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  1. I bet Chris would have loved to have had the money most clubs have had at his disposal but he hasn't and has had to do what he can with peanuts, Christ our budget is pittance compared to others and getting quality players to come up here costs even more , give ye heads a wobble , Chris has made mistakes and would probably admit to that but it wasn't long ago we where all saying he was brilliant, the Blue Knights have even tried to raise funds for Chris to strengthen the team, join up and help I'm sure they would appreciate your support ! I always find it strange that haven fans jump on this forum and never there own UTT
  2. London wish it was , it's Leigh away and a tonking unfortunately
  3. The RFL are really doing there best to kill the game up here in my opinion, last home match both at home both away this week, both away next week and there the only matches I can think of the top of my head, how hard is it to have haven at home and us away or the other way round , Muppets spring to mind !
  4. Exactly like we where in the 1st half marra, we where pants, but well done today
  5. Well said , we just didn't look at the races today in the first half, 2nd half better but we failed to crack there defence and could have scored a couple more with some luck , ref was same as the last few weeks _hite but he doesn't mess up play the balls so we can't blame him for everything, Joe Brown, Teare and Tate our best I thought, 2400 odd at match and how nice it was to see loads of young fans there something we could do , well done Barrra on your win I just feel we lay down and made it to easy for you .... again
  6. Love it when Ray scores his try and Boxer nearly jump's on Billy Thompson's back , brilliant
  7. He's one of the reasons I love this great game and Town, I was only a boy but remember all his cheeky tricks , tackling players twice his size his legendary drop goals and that smile , thanks marra you will never be forgotten , sleep tight legend
  8. Told the same marra, but good luck to the lad
  9. And our overseas was last seen rowing passed Blackpool so hopefully won't be long until he arrives in Workington dock .
  10. Still no news on our overseas signing ??
  11. I wonder when these visa issues are getting resolved that Chris mentioned in his last video clip for our overseas signing ??
  12. To put the record straight this is my daughter in question, if you watch the video a few seconds earlier you can quite clearly see that she does nothing at all, it is his comments later that made her react and go to the front, if you also watch the other town fans you can see their anger as they heard the comments. I might add it has by investigated by the Dewsbury Rams chairman Mr Sawyer in a very professional and timely manner and a letter off apology has been received off Ollie Greensmith to my daughter and as far as we are concerned the matter is now closed. I would personally like to thank Mr Sawyer in the way he has handled this unfortunate incident.
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