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  1. The fire did not lose us the game, we were winning 10-4 when the players were taken off. At 1 point in the 2nd half we were 22-4 up we scored 2 trys to nil just after the fire
  2. The minibus i came on was a 16 seater and i would say you would maybe recognise 6 of them as regulars home and away, the other 10 if you saw them yesterday you would probably put them in the big game people class, but they all do 2/3 games a season
  3. Yes wait and see what comes out, so as i said wind you neck in until it does
  4. well maybe you should wind your neck in until the facts come out then, as you have already found us guilty and saying we will be remembered in 2010 for all the wrong reasons
  5. Mick our average gate is 2k your not telling me its the same 2,000 people every game, i reckon we will easily have over 4,000 different home faces through those gates every year. I bet most of those fans will have attended at least a couple of games this season, some people cant make every home game and they have as much right as the rest of us to attend the final. You get that many people drinking ale for 7 hours in any town and village in the country and there will be some problems
  6. I think some people should start dishing some apologise out now really, the guy was not attacked
  7. No need to put that the Rovers fans were awsome today and well behaved considering, we dont deserve that
  8. Gutted tonight but lets now win everything next season, the lot every game. The support was something else but lets hope more get to the games more often to give Darryl the funds he needs, let this be the beginning.
  9. Having just watched the club DVD of the Halifax game and watching the interview with Robin after the game, my thoughts where " why the helll is he hanging around the changing rooms"
  10. ow grow up man what the helllls up with you
  11. We all know why Widnes won the award lets not pretend, no one is fooled, it is because when they are awarded the licence it wont look as bad for the RFL, they can say they gave it to the club of the year, please stop all the bull shiiiite everyone knows why
  12. Hes been wearing them ever since he started going "darnt lane"
  13. Thats the problem Bob, most of the people i hang about with are Stupid and moronic and the ones that arnt are alcoholics. Im going to find some new friends
  14. There will be a toilet on the bus this time
  15. what about "castlefored is full of shiiiiite, shiiite and more shiiiiite" etc for the full 80 mins how awsome would that be
  16. Well done Gary well deserved, but i still reckon its bob that pulls all the strings
  17. Iv got a job thanks and dont want another, read your initial post it was sarcastic and rude in my opinion talk to people like that and dont expect a nice reply. I have no intention of debating with you, and if you want my advice you will read Ron Baileys fifty of the finest matches.
  18. You start all this Chris and you cant take it back, you implied i didnt know what i was talking about saying no records of the crowds i mentioned and saying the history books need re-writing No i wouldnt like to do it Yes it does pay to check Chris before typing pity you didnt dont you think, because i think youv just made yourself look a bit daft. My father in law was at the saints game and the one in the snow the year before and he says the opposite to you i tend to believe him
  19. and your supposed to be the heritage officer? One of Rovers most famous games ever the one in the snow, the year before the record crowd and you had to go and check up. What about the cup 1/4 final against Cas in 1967 the year we won the cup i think the crowd was 14,500 if there is no record it does need rewriting, in 1970 we played Salford in the cup and again over 14k there then 3 years later we played them again only 9k this time. Very poor you not knowing this and being the Heritage officer, ok i said 15k and there wasnt quite if were being pedantic but the question was beating the population which is given as 14k
  20. The new Rovers "right on" brigade mate, does my head in, you can just imagine the Hull KR forum before a big game and threads about not singing owt about FC, or vice versa, not
  21. The "are we human "song is ideal for a pub karaoke and every one shouts Rovers but no good for a game because as you say no one knows the words, lets just make as much noise as possible
  22. Most songs are pretty pathetic and childish really, like i say if you dont like it then dont sing it simples. I reckon the players wont even know whats been sung they will be that focused all they will hear is a noise. I dont really think people want anyone shot do you? A good rivalry is healthy i reckon. Is there any reason for singing any song? only 1 i can think of is to make a din. You ought to got to a Leeds v Man Utd game, or Liverpool V Man Utd, or Celtic V Rangers boy do they sing some vile songs to each other but i will bet you any amount of money you like the players love playing in that kind of atmosphere, just like our players will on Sunday and they wont care what songs are sung. You also say wont endear us to new or neutral supporters well i tell you something neither will playing in a silent soulless atmosphere
  23. Anyone who doesnt like it its simple "dont sing it" You will never ever ever get Rovers fans to stop singing anti Cas songs im afraid thats just the way life is theres no point even talking about it
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