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  1. Best wishes and it is possible to fully recover.
  2. Until the sport embraces the younger generation it has no chance of growing, it is not relevant to them. The sport being led by middle aged small time business men all with the same demographic and self interest doesn't help.
  3. I wouldn`t like to be the PC who apprehends him !!. I think he was a mate of Martin Ostler who was already at Barrow, they were both brilliant players but Martin was a little bit more sensible.
  4. Ian Bell, a centre for Barrow but was from the Hull clan. Was seen in a nightclub eating a pint glass. Great player on the pitch.
  5. Only after Saracens raised the ground rental fee 5 fold. Allegedly.
  6. Players should be restricted to the number of games they play, fatigue was our biggest challenge and a more passionate opposition.
  7. Who will the centres be next week. Hardaker/ Bateman, Hardaker/Whitehead, Jones/Bateman ? A poor squad.
  8. At the end we had 4 half backs, 0 centres and 2 old wingers, how could we possibly hope to come from behind.
  9. So you would get rid of 3 front rowers and replace them with whom ?
  10. Gogglebox, First Dates, Magnifica 70 and RL. what's not to like.
  11. bar red


    You come across as relishing this.
  12. The game should be renamed and rebranded as Rugby 13 or 13. It would set the game apart from RU, it could become a world recognised brand at a stroke. Which other sport uses just a number as its usp. Use what we have, sometimes it isn't complicated. Maybe try to patent this time.
  13. Next game we should play Barrow RLFC123 in the second row.
  14. Who are the local players that could go from playing amateur to top flight championship rugby? People forget that although we are in a better position financially than last year our budget is a fraction of other clubs. We aren't that far from getting a win and if we can just hang in there this year, next year there is no duel reg and we can compete on a more level playing field. C'mon Cresta!
  15. From what I recall Mike Murray the Barrow winger won the Powderhall in the 60s. He is still supporting now. Could probably get a game this year.
  16. For me the number 13 has to be prominent, it distinguishes us from any other sport.
  17. bar red


    There appears to have a sense of humour by-pass on this thread. C u Friday Kayakman.
  18. On the flip side, Joe Bullock, rejected by Leigh, didn`t give in, was an absolute revelation at Barrow, now tearing up SL and a future international barring injuries. Someone who has got every breath out of his talent. It can be done. Same he is a ginger, can`t have everything !!
  19. What annoys me the most is they seem to get sidetracked by trivial matters or "in" jokes, missing whole sets of play and some great moves.
  20. Cos some people just have negativity as default. Good post.
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