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  1. Sellafield crack is Callum and Sam on way back to town and also T, don't shoot the messager.
  2. Tell you what marra why dont I pick you up and you can come down next time the club ask for volunteers to help like myself and a few others did recently plus my 79 year old dad who helped bust the seats down, people like you make my blood boil
  3. Nice to see Shrek was kept quite today!
  4. Sam will be a massive miss, has improved with ever game he has played, centre has been our problem position all season with Ell injured, not knocking Caine as he stepped in last time but he is not the answer, definitely a problem position for town right now.
  5. Attendance 904 not bad for a team in 6th position, well done all and pitch looked brilliant, well done.
  6. What was the score please?
  7. Great to see young Marwood has signed for Town, well done everyone.
  8. I hope its Bull - - - - marra but anything could be true regarding this bloody mess.
  9. I also heard the lease has been sold and if what I'm told is true we won't see rugby or football on DP again, can this not be clarified by the club, also a question regarding BP it was stated that BP needed approx 150 grand spent on it to get a safety certificate, now the new stadium plans have been blow away that figure has gone down to 15 grand?? All confusing but everything regarding this sorry saga is confusing and also embarrassing.
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