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  1. Great night last night, well done all involved.
  2. Hope he stays where he is!
  3. Well done Carl, a fantastic achievement and probably more outstanding is Korky probably played in better teams than Carl , ( no disrespect intended ) Well done marra
  4. I think you have Pez, the talk up here is he is joining you, great player and great lad, hope it's wrong but if not you have a goodun there.
  5. I watched Sean O Loughlin the other night and he hardly runs the ball in and he's on £££££, FFMM has been an outstanding player for Town its not just the playing aspect its everything about him, he turns up for events, is great with the supporters, he trains hard and just loves the game, I am just happy the big man came to town and has tried to help out our great club, whatever happens next with FFMM I wish him the best and would love to see him in the BW again.
  6. Pez outstanding, hope he's staying, and stevie running balls in on one leg, proud of you all, well done the fans still singing to the end let's hope we have more to sing about, UTT for ever.
  7. Hate to say it he would struggle at touch, but at least he's playing.
  8. Another bail out round the corner am told!
  9. Conning fans year after year, we all know who the laughing stock are marra!!
  10. It's true marra, I just feel sorry for the lads that's putting there body's on the line they deserve better.
  11. A Haven fan I know has admitted that friends of his are coming on the town forum under town names and stirring things up 'for a laugh'
  12. Jon Wilkie seen in Muffin Break today
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