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  1. Can the club give us an update on Blaine and Elliott, there has been no mention on Blaine and limited information on Elliott , it's getting a little concerning.
  2. Well done 1-17 , I think we have found another great la hooker in Henson, , awful place to go to so well done Chris and everyone connect with town , enjoy your beers on the bus you all deserve them
  3. Calvin switching off at the play the ball was massive as it lead to there second try, we need to be 100% on it .
  4. Anyone know what's going on with Blaine, there's been on mention of him at all , I know Elliott is injured and could be long term but nothing on Blaine .
  5. Good luck today lads just try your best that's all we ask for, it's just great to be back , well done everyone involved at town , cleaners , bar staff, grounds men, volunteers, sponsors, directors, coaching team, and players, the fan's appreciate everything you have done to get us back UTT
  6. Hardaker couldn't kick my aris, must be the worst kicker in Wigan history .
  7. Great news, good luck to all of the lads as they step into the pro game, get your chance give 100% in the and the fan's will get behind you, well done everyone.
  8. Rhys Clarke joins town for a months loan, good player and just what we need , well done all and welcome to town marra
  9. Got mine to but I hope mine is better reception than the Barrra match as mine was poor , just my luck probably.
  10. I think it's brilliant, as long as it's the right shade of blue ( I'm being pickity now ) I can't wait to see it on the lads at DP , ordering mine asap.
  11. Shirts to be revealed today .
  12. Enjoyed what I could watch , was anybody's else's reception poor mine was terrible, what I did see was encouraging from town , a couple of poor decisions from the ref , two trys from acting half and a complete mess at the play the ball when we had just got the possession back and they score in the set and things could have been different, but for a first hit out in 12 months it was just great to see some rugby on DP, looking forward to more, UTT
  13. The PTB are embarrassing in our game , one of the first things we teach kids is to play the ball correctly but for whatever reason this goes out the window , watch the NRL they do it right and the game flows , our game is going backwards fast in my opinion.
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