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  1. Great night last night and great to see a packed out room, well done all.
  2. Couple of new faces in the crowd tonight hopefully they will be signing soon to (and I'm not saying who they are before anyone asks )
  3. Washington is packed , top is excellent.
  4. Lunty has signed for Batley .
  5. Rumour Im hearing is Ryan Fieldhouse is packing in due to injurys, really hope not as I think hes class, could understand tho as the lad has had some really bad injurys this last 12 months.
  6. Happy with this, Danny is well respected, a work horse and has bags of experience, for me he should be our club captain this year, well done everyone concerned, keep them coming.
  7. I thought Scott Rooke had left?
  8. Well if lunty signs and penky stays and with the rest already on board the room at the Washington will be full of hookers
  9. Any idea donald when we are announcing our next signing marra??
  10. Town are to announce two signings this week, exciting times , I wonder who they are??
  11. Seems it wasnt rubbish after all wonky.
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