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  1. How about getting some older players involved, Penrice. Patty, Buck, Boxer (OK maybe not Boxer ) I bet they would have some stories to tell, that's if we could understand them that is
  2. Absolutely brilliant Town, well done Gary, Chris, Calvin and Dec. Keep them coming it's a great idea in these difficult times and helps keeps us fans spirits up. UTT
  3. Was at the game with my dad, 14yrs old, great day and great team great memories, UTT
  4. Got that app but haven't a clue what you do next, I'm not very good with modern technology can anyone tell me how navigate round it plz.
  5. I'm sure we will be marra but it's going to be very hard.
  6. Totally agree marra, my wife looks like she is going to get no pay through all this but like you i love the club and will do whatever I can to help, UTT
  7. Well done lads great effort, obrien on crutches at the end and Dawson concussion hope both are OK big game next week and need our strongest team out. Crowd 323 pathetic that, how on earth do they survive with there wage bill?
  8. God does that mean that the Haven players that where at the town v donny game want to come to Town??? Stay where you are lads, we don't want you thanks, you are doing a great job where you are
  9. Just an observation, but Sundays attendance was rather poor I thought, in the LE it was put at 840 odd, Thunders twitter gave it as 1011, now considering there was 3 games on all afternoon and some people in for all three I would say that was pretty disappointing for a club that has spent a fair bit of money on players, high profile coaching staff, and play in a modern stadium, have a massive population on their door step and there was at least 150 town fans and pretty decent weather considering what we have had lately, now I would say branding hasn't done Gateshead/Newcastle Thunder or whatever you want to call our Geordie friends that much success, I don't think Town need to change much, maybe a millionaire backer, a multi function modern stadium, and a youth system maybe wouldn't go a miss to! Now I am convinced Town could pull in more if only we had some of what others have, the fan base is here, re branding isn't the answer.
  10. Well done Carl the record has stood for a lot of years, a great achievement, I am pleased to say I have witnessed two town greats.
  11. I heard it was 800 odd, forgot the exact amount sorry.
  12. Christ give the lad a chance to pull the blue and white top on first before criticising him, we have had lads in years gone by that where pulling up trees in the amateur game and world beaters but haven't had the desire and commitment and thought they could just walk right into a first team place, if this lad wants to better himself and put the hard graft in good luck to him, two of the best that came from nowhere in resent times are Stevie and Cotter if Ryan has the same desire and attitude as these, two that will do for me. UTT
  13. Rubbish, let's get Coward back
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