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  1. A straight swap now with Fev would give both divisions a huge lift with PandR still at the end of the season.
  2. Fair do's all it was a poor game just let's be fair to Salford (and to Leeds and Giants tomorrow) a v short Easter turnaround. Cas defended well and will surely avoid the drop.
  3. Great ball from shouse there. Guess there will be several loan deals next week. Applegarth to HFC?
  4. HKR dreadful to watch but dominant with one out rugby and an up and under. Australian couching for you. I have another candidate for shouse of the year. Lewis. Dreadful to watch his antics.
  5. Has to swap wingers for a start then have 2 men on Abdull. Poor game though innit?
  6. KO news indeed. I went to Hulme GS in 1950s and was a regular at `Sheddings. What a team we had w Davies, Ganley Turner et all. Great memories. Now a fan at Salford watching the wonderful `Rowleyball` there but will certainly come down to BP.
  7. Salford were beaten by the 2 Highest paid stars in Super League plus the Kendrew/Smith partnership. Big raps to Tyler Dupree who I think had a 70 minute stint? Sidlow also better than the Pie Props. Rowleyball lives. Great to watch. Those of you not occupied next Sunday come down to see the lads v The Giants.
  8. What do Salford bring to SL? Entertainment. I am an old timer who watched Swinton in the 1960s when the wonderful Cliff Evans was Coaching with moves from Swinton`s own 25. Rowley thinks the same way and has done away with driving props. Would guess Hull were a stone aman heavier than Salford today and Rowleyball worked again.
  9. Unimpressed with Fev and if they go up then they should ask the Glazers to help. Monumental changes needed for their next chapter. The Bulls are definitely improving and will pose a threat come play off time.
  10. If Dec Patten is the answer God knows what the question is. Laziest player in RL.
  11. Olpherts showing again how good his handling skills are. A Specsaver certainty.
  12. What awful commentary. Why mention everything you can see. We need a Richie Benaud style who ADDS to the action.
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