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  1. Cracking final between two very good sides. Huddersfield should have won, but missing so many kicks left Wigan in it to go on and win. James Child didn't help, why he's rated is beyond me. The bloke is a liability and missed a lot yesterday.
  2. Fancy a Widnes win… Sorry Widnes, I have jinxed you. It’s why I no longer bet… Sorry
  3. Sadly, that's what happens when the top division takes all the money. Framing the Future ruined the game in my opinion.
  4. Just taken the daughter to Theatre Royal in the West End to see this. I have to say, what an amazing show. If you get a chance to go, do it. It’s well worth it, your daughters will love you, you’ll get brownie points of the significant other.
  5. More than happy to help with anything I can do from a laptop. Social media, general profile building etc.
  6. Totally disagree. It is because Super Dooper League became closed shop, that so many clubs on the outside of it are struggling. I would even suggest going to 3 up, 3 down. It would kick the perennial strugglers up the backside and encourage more investment in Championship clubs.
  7. My bad. I thought that’s how forums worked. I didn’t realise you could quote somebody, but then that person couldn’t quote you back. I feel a bit daft now…
  8. Why are Kansas City, still Chiefs, Cleveland still Indians and Atlanta still Braves?
  9. Apparently it's to do with offending native Americans. Don't really understand why, I mean it's not offensive like Redskins; which is why Washington had to change.
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