sell drinks and needed planning permission I'm told , you couldn't make it up !
  8. Disappointed with the result today, we gifted the 3 trys in my opinion, we are desperately lacking a leader on the field every team has one we have come across, get this sorted and I think things will improve, on another note hearing Haven players haven't been paid for 3 weeks and things are desperate again , let's hope things change for both teams soon.
  9. Today's team, Burns, Bickerdike, Mossop, Hurst, Sabutey, Mallinson, Walker, Thompson, Henson, Reid, McNicholson. Stephenson, Scholey. Subs. Dawson, Key, Simpson, Terrill
  10. Good job no one was walking behind the hoarding when they crashed through it, that could have been really bad.
  11. Connor and Hanley announced, welcome back lads , UTT
  12. Signing being announced tonight.
  13. He was at the match last week, he said he's waiting for an operation, still as mad as ever tho .
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